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11:35    Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia mic-checked today at Harvard’s JFK School  just after he told crowd no injuries at all in raid last night.  Reminded that at least one guy, an Iraq vet, trampled by police horse, and more:


11:00 Tom Morello showed up to play at OccupyLA’s GA tonight at the scene of last night’s raid.  Photo at left. Videos later…And update:  We reported earlier that Jackson Browne and band Dawes will perform gig at Zuccotti Park tomorrow at 1 pm.  Now we learn that Third Eye Band also will be there (as we have noted, they have a new OWS-backing single) and possibly at 12:30.  Frankly, don’t know Dawes at all (an age thing) but saw many a Jackson show back in 1970s, though not since beyond a benefit for Rep. John "Orleans" Hall.  Browne  is one of drivers of upcoming first rock benefit CD for Occupy.  

10:40 Big NYT piece by Brian Stelter on "The 99%" entering the "lexicon," no matter what many feel about OWS itself.  Looks at history of the phrase, and other such phrases, quotes Xeni Jardin, looks at its use in ads, and much more.  Brian has been doing a lot of good OWS stuff … Charlottesville eviction happening at 11 pm tonight…

10:20  Just now from @OccupyLA:  "Nearly 300 peaceful protesters still at Metropolitan Detention Center.  NLG has yet to see them." 

9:05  Protesters in NYC, though not massive number, making a lot of noise across of midtown hotel where he is at fundraiser.  See new livestream below and another down the page. Hard to believe police will put up with this for too long–surely the drummers would be heard inside hotel!  Wouldn’t shock me OWS  paid for, say, 5 folks to attend an Obama fund raiser and they do a little mic-check…. Seems to me some trouble in LA now between cops and remnants of campers.


7:40  Cool posters with OWS "demands" for tonight’s DInner With Barack actions in NYC.  Message pretty clear for the President.

  7:10  In case you missed the special Google search page today honoring Mark Twain, here it is with a more modern figure at rigtht of image (not sure who did this but fella named Colin Swales sent it to me).

7:00   Amazing:  My new Occupy e-book now updated to cover events up to YESTERDAY .  The wonders of modern e-publishing!  Can purchase "40 Days That Shook the World"  for just $2.99, with 50 cents of each going to OWS.  For KIndle but also for all phones, iPads, PCs and Macs, via apps.

6:35  As I predicted earlier, could be long night for the President in NYC.  OWS folks already chanting and carrying signs near fundraisers at Bryant Park and in Times Sq (photo here) and then outside Sheraton on 53rd Street and then  plan to go down to site of dinner on or near 12th Street in the Village…my old stomping grounds.  LIVESTREAMS below:


 5:50  Coincidence of cause-and-effect?  Some Occupyers in LA now charging that camp was raided when it was due to…scheduled shooting of big Hollywood movie on the site, CBS reports.  Ironically, the "Gangster Squad"  movie stars lefty Sean Penn, along with good guy Ryan Gosiing.  Protesters had already made a deal with studio to move some porta-potties but studio needed whole site by now.  Hence: the new charge.  Now comment from city yet.

5:40   Valuable Alexis Madrigal piece at The Atlantic on that boiling issue of how LAPD handled media in last night’s raid. Much to chew on….On the other hand:  OWS in NY revealed today it has bought new HD cameras and packs for livestreamers.  This is growing trend and provides better images and longer battery life–a key.  Also some now getting night vision, also a big help.  Spencer Mills was star of last night’s LA coverage partly because of such equipment to him by Ustream.

4:55  Denver Post rips OWS, says local campers need to go home, citing costs to city (while admitting not large).

4:00  Now here’s link on pepper spraying of protesters in Phoenix a few hours ago.  At least two separate attacks on at least 6 activists.  Police call it success.  Claim, not confirmed, that one had sticks with nails on them.  Cops blame it on "anarchists."   Gov. Jan Brewer was scheduled to speak and 150-200 protesting ALEC.  Photo here of pepper spray victim (it’s #14 in gallery)…. And here’s Digby on use of tasers in Olympia, WA the other night.

3:55  Good video (being promoted by MoveOn) on 300 economists backing Occupy and explaining it.

3:40  My friend Todd Gitlin just signed to do an OWS book to come out next year, titled "Liberty Square."  Until then: my new e-book…. Don’t have details on this yet but told that Occupy Phoenix protest re: ALEC today has led to at led to at least 6 arrests and pepper spraying.

3:35 I propose new #OWS chant:  "U stream, I stream, we all scream, for live streams!"

3:20  Wash Post: Churches help OWSers survive crackdowns, cold weather.

2:05  Arrests in LA not 200 after all, but 292 — and only ONE for battery.  So much for "violent" protesters. More details here. 

12:40  Good piece at BagNews on last night’s media embed scandal in LA, although could have used more mention of role of livestreamers.   One of them was even there in middle of park for arrests, and one left just after started (I carried them and so did many others)…. New LA TImes panorama picture of post-raid camp.

12:05 New video of horse stepping on foot of man at Philly protest last night (said to be a journo but I have no details), perhaps breaking it…. Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing fame tweets: "Shame on LAPD. Shame on mayor Villaraigosa. Shame, shame, shame on the press that played lapdog last night. Blacking out shots to assist."

11:20  And now Boston moves to evict camp — in court so far but big push now.  Right to protest, not camp, etc.

11:10  Livestream  (if choppy) from massive labor actions in UK today, biggest in decades. And here’s live blog at The Guardian.

11:00 Today’s econ-related items for us from Barbara Bedway (aka @bbedway): Atlas Mugged–New Deal 2.0 speculates that the nightmare future Ayn Rand imagined for our economy is coming true—but it’s due to  the financial industry’s siphoning off wealth, not due to the social safety net or taxes.  …Consumer Reports’ massive investigation finds shockingly high levels of arsenic, a known carcinogen, in fruit juices and US groundwater. There are no federal arsenic thresholds for juice—a mainstay of kids’ diets’—or most foods. …..Alternet looks at the five biggest lenders involved in the $1 trillion student debt bubble: “Student loans are among the most lucrative you can make because the borrower has no protections and the creditor is afforded extraordinary powers."

 10:45 Today’s song pick for Occupyers everywhere, the especially apt today "Everything is Broken," with the great R.L. Burnside doing bluesy take on Dylan tune.

 10:35  Jeff Sharlet tweets: "Too many liberals want to dismiss anti- crackdowns as GOP plot. Mostly been the work of Democratic mayors, many of them ‘liberal." …. More on massive strike in UK.

9:50  Justin Elliot of Salon with key article here and tweets:  "OWS prepping big push on foreclosures eviction defenses, home occupations, mic-checking foreclosure auction." … More on biggest U K public sector labor actions in decades (today)…

9:25  Here’s good wrapup on LA from the Neon Tommy site, which chronicled raid extensively, also a blog there you can find.  I am seeing estimates of 200 arrests there and 50 in Philly.  The Guardian wrap-up. Few injuries in LA and police say found no drugs or weapons in camp, according to AP.  Lot of debate to come over LAPD "embedding" media with cops and not allowing them to report until raid over — and local TV going along with requests to not show copter views of staging area.

9:10 Authors of two major pieces on OWS this week, in The New Yorker and NY Mag, on Charlie Rose PBS show last night.  I’ll have video later.  For one thing, Heileman and Schwartz  agreed movement has no interest in backing Obama. Also: Occupy does indeed have specific "leaders."

9:00 Okay, just awaking and starting to catch up on what happened since 4:30 am.  Be back soon. Some of livestreams below have re-plays of some of action.  Stuff happening in NYC already.  Workers strike in UK.

4:05  Arrests being carried out, with no violence so far.  Here is the final livestreamer left in park and among those ready for arrest, but she warns her battery is nearly out:

 3:45 Five minutes or so before arrests start in LA. 3:15 Raid finally began in LA.  See 4 lifestreams below.  Massive police force, perhaps 1300 and more than number of activists.  Weapons everywhere.  Arrests have started, as many lined up for it.  No violence seen on screen but report of one guy knocked down steps and camera smashed.   One guy up in tree.  Meanwhile, tense faceoff in Philly between marchers and cops right now.

2:25  From the Neon Tommy site:  "Carol Sobel of the National Lawyers Guild just got out of meeting with the LAPD. They will give a 10-minute warning to the protesters to leave. They will then attack the intersection of Main and First Street.  ‘They are going to use force. They are going to use the baton first,’ Sobel said. She added, ‘What I am worried about are juveniles, immigrants and people with warrants.’"

1:30  Updates:  Most folks in Philly vacated on their own and went on march to Rittenhouse. @OccupyPhilly: "hundreds of police removing tents chanting ‘who do you protect? who do you serve?’"  Police oddly have STILL not arrived at LA camp but have cordoned off entire area in biggest action there most have seen. See 4 livestreams below.

1:05  And now: eviction about to start in Philly, too.  Here is one livestream, and another.  See four livestreams from LA below.

12:30  See two livestreams from LA down the page, and another two livestream now just below, these two from Spencer Mills and PunkBoy, down from Oakland.  Cops now on way.  And here is aerial view from CBSNews.

12:10  Raid near in LA.  Tensions high.  Police massing at Dodgers Stadium,  Reports that only about 1/4 of folks now at camp compared to Sunday, not a good sign.   Civil disobedience planning now underway. Here’s official list of media the LAPD is allowing access for coverage.  Absurd.

12:05  Livestream from LA–fight just broke out among campers.   Below that: another livestream, this one from the LA Times building directly across street from camp.  This breaks police control of MSM images.

12:00 Harvard faculty sign letter asking university president to back OWS.   Camp continues there with good number of tents.

From late Tuesday

10:40  L.A. mayor now says ordered eviction due to children camping there amid threats of violence.

10:20  Here’s first live interview with Iraq vet Scott Olsen, injured in Oakland street clash, on Ed Show tonight.

10:00 Full report on LAPD media plans for raid, restricting numbers, freezing out (probably) livestreamers and others without official press credentials, also scary warning that press reps have to be properly outfitted (because of use of tear gas or what?).  ACLU fighting. "Gregory said on air yesterday that pool elite will be outfitted in special protective clothing before the raid. They’ll be notified an hour before police dive in, and won’t be allowed to phone home with their juice until the eviction is over. More bizarre still: Reporters in the pool will have to submit their entire "pool reports" to the wire (City News Service) before any news outlet can post an exclusive. This is supposed to make the LAPD’s restrictive approach fair for all non-pool outlets — but ironically just gives the brave embedded bloggers and rubberneckers on the sidewalk the clear advantage."

9:50 Wild: Student ambushes NY Police Chief Ray Kelly, who was speaking to a college class at Columbia, with a slide show of police brutality. Student was not registered for that class but came from NYU.

9:40  OccupyLA tweets:  NBC Source says LAPD Booking Station being set up at Dodger Stadium. City Buses being assembled. Arrests planned. Please Keep it Peaceful."  Cut Neil Young’s song, "Tonight’s the Night" … Portland folks weill re-occupy on Saturday but as I noted yesterday, site still a secret.  Good luck with that.  In the old days, Bill Walton would be with them.

9:00 Mark Bittman: making local food concept real…San Diego Occupyer arrested for…registering voters?

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