A few quick reactilons to media coverage of Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan as veep choice today:

• After slamming “false” and “negative” ads by Obama and his allies all week, few even mention lies in Romney and Ryan speeches about the discredited GOP “you didn’t build that” and “welfare-to-work” ads. For Ryan, out loud? And Ryan, dubbed by media as Mr. Positive and Mr. Nice Guy, says Obama has “replaced” America’s “founding principles.”

• No one, that I’ve seen, noted the supreme irony of Romney and then Ryan being introduced on the deck of the (mothballed) ship to strains of Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man.” True, it was the version adapted for the film Air Force One, but virtually all we heard was pure Copland. And the composer was gay and a lefty hounded by Joe McCarthy. More and hear it here.

• Obama camp already out with ad/video attacking Ryan budget.

• Blather alert: already many citing “big bounce” McCain got with Palin pick in 2008. Actually, the bounce was amazingly brief and in addition it cost him votes with target audience: women. More here. Plus: media keep repeating “Ryan will bring excitement to ticket”—like Palin, who rallied base but doomed ticket and, like Ryan, clearly not ready to step in as president.

• Few in media mentioning giant contrast: national security experience of Obama/Biden vs. Nothing/Me Neither. Remember when Republicans were obsessed with terrorism and wars? And mocked Obama when McCain was candidate?

• Maddow with tough comment slamming “lame” talking points of “Beltway media” depicting Ryan as “serious” leader pushing for budget cuts—when he is mainly faux and wants tax cuts for rich and boost in Pentagon spending. She also refers to images of Romney and Ryan together as “Dad and Lad.” And, yes, Romney did assert that Ryan “appeals to the better angels of our nature.”

• Following Maddow blast, now here’s Michael Grunwald of Time: “I should probably just shut up about Paul Ryan, because I believe there’s a federal statute requiring pundits to marvel at his ‘seriousness’ and ‘courage.’ I think there’s also a constitutional mandate enshrining him as a ‘deficit hawk,’ even though he voted for the Bush tax cuts, the Bush military and security spending binge, the Medicare prescription drug benefit, the bank bailout and the auto bailout, and against the Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction plan. So I think for now I’ll just repost my screed about the Ryan plan from April 2011, suggesting that fuzzy math in the service of Tea Party ideology is not all that brave.”

• Remember PolitiFact’s ludicrous claim that the Democrats saying Ryan plan would “end Medicane as we know it” was the “lie of the year”? We’ll be seeing much more of that now. Here’s Jay Rosen’s takedown awhile back.

• Love Matt Cooper’s preview of upcoming Veep debate, with Biden saying: “You’re a good-lookin’ fella but, God love ya, your ideas are gonna run over seniors like a Mack truck.”

• Tough reporting from Wolf Blitzer just now: see photo of Romney already showing Ryan joys of peanut butter-and-honey sandwich. Wolf: “I favor PB&J.”

• If you slept through the news last night and early this morning—good for you!—here’s how I covered it (here and here). Much more from today at my Twitter feed @GregMitch.

Greg Mitchell’s books and e-books on influential American campaigns include Tricky Dick and the Pink Lady, The Campaign of the Century (on Upton Sinclair’s 1934 race) and Why Obama Won. He also blogs daily at Pressing Issues.