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11:45 I reported earlier that ex-NYC top cop Wm Bratton picked by UC-Davis to head official probe of  incident there.  Well, faculty not too happy about it.

11:25 Bunch of new contributions, joining many ones from past weeks, just up at the OccupyWriters site, including a poem for OWS by Zack de la Rocha.

11:10  From Animal, just in time for the holiday,  Won’t stick (to your conscience).

10:35 And now, the ultimate: The Lego "Pepper Spray Cop." Blockhead!

9:50 OWS ready to serve 2000 Thanksgiving meals in NYC tomorrow at Zuccotti Park from 2 to 6.  I guess police are making an exception about food served in the park.  Given what usually happens after the big meal, they may also have to let some napping slide.  And maybe a touch football game will break out.  The food is being purchased with donations or brought to the park by supporters.  Nice touch:  the restaurant providing the food is Texas BBQ — which is owned by Egyptians, who back OWS.

9:45 Check out Kickstarter campaign to get printed 100,000 copies of OWS "Declaration" of Principles.

9:30 Reuters;  Petition started calling on Fox’s Megyn Kelly to drink some of that clearly harmless pepper spray.

8:04  Another win for OWS, AP story just out now:  "Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly has issued an internal message ordering officers in New York City not to interfere unreasonably with journalists’ access during news media coverage and warning that those who do will be subject to disciplinary action. The message was being read at police precinct station houses around New York on Wednesday. It came after journalists, including two from The Associated Press, were arrested covering Occupy Wall Street protests.

"A coalition of news organizations had sent a letter complaining about the treatment. The news media argued that the police wrongly blocked journalists from observing last week when the authorities cleared out the protesters’ encampment in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan. The A.P. and representatives of The New York Times, The Daily News, The New York Post and the National Press Photographers Association met with Mr. Kelly on Wednesday."

7:55  Xeni of Boing Boing interviews our favorite livestreamer, Mr. Tim Pool.  I like the notion of him working with hacker-made drones to shoot aerial footage.

7:20 Watch my appearance this morning on MSNBC with Luke Russert re: OWS and my Occupy book.

5:45  I’ll be on Jon Wiener’s radio on KPFK at 4 pm LA time today, here is their writeup.

5:40  Wow, congrats to OccupyCoumbia–that’s South Carolina —for winning temporary restraining order that allows them to keep camping and with sleeping bags AND tents.  Gov. Nikki Haley dealt a blow.

5:15 If you missed livestream and reports on the People’s Library presser today (see below), they tell their story here. … Huff Post on less-covered Southern OWS sites under title, Occupy Y’All Street…. OccupyPhilly has ganed some more time until eviction due to legal action…Occupy Ft. Lauderdale under threat of eviction jjust about now…

5:05  Student who took one of the most-seen and "used" photos of the pepper spray cop talks about it all here.

4:15  The WikiLeaks truck — seemingly lost by the NYPD — has been found after getting towed at OWS protest.  Not only that, but an OWS-loving judge dropped all the parkint tix.

3:55 And now, some OWS intrigue: secret factions, private benefactors, celebs…via Truthdig, credibility unknown.  Well, the office space is no secret, even been there myself.

3:15  The People’s Skype — beyond mic-checking… "People’s Skype can also help in special cases, like communicating across police barriers or kettled areas."

3:10 A video in case were not in the drum or scrum circles outside Bloomberg’s pad… Latest updates to the Pepper Spray Cop images. Tebow gets his.

3:05 Today’s econ-related items from Barbara Bedway: Dean Baker on today’s column by Thomas Friedman urging Obama to embrace big cuts to Social Security and Medicare: great idea “if you think the country’s biggest problem is high-living seniors.”…Matt Yglesias at Slate notes that for candidates at last night’s GOP debate, foreign policy evidently means mainly war strategies. “In an ideal world, a debate about foreign policy would say something” about America’s  largest trading partners: Canada, the Eurozone, China, Mexico, Japan…. You know things are bad when a co-founder of Reaganomics–former assistant secretary of the Treasury Paul Roberts—is making the case for financial regulation. “The edifice that economists have built that justifies market capitalism as the deliverer of economic welfare to society no longer stands.”

2:35 Alleged courses from alleged UC-Davis course catalog on use of pepper spray.  One offering: "Basic uses of pepper spray in threatening, semi-threatening and completely non-threatening and utterly peaceful situations. Common spraying techniques. Overview of rationalization methods. Color choices. Jackboot styles."

 1:55  L.A. Times blasts city’s offer to Occupyers as heated tension continues.

11:50 Watch livestream of the OWS People’s Library press conference (and see items below).  Even the dogs were killed in raid?  And besides books, much else missing.  Trucks went straight to barge?  And @newyorkist tweeting it. So far at presser: 79% of books missing or wrecked.  Attorney demands:  NYC must replace "every single" missing or destroyed book from catalog of 5000.  "A crusade to destroy a conversation." Also: Bloomberg wrecked even his own book. UPDATE:  Now questions from press.   First–no precedent for destruction of a library?  Seems likely.  NOTE:  I have replaced my own books seized in raid.

11:30  California OWS students call for college strike throughout state on Monday, date trustees meet. 

11:23  Another sad attempt by Ron Fournier (who has been doing this for years) to blame both sides equally for super-committee failure.  When caught, he offers weakest defense yet:  Well, polls show people blame everyone equally.  As if that is not influenced by reporting such as his…

11:20  I followed the GA in Los Angeles last night closely (see below) and now here is a YouTube video on city’s offers and rejections.

11:15  Happy to endorse this view that OWS should honor guy I knew and admired, the late protest folksinger Phil Ochs. So we’ll give Phil the Occupy song of the day pick for today, the timeless "Love Me I’m a Liberal."

11:10 Maddow last night had segment on the hot new mic-checking of politicians, even the President. 

10:55  Lengthy Josh Harkinson piece on three scenarios where homeless OWS in NYC can settle next.  All have pitfalls but important to look at the challenges and the debate.

10:50  Parents of UC-Davis students still writing letters to ed about Lt. John Pike.

10:45  As noted below, People’s Library in NY holding press conf to protest destruction of books.  New: They plan to march afterward holding books above heads.  Also: They propose that you take a few books, sit down in park, and put up sign, The People’s Library.  

10:30  Back from NYC and MSNBC, resuming linkage!  For starters: Ex UC-Davis police officer warned them about use of excess force… Some doubts about Seattle woman’s claim that she miscarried after police use force and spray during OWS protest. 

7:40  Exiting for NYC now for a bitI’ll be on MSNBC today at 9:30 am with Luke Russert (filling in for Chuck Todd) talking OWS and my Occupy book, now updated. Also on Jon Wiener’s L.A. radio tonight at 4 pm out there.

7:10  Occupy Toronto being evicted now. Was warned two nights ago.  Watch here.  That’s via CNN–the camp’s livestream went dead during raid.  Two librarians there have chained themselves to cart. UPDATE:  Camp’s livestream is back.

7:05  William Bratton, former top cop in NY (one of my friends did an autobiog with him), named to head UC-Davis inquiry.

7:00 OWS Library in NY holding press conf today to discuss criminal seizure of books — calculates only 1 in 5 books from original library safe and sound.

12:05  Epic GA in LA right now on response to city demand to shut down on Monday–and the city’s offers on other sites. They seem to be rejecting any move right now.  Some stirring speeches.   Biggest camp remaining.

From late Tuesday

11:10   SF Bay Guardian on the group PERF that is advising big city mayors on OWS crackdowns…. 

10:55 Right-wing hack Brent Bozell:  UC-Davis students "wanted desperately  to be pepper-sprayed. … It was a remarkable jump-start for every left-wing journalist looking to regain his mojo for championing the protesters against ‘The Man’– in this case, a spineless liberal female administrator and Democrat donor named Linda Katehi." 

10:00  L.A. Times says city wants camp there ended by Monday..  Debate at camp GA tonight on counter-offers to city’s offers on new site …. This week’s edition of stunning black and white portraits from OccupyLA by Annie Appel.

10:00  L.A. Times says city wants camp there ended by Monday…. This week’s edition of stunning black and white portraits from OccupyLA by Annie Appel.

9:45 Via Twitter, it seems president of the New School wants occupation to end at the 90 Fifth Avenue, a GA there now deciding how to respond. ..  At GOP debate tonight no mic checks yet, and no questions about more settlements in Wall Street occupied territory.

7:45  Visual response at left to Fox’s Megyn Kelly saying pepper spray "essentially" a vegetable.  Keep those cooking-with-spray recipes coming for Thanksgiving!

7:30 Russell Simmons has hired civll rights leader Ben Chavis to manage his many OWS-related activities.

7:05 Pike’s peak: Pepper-spraying cop once got award for not using the stuff. 

5:45 Wild, darkly amusing but revealing  video of undercover cop — in hoodie and with book bag– being pursued by citizen journo after he hits him.  Guy slips away as cops refuse requests to stop him so charges might be pressed.   Cat and louse game.

 5:30  More reviews of that pepper spray device being sold on Amazon.  Hysterical.

3:40  Matt Taibbi with new piece at Rolling Stone on the larger implications of the UC-Davis pepper spray tragedy.   "What happened at UC Davis was the inevitable result of our failure to make sure our government stayed in the business of defending our principles. When we stopped insisting on that relationship with our government, they became something separate from us….The UC Davis instant crystallized all of this in one horrifying image. Anyone who commits violence against a defenseless person is lost. And the powers that be in this country are lost. They’ve been going down this road for years now, and they no longer stand for anything."

3:30  Perhaps that missing WikiLeaks truck — seized by NYPD af OWS action and now "lost" — was sent to Quantico to be tortured into spilling beans on Assange.

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