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11:40 As promised, arrests in New Hampshire. @SabzBrach: “9 issued court summons. 4 others refusing to leave currently being .”

11:30 Cool photo from NYC: Occupiers huddled in the rain under tarps. Let’s hope Russell Brand isn’t under one of them with somebody.

11:00A new chant should react to GOP debate last night: “This is what dumbocracy looks like!”

10:40 New Nick Kristof column tonight. It backs OWS again and is titled Occupy the Classroom. “Most of the proposed remedies involve changes in taxes and regulations, and they would help. But the single step that would do the most to reduce inequality has nothing to do with finance at all. It’s an expansion of early childhood education.”

10:30 OccupyNewHampshire faces eviction in half an hour.

9:40 There was a rumor that the latest brand name to visit OWS is… Russell… Turns out to be true. See pic. Also pic at left. He did back Occupy awhile back. Get him to the Geeks!

9:20 Fun from : “Prediction: There will be a really bad T.V. show inspired by the hipster cop”… Report: Denver cops turned sprinklers on to bother Occupyers this morning… at 2 am. Or maybe that’s just the regular watering time.

7:40 The NYT has posted its weekly David Brooks/Gail Collins friendly debate, this time: on whether Occupy is “overhyped”: To paraphrase… David: My research (I visited a couple sites at ebb tide) proves no one cares. Gail: Yet most popular story and search term here in past month. David: Polls show people don’t want redistribution of wealth. Gail: Huh? Polls show vast majority back hiking taxes on top people. After more Brooks baloney, Gail provides a smackdown ending.

7:25 @NaomiRWolf thinks she’s found “smoking gun” in search for permit re last night’s arrest.

7:20 Our old pal and Tech President chief Micah Sifry with new piece and recommends three recent ones: “OWS, the Other 98%,” “US Uncut” & “Rebuild the Dream: A Look at the Shoes That Didn’t Drop.”

7:05 OWS as NY’s hottest new tourist attraction… Weather in Northeast putting maximum stress on encampments.

7:00 At The Atlantic: Eight well-meaning Ideas OWS should reject… McClatchy’s Douglas debunks the Tea Party / OWS similarities… Occupy New Hampshire says it faces police eviction tonight.

6:55 The great Jim Hightower: Wall Street is Dazed and Confused, and not in a Led Zep way.

5:30 @OccupyArrests continues to follow, report, tally all arrests a few times a day. Current total: 1830.

5:00 Fast-growing Occupywriters group posts two new poems by Alice Walker, on Cornel West’s arrest and the awakening of young people in the 99 percent.

4:40 We brought this pro-Occupy TV spot to you a couple weeks ago possibly before anyone else. Now we’ve learned enough money has been raised for it to be aired in San Fran and then most likely nationally.

4:35 Occupy comes to K Street, by our pal Ari Berman… More on Adbusters-based “Robin Hood” demos at end of month…

4:30 From The Nation and the nation: Stop the Pipeline!

4:25 Another site for voting on demands on Occupy. Now idea where they are coming from but have tallied a lot of votes.

4:20 Tweeters claim Memphis police now enforcing “25 person” limit on street gatherings—a throwback to Jim Crow days, they say.

3:20 Erin Burnett nearly drowned out by Occupy protesters. She struggles mightily to not chant back, resorts to rolling eyes and waving one hand over her shoulder (but not shooting the bird). Good stuff via Sam Seder (he plays the tapes after an intro).

3:00 Noam Chomsky now set to speak at OccupyBoston this Saturday, part of (quite apt) Howard Zinn Lecture Series (which should never end).

2:50 In e-mail just received from MoveOn, they announce major “Wall Street” event of their own in a few days. No doubt they will be accused, rightly or wrongly, of trying to tap into Occupy in a too-aggressive way, even as they state in the letter that they “continue to support the occupations.”

Some text: “All that energy means we have an opportunity to be a part of new ambitious campaigns across the country, including in xxxxxx, to hold the big Wall Street banks accountable. That’s why, as we continue to support occupations nationwide, we’re also organizing Make Wall Street Pay meetings from October 23-26. The idea is to set a time in each community when MoveOn members and others can come together to determine how to Make Wall Street Pay in our communities—from stopping illegal foreclosures, to forcing the big banks to pay their fair share in taxes, to closing our personal accounts at the big Wall Street banks and urging our schools, municipalities, and other institutions to do the same.”

2:35 Now we have video of Alec Baldwin at Zuccotti last night, advocating change, defending capitalism, saying “let’s not become England,” and “you want the banks to do what the banks do” but have an SEC that will “throw the flag on them.” Baldwin asked about the Fed, doesn’t know much about how dismantling it would lead to, it and asks for info. Badgered by Ron Paul supporter.

2:00 Swell NYT piece just posted on Zuccotti Park’s long history of resistance. Namely: more than forty years ago the chairman of Chock Full O’ Nuts fought for thirteen years to save an eatery there in what is now the southeast corner of the park. “But does the story really end there? Perhaps Mr. Black foreshadowed the struggle playing out at Zuccotti Park with the closing line of his Chock Full theme song: ‘Better coffee a millionaire’s money can’t buy.’ Take that, 1 percent.” I’d also add that one of the company’s other top execs for many years was noted rebel Jackie Robinson.

1:45 Naomi Wolf writes up full account of her arrest last night, which most know about, but with new details on what happened under police custody. Yes, they were “courteous”—perhaps knowing that she was getting a lot of coverage—but then there is this, which shows again the no arrest is easy to invite: “for half an hour I was in a feces- or blood-smeared cell, thinking at that moment the only thing that separates civil societies from barbaric states is the rule of law—that finds the prisoner, and holds the arresting officers and courts accountable.”

1:40 PBS Frontline page on “key Egyptian activist” advising Occupy from afar—and now this week in DC.

1:10 Good tweet from Sen. Frank Lautenberg (who lived through the Depression): “It’s time for a 21st Century WPA. Creating direct jobs will let out of work Americans rebuild America.” Much more herePicture of Amy Goodman visiting OccupyKC… Apparently some people unhappy MoveOn mentioning OWS in fundraising e-mail.

12:50 Four reasons “foodies” should back OWS. There are many others… Major piece here explains the NY protests vs. Sotheby’s, which are labor-related. Have even disrupted eateries owned by famed chef who sits on Sotheby board.

12:20 Forbes dissects very odd memo from top Reuters editor trying to explain massive fail last week on story linking George Soros to Occupy.

12:10 I confess I don’t know about this action. Apparently some OWSers staged a “mock trial” outside Sotheby’s art auction in NY. Now @kstrel tweets: “Security at ’s erased video from activists phones and forcibly removed them for holding mock trial this a.m.”

12:00 New Allison Kilkenny action / OWS blog at In These Times. Yes, she is still writing for The Nation.

11:50 Naomi Wolf just now on MSNBC on arrest, video to come, though not much new. MoJo’s Josh Harkinson asked only one question, about OWS “demands.”

11:45 Rape alleged, denied, at OccupyCleveland. …Why the right hates OWS. Have no fear, Bill Ayers makes an apperance… New web site up for OccupyBoston… OccupyDenver call to action after meeting mayor.

11:15 From TPM: The Repub National Committee jumps on the OWS-is-anti-Semitic bandwagon.

10:40 Live “debate” right now via the Guardian with protesters from OWS and from abroad. Example: “OccupyFrankfurt, we are curious to learn more about your relationship with the state. When we occupied Liberty Plaza we did not have a permit and we have continued to not seek permission to protest. Perhaps you can talk a little about why you are working with state? We are curious to know whether it is a cultural difference or what would be the repercussions of going against the police or the city in occupying without permit.”

10:30 Today’s song for Occupyers, as mentioned in NYT today on Occupy protest songs needed: the great guitarist Ry Cooder goes the Woody Guthrie route in “No Banker Left Behind.”

10:05 Naomi Wolf will be on MSNBC at 11:30 am today, she says.

10:00 Media Matters assembles recent attacks on Occupy in one place…. I posted GOP candidates quotes on Occupy last night in debate, but now there is video.

9:50 The Occupy movement, according to Flickr map. (h/t Dave Winer) …. Rain and wind testing NY encampment today.

9:25 Catch up with @AlecBaldwin for his account of his visit last night to Zuccotti. Says he was there for “too short” two hours. Mentions two guys who “schooled” him. Suggests they adopt “legislative” strategy. Denies report he is worth $65 million and defends work with CapitalOne, saying he gives all money to charity (as I reported yesterday). “Campaign finance reform remains the linchpin of our democracy’s many problems…. We need a healthy banking system in this country. We need strong capital markets. What is missing are regulations with teeth.”

9:10 John Stossel visits Zuccotti Park, you can guess what happens next. Then goes on Fox and trashes them. Also claims they don’t hate Fox News.


8:55 NYT piece says no cool political or protest songs yet emerging from Occupy or picked as anthem (do I have to mention Woody Guthrie again?). Everlast to the rescue? But I can vouch that Ry Cooder is a cool guy. See if you agree with the description of overall trends in political music (or lack of). Tom Morello gets his props. Go here for Pete Seeger version of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” with new lyrics and banjo. (h/t Brian Hayes)

8:45 Lawrence Lessig invites Tea Party to join Occupy in DC.

8:05 Author Naomi Wolf (photo left by Mike Slade, see much more below) confirms she is out of custody via Facebook: “i have been released from custody. I was completely complying with the law and the permit as it was described to me by police and I was arrested for standing lawfully on the sidewalk. I will post more tomorrow. Thank you for your messages of support.”

Then: “Given the coverage, I feel that I should put on record a nit of what happened, full details in the am. The protesters were being told that they needed to leave the sidewalk outside of the Huffington Post event because ‘Huffington Post had a permit’ to control the use of the sidewalk. I have a chapter in Give Me Lberty on NYC permits so I knew that could not be accurate. Sidewalks are public spaces and can’t be leased by private entities. I asked for a copy of the permit. A spokesman finally acknowledged that the permit allowed for pedestrian access as long as it did not obstruct foot traffic on the sidewalk.” She goes on here. Bottom line: “I behaved entirely lawfully and my arrest was unlawful.”

8:00 Video of Naomi Wolf arrest below (chanting in background).

7:55 Yes, there’s even an OccupyDuluth. Bob Dylan would be so proud. (h/t Jon Wiener)

12:20 Photo (though not so hot) of Alec Baldwin at Zoccotti tonight, as I warned. A little better here. @TorianBrown tweets: “Just met at . He came down at 12am obviously not looking for press. Real intentions. Spoke about moneys political influence.” Brother Billy visited earlier this week. Don’t hold your breath for brother Stephen, unless Rapture scheduled there.

12:15 am OccupyLA plans rush-hour protests on bridges over freeways from now until… February. And more. (h/t Jon Wiener)

From late Tuesday

11:50 RED ALERT: Alec Baldwin says he’s on the way to Zuccotti Park. Just be thankful it isn’t my neighbor, brother Stephen. Maybe this is in response to my post earlier tonight about his CapitalOne ad work (though he gives money to charity).

11:45 Well, “it’s a plan,” as the saying goes. One OWS “working group” proposes national General Assembly for next July 4, and proposes list of demands.

11:40 Another great Charles P. Pierce column at his new perch, Esquire, roasting David Brooks on his latest Unoccupied moralism and “restoration” predictions.

11:10 @JoshHarkinson close to scene reports police say Wolf releases from another police station.

11:00 From the arrest of a famous writer in NYC to… four youngsters busted in Asheville, NC, for a “cleanup operation” at Merrill Lynch. Love this: “arrested for trespassing this afternoon after picking up litter and wiping windows on the Merrill-Lynch building in downtown.” One put down a sponge and was led away.

10:50 Did not know Naomi was such a big Occupy supporter. See one of her Facebook pages. Also, she had been tweeting heavily pro-Occupy @NaomiRWolf.

10:44 Meanwhile, @AlecBaldwin just tweeted: “I wanna go to Zuccotti Park…”

10:30 Gothamist covers Naomi Wolf arrest with how it went down here. She was basically sticking for protesters right to gather there, advising them on megaphones, etc. … National Lawyers Guild saying Wolf was arrested for standing on the sidewalk in front of the Cuomo event, which she’d just attended.

10:25 Oh, the irony. Naomi Wolf’s longtime husband, now ex-husband, David Shipley, good guy and former op-ed editor at NYT (he published pieces by me), left not long ago to become executive editor at…wait for it… Bloomberg View.

10:20 Update on arrest of Naomi Wolf, @RDevro on the scene a: “Protesters gathered at 1st precinct where they believe Naomi Wolf is being held. They briefly sang, ‘Give it up for the NYPD.”” @OccupyWallStNYC adds: “not allowing us near 1st Precinct, so we are surrounded by fifty cops on sidewalk and singing classics.”

10:00 Author Naomi Wolf arrested tonight in NY in Occupy protest with about a dozen others. Photo at left by Mike Shane and here. I was invited to the same Huff Post “GameChangers” event but declined to go. Reports suggest she was inside, came out, saw dozens of protesters, maybe said something to police. The she was cuffed. As noted below, protesters went there to target Gov. Cuomo and his “millionaires’ tax.”

9:15 Just now GOP candidates got the inevitable Occupy question (imagine thinking that was inevitable three weeks ago). And the scary, thunderous applause moment from audience at this debate is not executing people or letting sick people die but in responding to Cain saying, yes, he meant it when he said people without jobs and bad off have no one to blame but themselves! In a state with 13 percent unemployment! Then he roasted Occupy again, said Wall Street not good target, purely White House. Ron Paul then gave a much more sympathetic answer—and Romney completely dodged it. Cain, responding to Paul, actually suggested protesters mainly want to ask Wall Streeters to come down and right then “a thousand-dollar check.”

8:30 Hooray! NYT with profile posted tonight of breakout celeb of OccupyWallStreet in NY—the Hipster Cop, Rick Lee. “In an interview on Monday, Detective Lee revealed that he favors organic food and eschews coffee and doughnuts. His taste in music runs to Radiohead and the Killers. He was wearing snug wool slacks, a print tie and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.” He said he finds it “funny”” to be called a hipster, because he is “not a blog guy.”

7:50 Large group of Occupyers have met outside where Gov. Cuomo is dining in Soho, reports say, with police at ready. The event that Cuomo is at, undergoing Occupy protest right now, might be HuffPost “Game Changers” (ironically) party that I passed on… Also, cops in Bologna who pepper-sprayed women penalized with ten days off, or rather ten unpaid vacation days, as they put it.

6:15 The storified version of online ASNE chat with me and others on OWS coverage.

6:05 We noted below Tom Morello saying he was going to let his show in Vancouver be Occupied. Now he just tweeted: “Just Occupied Seattle. It’s EVERYWHERE.”

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