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11:55 SF Chronicle wrapup of the conflict at Berkeley (so far) today. Also tonight: Occupyers shout down Oakland city council after they call for dismantling camp.  Some council member respond by chanting "Occupy Oakland Must Go!"

11:30 Standoffs continue at Berkeley and Harvard  (see below) as idiots rally for Paterno at Penn State.   Harvard Yard now occupied with 16 tents, according to David House.  Berkeley speaker says, "We’re too big to jail."  Man, I spent weeks and weeks at Berkeley campus researching two books, loved it and this brings back (fond) memories.

10:55  More tension: dramatic livestream of Berkeley students getting ready for police attack after long day or conflict and arrests and alleged beating.  And go here to see dramatic video from earlier of police swinging batons at students. Plus still deadlock at Harvard in standoff, as Divinity students from shield around occupyers.

Live broadcast by Ustream

10:30 Violent arresting of Occupy protesters outside famed Sotheby’s in NY (backing union).

9:50 This just in from Sotheby’s protest in NYC…


8:45  No idea if true, but Occupy Oakland tweets: "Josh Stephens, English Dept Phd & instructor, in urgent care after a beating from UCPD for setting up a tent at ."… Watch livestream now from the infamous PunkBoyinSF.

8:25 One OWS question at GOP debate tonight…at least crowd did not boo, the way they did when Cain got a question on his sex scandal/crime.  Huntsman replies: I want to be president of the 99 percent..but also the 1 percent. Says he doesn’t like "anti-capitaiism" sentiments.  All of the candidates oppose auto bailout. 

Then Newt G says most in media and Occupy have no sense of history.  Huge cheer.  "Sad that the news media doesn’t report accurately how the economy works."   More Newt: "I have yet to hear a single reporter ask an Occupy Wall St person who would pay for the park they occupy" if big company didn’t.   Unsaid:company that "owns" the park got it purely in exchange for massive waiver on building high rise.

7:30  Sixties flashback for me:  Hundreds on the march at Harvard right now…..Also, big action now at UC-Berkeley and police response. Watch local news aerial view live  … It is reported that 11 UCLA students busted today in Occupy Westwood move.  All part of OccupyCal.

6:20  Gotta go with this Occupy Pittsburgh video, and not just because it opens with Woody.  Even has a tense / tents joke……Sean Hannity likens Occupyers to "skinhead Nazis."  Yet they have higher approval rating than his beloved Tea Partiers.

5:45 Philip Levine, poet laureate of U.S., visited Zuccotti Park today.  Now just waiting for poet laureate of the world, Leonard Cohen, to stop by…. AdBusters:  Has Occupy Oakland discovered the next great OWS tactical move?

5:00 Billy Bragg singing at London protest today.  Which Side Are You On, with new lyrics.  He followed good old Chumbawamba.

4:50  Apparently Zuccotti Park will soon have a People’s Firehouse.  … Oakland cop talks about being outed as undercover…. Will cable channels will now "partner" with OWS on a presidential debate as they did with Tea Party? 

3:15  The LA Review of Books just posted a really strong in-depth report from Oakland — on that 2nd injured vet, and on the "incredibly fallacious" reports in the MSM.  (h/t Jon Wiener)

2:35  We brought it too you first about five weeks ago but surely you have seen it by now: that 30-second ad for Occupy that has recently aired on a variety of TV channels, even making to the O’Reilly show on Fox tonight (we are told).  Now a new campaign is out to get that ad and two others–one of them is Occupy Poetry–aired even wider.  You can read about it or contribute here.  And below is one of the new ads, Occupy the Streets aka "The Whole World Is Watching."

2:20  Marchers on that  NYC to D.C. trek will be making use of CouchSurfing for overnight quarters (besides state parks). … MIke Davis : Field Notes from the Revolution (in Calif.)

1:25  MoveOn trying to make this Occupy poster go viral.

1:10  OccupyLondon’s official twitter feed said  Tom Morello there for big action (see below) today,  that must be camp #7 or 8 for Tom.  Then others reported him doing set at St. Paul’s.  Here is photo.  Brief interview with him there — just a few minutes ago — on role of music in protests today.

 11:45 Don’t miss: NY Daily News reporter live-blogging start of OWS march from NYC to D.C.   Folks packing bags, getting ready to leave.  First move is ferry trip to Elizabeth, NJ, and then to the south.  Wonderful idea, if you have the stamina for it.   20 miles a day as weather gets colder.  Looking for places to stay along the way from fans.  Should be no problem? 

11:23  Fox News site pushing story on "rash" of sex attacks at OWS — six in six weeks at hundreds of camps across USA.  But story picked up and promoted as major piece by AOL on its news site. "They are in the lion’s den, so it’s not surprising that they are more susceptible to crimes.”  Just read full story with fears raised about bombs and more.

11:20  Terrific and unusual public radio documentary from the West Coast on OWS.

11:15 Today’s song pick, a daily feature:  well-done Occupy video for Creedence’s "Fortunate Son."

11:05  Stephen Colbert: Why the wealthy need yachts — to flee the poor….6 arrested in Houston–for having tarp in park.

10:50 More arrests in London, and it’s not even nighttime yet. RJ Gallagher tweets: "Chumbawumba performing at now. Just done an acappella version of ‘Bankrobber’ by The Clash"

10:40 Video of cops arresting folks in Mobile, Alabama last night,using force.

10:20  Billy Bragg tweets:  "Tony Benn addresses Occupy London : ‘You give millions hope. Carry on’"…@PennyRed says she was in scuffle, got hit in jaw by cop…reportedly 50 arrests so far, see link and livestream below. 

9:44  OccupyLondon has now joined massive student protest in London in big way, and more than 25 pop-up tents have now popped up at Trafalgar. Police reportedly huddling to decide what to do about it.  Should be tense all day.  See livestream below.  It keeps switching from very up-close view of arrests in Trafalgar to helicopter overviews.


9:00  7 arrests in Houston overnight…. Trafalgar Square occupied, photo….See livestream below all day.

8:55 We are now featuring daily econ-related posts by Barbara Bedway. Today: You know things are bad in Euro Land when the Wall Street Journal starts a live blog to cover the debt crisis….  At The Big Picture: The lesson from Iceland, whose economy is recovering three years after its banks collapsed: “governments should let failing lenders go bust and protect taxpayers.” …David Cay Johnston at Reuters asks: You’re paying taxes, so why aren’t energy companies? 

 8:30 Big London student protests, much conflict expected, police threaten to use rubber bullets, water cannons.

8:15 That OccupyTheHighway march from NY to D.C. leaving Zuccotti at noon today.   Maybe my old buddy Bruce will put them up at his big house in Jersey.

7:45  New poll reported by Politico:  most Americans want gov’t to address "wealth gap."

7:35  NYT:  How Occupy is changing or inspiring unions.

7:25 Big student protest in London, live blog at The Guardian.  Rubber or plastic bullets could be used. Also likely: water cannons.    One tweeter reports chant, "You can shove your rubber bullets up your arse."  @pennyred always fun to follow.  Police passing out warning sheets as people approach.

7:15 am  New York Observer:  time for OWS to fold up its tents.

From late Tuesday

11:45  In general, many Democratic gains tonight and rolling back of some Tea Party gains last time. GOP claiming a win in Ohio on saying no to Obamacare but that vote non-binding.  Anti-abortion measure fails in Mississippi, as noted below, and now NARAL says: NARAL: "We will build on the momentum in Mississippi to fight similar attacks on choice that will be on state ballots in 2012."

11:00 Watch Crosby and Nash on Countdown, on singing at Zuccotti today (and also saying they always agree with Keith O).  Both inspired, recall past days of protest, past singers like Seeger.  "The park is the spark."  Crosby, always an avid talker, says with no obvious leaders "they can’t be bought or bombed."  Felt like they were just doing their job.

10:15  100-year-old Occupyer in Billings, Mont.   100 going on 99%.

9:30  Fear dead in O-HI-O.  Voters there vote down anti-union move, led by Gov. Kasich, by whopping margin. Also, Maine voters back return to election day registration.  And "personhood" losing in Mississippi at this point.

8:50  Don’t miss great little video on action this morning: Occupy in Worcester attends bank auction for foreclosed house, interviews owner and neighbor, as bank forced to buy it back themselves for fraction of worth (and what owner was willing to pay).  Breaking up families, friends, neighborhoods.

 7:55  Rosanne Cash tweets re: her daughter:  "From what I hear, is joining tomorrow at .

7:30  We’ve noted previously Ben & Jerry’s being distributed free to Occupyers at times.  Now here is picture of Ben himself scooping.

6:30  Full 53-minute video of The People vs. Goldman Sachs, the OWS trial featuring Cornel West and Chris Hedges.


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