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10:50  And now:  an Occupy Wiki site!  "Welcome to the the Occupy.net Wiki. a home for occupation related information and knowledge. This wiki is a service of Occupy.net, an initiative bottom lined by the NYCGA‘s Technology Operations Group to bring the #Occupy and Free/Libre/Opensource movements together through the development, deployment and documentation of the tools and techniques people need to create the world they want. Our intention is to collaborate with any and everyone interested in the proliferation of solutions that help occupiers improve themselves and their communities.Please check out the Orientation Manual and get involved."  Plus: a new "Maps" site will chart, and show, latest actions around USA.

10:40 Quietly amazing story at NYT site on OWS activists in Albany, NY– some get arrested every night because local DA won’t prosecute because they have not really done anything wrong.  So they line up every night after curfew to get their citations as a regular "rebuke" to Gov. Cuomo…. OccupyPhilly, facing eviction, to vote on moving to Thomas Paine Plaza.

9:45 New video call to action from OWS in NY for tomorrow’s big protests — a GA speech last night mashed up with U2 (thankfully not "Sunday Bloody Sunday)."   …  And now video of the Zuccotti raid set to "New York New York."   Thse little town blues….or blue coats?

9:40  Notice: All proceeds from sale of my new Occupy e-book for next 2 days will go to the Zuccotti library–seized and wrecked tonight for 2nd time this week (see below)….

9:05 Don’t miss incredible livestream below of arrests inside B of A in SF– camera by KGO TV guy.  Staggering.  Latest count: 61, many to go.

8:10 Picture of tent pitched inside B of A and folks inside waiting to get busted, cops outside. Another photo of same  …

8:05 Police removing books just now from Zuccotti, some new ones, some retrieved from trash building today…. Zuccotti folks lost sleeping pad?  Not necessarily, as NY churches offer space… New piece by the fearless Josh Harkinson on tomorrow’s big actions — is OWS ready?

7:20 Olbermann sticking with Occupy focus.  Tonight has the NYC councilman who was beaten and arrested by cops the other night, and the 84-yr-old in Seattle who got pepper-sprayed last night.

7:00 New livestream from SanFrancisco, sans Breitbart guy.  Several dozens arrests inside that Bank of America, students set up tent there, still ongoing.  Meanwhile, also live from big march there.

 5:35 Livestream below from SF as #OWS seem to have shut down a Bank of America, rallying in front.  Update: cops arrived, couple arrests, some baton swinging, hundred people now sitting in street facing cops.  Smart-ass guy livestreaming works for Breitbart but caught some good visuals such as cops, with batons held high, protecting Bank of America from….students. Then folks marched away, avoiding more arrests, livestream gone.

4:55 First arrests at OccupyPittsburgh, five in number.

4:35 Fun, if largely meaningless:  "The 99%" continue to lead TIme magazine’s annual Person of the Year poll.  There’s a hot new challenger, however: Lionel Messi.  I was hoping Makana would make a big move. And "The 1%" continue to bring up the rear, barely edging Casey Anthony.   So you might say, Bloomberg still in last pla

4:10 The latest on Bloomberg’s lies about how the 4000 books at Zuccotti library were not destroyed after all (andsee below).   At least a bunch of new books coming in.  But laptops missing and costly tent either gone or useless now. As we’ve noted berfore, it was likely donated by Patti Smith (tho OWS will not confirm that).  Wonder what she thinks about that? 

4:00 With the direct actions across USA tomorrow, will be good chance to see how movement is feeling after the raids of past week, and also public response to pushing the envelope. That’s the cool poster for NY actions at left, which aptly kick off with a NY Stock Exchange "occupation" at 7 am.

3:25  My longtime friend and Pentagon Papers hero Dan Ellsberg camped out at Berkeley in the Occupy camp last night.   Dan, now 80, has been arrested many, many times at peaceful protests.   Classic Ellsberg quote: “I saw the crowd here and I thought – this many want to get arrested?.These are people I wanted to be arrested with.”  Good photo of him there, too. 

2:55  Livestream of Cornel West speaking at OccupySeattle and taking Qs from crowd…. More from Peter Rothberg on tomorrow’s big OccupyEverywhere actions.

1:55 Haunting video of Sanitation Dept. storage site where much of contents of Zuccotti Park dumped.  He’s a little to sanguine on library though (much of it missing or wrecked, we are told).  Yes we see some drums, plenty of tents, bikes, pile of shoes, a lone guitar…

  12:40 Folks, my e-book on Occupy — the first book on the movement — has just now gone live at Amazon.  It’s titled, 40 Days That Shook the World: From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Everywhere, and covers events up to this past weekend. The price is just $2.99 — and 50 cents of that goes directly to OWS with the aim of feeding or sheltering Occupyers.  So it’s also a way to donate.   And it can work with Kindle, phones, iPad, Macs and PCs and more.  Also available at Amazon UK.2:10 Video of  OWS disrupting Karl Rove speech in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins last night (see other videos of same along side).   Rove accused them (about 15 protesters) of moral cowardice and not being willing to sit quietly until Q & A.   Here is Reuters report.   Activists accused Rove for his role in OccupyIraq and OccupyAfghanistan.

1:50  Today’s song pick for Occupyers everywhere, a daily feature since Oct. 1.   Today: A fitting live classic and my favorite Clash song, "Clampdown."  What are we gonna do now?

1:45 Comment by @ZeroHedge:  "Looks like only way Jon Corzine will ever get arrested is when he pitches a tent in Zuccotti park"  (h/t Barbara Bedway)… Greg Sargent of Wash Post with chart on what Occupy is really abut and what it faces: A volatile working-class and their swin

1:35  Photo of camp at U Cal Berkeley right now from Joshu Holland — right on steps of Sproul.  They were ordered to exit some time ago, so countdown begins… More than a 1000 at rally last night backed idea of camping.

12:30 Todd Gitlin on how Zuccotti raid could help the movement — if it evolves. "All the old questions remain.  What of demands, programs, platforms?  How will the movement relate to an election year?  How can it contain violent outbursts?  How can it maintain itself over time?"   And how will "leaders" (yes, there are some) step forward or pull back?

12:10  New quotes from Russell SImmons, in Billboard Q & A, on OWS (he visited Boston site yesterday), such as: "There’s a lot of music coming. I don’t want to say who until they’re dropping these bombs. These are artists I’m aware of that I pushed to do it, supported their efforts to do it, told them why it was important, briefed them on the demands of the protestors."  A "We Are the (99% of the)  World"  coming?   Or a Live Occupy Aid?

12:07 New site collects videos of many well-known figures endorsing OWS.

12:05  Stephen Colbert on Occupy raids, including campers running into billy clubs on purpose.  Blomberg needs to stop drumming because it was preventing all other music in NYC.


12:00 Robert Reich eviscerates not so Super Committee, draws cartoon, and video.

11:55 In case you didn’t think it quite possible, a very good OWS article in Fortune, as editor visits some camps./// Yes, there is an Occupy Office in NY, here is photo of front desk…..

11:35 One new poll finds sudden dip in public support for OWS and now more backing for Tea Party.  I should emphasize the "one" part as right-wing already having a field day with it.  But it does come at time when camps being raided and new debates within movement on  tactics–and putting  less emphasis on "occupy" and more on "Wall Street"

11:20 Shocking, or not so shocking, Bloomberg lies: You’ll recall yesterday his office refuted reports that 5000 books from People’s Library at Zuccotti trashed.  They said taken uptown to garage and even posted photo of some books.  Today librarians went up to claim and….surprise?  Find only small number of books, and most of them destroyed.  Also found promised laptops–also wrecked.  See report and many photos here. (BTW, 3 of my books that I wrote and donated were there. Unlawful destruction of property?)

11:00 Barbara Bedway’s econ-related items for today: David Weinberger at New Deal 2.0 highlights the link between economic and environmental justice in his post,  “How #OWS Can Help Revitalize Environmental Justice.” He notes its basic premise that everyone deserves a healthy environment, regardless of socioeconomic status, belongs on the #OWS agenda. …The Daily Yonder has map on impact of Social Security, state by state.  In W. Virginia, for example, 1 in 4 get check. ….“Before We Can See Light at the End of a Tunnel, We Need a Tunnel. “ A pioneer in the legal area of mortgage-backed securities makes case for  financial reform now, especially in accounting and auditing."

10:45 NYT editorial today backs Bloomberg on legal move to end camping at Zuccotti, raises only mild objections to raid, and casts doubt on future of movement.  Here’s key graf you may argue with: "But Mr. Bloomberg hasn’t done as good a job as he might have in managing the appearance of this last move, and we worry that his decision to clear the park of tents could end up quashing the entire protest."  Guess that was written before largest turnout ever at Zuccotti last night.

10:35  Major labor org–and OWS backer– SEIU endorses Obama, very early, saying he is candidate for the 99%. "We see it as our act of solidarity with the movement.”  Agree? Comment below….

10:20  Media Matters with handy guide to rightwing "smear" campaign vs. OWS.  I got a taste of it in radio debate yesterday.  Mos Defecate is main charge.

10:10  AP, facing losing battle against citizen journos, livestreams, tweeters and, dare I say it, people like me, chides its reporters for tweeting news before it reaches AP wires!

10:05 Swell black and white portraits of Occupyers, plus their goals, from OccupyLA by Annie Appel.

9:30  As mentioned below, 84-yr-old woman pepper sprayed in Seattle last night.  Here is report and her words.  "This is what democracy looks like? It certainly left an impression on the people who rode the No. 1 bus home with me. In the women’s movement there were signs which said: Screw us and we multiply.’” Photo at left.

9:25  @LizFlock of Wash Post continues to chronicle amazing NY to D.C. march that aims to reach D.C. November 23.  They left Philly and reached Wilmington, Del. camp at 1 am–after walking 30 miles, much of it in the dark,  and growing "delirious" — from the march or just happy to arrive? Started with 25 marchers and now 40, she says.  She adds that she is sitting out today due to knee injury….

9:10 NYT this morning on the first overnight in Zuccotti since crackdown.  A few dozen stayed, no tents or sleeping bags, under umbrellas,  others discouraged by drizzle.  About 60 crashed at good old Judson Memorial Church.   Giant crowd last night and library set up again.  Probably big crowds today as folks decide what to do about the overnights. … Another news outlet counted 29 activists at one point — and 42 cops….Nice Zuccotti photo gallery here.

8:55 Part of Occupy San Fran camp raided a few hours ago at Market.  Seven arrests and 15 camps taken down. Scuffling. Police in riot gear. There are two other larger camps also imperiled but still up.  Latest on SF, and Berkeley (with cool photo) at Inside Bay Area. At Berkeley police have given order to disperse by morning but tents remain and it is now…morning.

8:30 Check out the wide coverage by The Daily Californian on yesterday’s strike and massive rallies at Berkeley.  As noted below they voted to set up Occupy camp and carry on. Robert Reich spoke.  And there was a shooting that the rightwing will no doubt publiicize — even though across campus and not related one bit to the OWS. 

8:20  Seattle police last night pepper-sprayed elderly, pregnant woman, and a priest.

8:00 NiemanLab on new risks to reporters covering OWS….Maddow’s strong special OWS show last night.

From late Tuesday

11:30 AP with story about a hot subject of  day (see below)–mayors across USA chatting about how to deal with OWS in conference calls.

10:20 Today’s arrests, over 250 (so far) bring grand total for movement to (drum roll please) just over 4000, according to our friends at Occupy Arrests.

10:10 In honor of tonight’s big debate at Berkeley on setting up camp and facing arrests (see livestream below), here’s portion  of the famous speech by Mario Savio on the same steps, 1964.   Passionate calls for camping and accepting as one said "getting beaten into submission."  Super Mario’s brothers and sisters. Update: They just voted to set up camp. 

9:40  Love this idea in theory–speaker at GA in NY proposed getting around NY’s new ban on sleeping at Zuccotti by having park occupied in SHIFTS, so no need to sack out due to fresh people.  Wild.

8:50 A remark by Oakland Mayor Quan in a BBC interview has gained wide play, and no there’s a bit more.  She said that she’d been on a conference call a few days ago with 18 mayors with OWS problems, which sounds like some coordinating going on–the series of evictions have been going on the past few days.  Now in a NYT article tonight Portland mayor Sam Adams mentions TWO such calls, and reveals they were organized by the U.S. Conference of Mayors–sharing tips but not (he says) discussing their own schedule for actions.

8:05 Van Jones on Ed Schultz show: 300 national events on Nov. 17 will be even bigger now. "You mark my words: They are going to regret having done this."

8:00 I reported this a few minutes ago, now brief video of amazing OccupyDC takeover of the hdqtrs of Brookfield Properties, which owns Zuccotti Park.  They left peacefully after this.

7:40  OccupySeattle said to be under attack.  Report of pepper spray used.  No they are on the march….4 arrested at OccupyCharlotte.

7:30 Thousands gather at Berkeley for strike activities. . .. Giant crowd for GA in Zuccotti after return….

5:45 Folks suddenly let back in Zuccotti Park.  Huge cheers.  Hundreds in, thousand to come.  Police announce no sleeping bags, large bags, large backpacks.  People’s Library returns within three minutes — if only with a few books.  Party atmosphere.   Restrictions will make things tough, though, but folks don’t seem to mind, judging from livestream.  Some do make plea for large batteries to replace generators, but point out OWS has a couple hundred thousand in bank right now.

5:30  I’ve moved up the livestream for your convenience, right now focusing on giant crowd in Berkeley–where they have vowed to set up tents again (that sparked police violence last week).

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