I’ve been live-blogging OWS here since October 1.  Doing my best today despite power outage.  Email: epic1934@aol.com.

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10:50  Folks, I’ve helped carry you this far, but now have to exit–still no internet at home (in storm ravaged NY) and need to leave friend’s house.  See livestream below (covering both Oakland and Seattle, where there have been arrests and pepper spraying while protesters surround hotel where Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is staying).  See you in a.m.

10:40 AP now confirms: operations at Oakland port was indeed "shut down."  Peg crowd at 3000.  "Port spokesman Isaac Kos-Read said maritime operations had effectively been shut down."  And "forced a halt to operations at the nation’s fifth busiest port Wednesday evening, escalating a movement whose tactics had largely been limited to marches, rallies and tent encampments since it began in September."

10:35   Incident at Oakland port just now: truck dangerously tries to speed through crowd, dozens stop and surround it, may make occupants walk away while they keep truck. … 7 pm shift at port reportedly changed to 8, so protesters urged to stick around…

10:10  This report says it has confirmed that Geo W. Bush was still inside Goldman offices when NY protesters rallied outside tonight (see below)  chanting "Arrest Bush."

10:05  Rochester Occupy facing 2nd eviction at 11 pm, they warn… pepper spraying of Seattle folks outside Sheraton seems to be confirmed. 

10:00  Oakland occupyers ought to take nickname "Oakies" in tribute to Woody Guthrie and others who came to Calif during Great Depression.

9:45 Fifteen minutes until key 7 pm shift to start at Port — will it be cancelled?

9:05 Rumor of Bush at Goldman hdqtrs in NYC partly confirmed, so protesters head back.  Then word he left underground.  Maybe.

9:00  Follow livestream from Oakland all night below, now with split screen, sometimes with aerial view, as march arrives at Port.  Many more marchers arriving now–and many others just now leaving downtown.  SEiU transporting elderly and disabled in vans, we hear.   Marchers spreading out to cover all entrances…

8:25 View of Occupyers:  destruction at Whole Foods, bank, caused by a few dozen anarchists.  Many in OWS then took action to stop…. Port asking arbitrator if safe for Oakland workers to enter at 7 pm. If ruling is no, does that mean action and shut down success and declare win, go home after a bit?

8:20 Two Detroit Occupyers arrested at public TV taping interview with a top NY Stock Exchange official. "A male in his 20s, whom protesters identified as Joe Macguire, was arrested by WSUPD officers after interrupting the interview with Duncan Niederauer, who has been CEO of the NYSE since 2007. About ten minutes after Macguire was escorted out, a woman in her 20s, whom protesters identified as Susie Reed, stood up and asked questions in similar fashion, resulting in her arrest."

8:15 ABC local news says 10,000 at Port now in Oakland, but looks like even more.  Police seem to be saying no arrests unless people enter inner sanctum of port.  Crowd letting workers out but not in.  Waiting for word that port is officially closed for 7 pm shift… claims that 3000 in Portland chanting "30,000 in Oakland!"…. New report of arrests and pepper spraying in Seattle.

8:10  Video:  OccupyOakland  flash mob performs ‘I Will Survive," 2011 edition…. Josh Holland quotes longshoreman at the Port: I love what you’re doing. I been working here 59 yrs. Supposed to be big money, but I’m living paycheck to paycheck.

7:45  @FeedingAmerica calculates: Kim Kardashian’s wedding money would have provided 136 million meals to hungry Americans.

7:40 Livestream of NYC protest vs. Goldman — after 15 seconds of a Capital One ad, ha.

7:30  Charter busloads arrived near port to join Oakland "shut down" march, reports say… The Guardian sums up the day so far. 

7:25  Big march heading north in NYC now, may be 1000 strong, according to some reports.  Targeting Goldman, where rumor has it, Geo W. Bush may be visiting.  Marchers went past Ground Zero.  Here’s pic of Sgt. Thomas holding Scott Olsen (left)  sign, leading a march… One arrest in Louisville today but only about 20 across USA (so far)

7:10  After vandalism at WholeFoods in Oakland, their twitter feed @WFM_Oakland confirms: "The rumors are false! WFM Oakland totally supports Team Members participating in today."   Just a few minutes ago I learned that kid I coached in Little League with my son — and we still know his parents — has protested with OWS…and works at Whole Foods there!

7:05  Repeating Global Rev livestream link.

6:05   March to port of Oakland nears.  Police chief just estimated 5000 would march there about 5 pm Pacific time…. Picture of Teamsters unloading water for Oakland occupyers…. Big march underway in NYC now in support.

6:00 Mother Jones:  Oakland Whole Foods accused of threatening to fire workers who struck, seems untrue, but still vandalized today…..Livestream of Oakland here, and others noted below.

5:55 Catching again (amid internet outage):  Many protesters condemning breaking windows at Bank of America in Oakland, urging non-violence.

4:00 Move Your Money peeps saying $5 million in divestments already–after just two days.

3:50 Marches and bank occupations continue in Oakland, great banners (to judge by pix) have gone up for streets in several spots, still several hours from big march to the port… Children march and chant "Play Fair — Learn to Share" … "California Stars," as Woody Guthrie put it (he sang at Oakland radio station early in his career). 

3:20 At Huff Post:  OWS message really penetrating Congress now …Dahlia Lithwick of Slate: How OWS totally confuses and ignores  Fox News and the pundit class.

3:15 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel photog arrested covering OWS.   UWM students were marching in solidarity with Oakland.  Classic:  "Wentz-Graff texted the newsroom to say she was being arrested and taken to the Milwaukee Police Department headquarters downtown."

3:10  @BootsRiley tweets from Oakland:  "3 Banks that werent shut down just got shut down by the march."…The now-famous PunkBoyinSF livestreaming Oakland of course. .. Much disputed claims about port, from running at full speed to nearly shut down.  This update says at about 50% pace but expect reports all over the place.

3:05 Joshua Holland of Alternet on the scene in Oakland reports it’s far from a general city wide strike but many business indeed are closed, and posts this photo.   @JoshuaHol probably good coverage all day… L.A. Times covers strike, with nice photo.

2:50  Oakland claims only 5% of city workers out.  But AP confirms my report below that about 18% of teachers out… Berkeley students now marching to join strikers.  In days of olde that news would have struck fear into the hearts of the police and the "establishment," but now?  Paging Mario Savio.

2:45 Reports of nine new arrests in Philly at Comcast, 19 on the day… With those arrests,@OccupyArrests places grand total at 3025 for #OWS so far…. Citibank occupied in Chicago… Lots of cops in Oakland but most out of sight.

2:15  Big support for Oakland going on everywhere, marches in Boston and Philly  (at Comcast) tempt arrests right now, vet who was with Scott Olsen on night of injury at Zuccotti. .. College teach-ins at many sites….

2:10  Today’s song for Occupyers everywhere, a daily feature for 32 days.  Today, for the strikers and actions across USA:  Billy Bragg’s "There is Power in a Union."  From an Occupy event abroad, no less.

2:05 A livestream covering Oakland marches up now.  And a second one here…. Big crowds, peaceful….A local ABC reporter just tweeted that 360 teachers used a personal day today.

2:00 Barricades removed at Wall St in NYC for first time in weeks, allowing free movement…

1:55 I’m back and working out of a cafe now.  After early report of port closed,  I see that a longshoreman’s union official claims only 40 out of 300 stayed home in Oakland today.  March to close the port starts in a few hours.

10:50 After four days, got power back at home (just north of NYC) but internet/cable still out.  So will be offline for a bit, then return at another secure undisclosd location.

10:45 Well, we had the debut of the Occupied Oakland Tribune earlier today (see below), and now: The Occupied Washington Post!   Finally, a decent editorial page. Donald Graham rolling over in grave.   Dreadful Washington Times next target.  Worth even occupying?  Call it OccupyTheMoon.

10:40  Veterans march on Wall Street, watch. …. One in three unemployed have been out of work for over a year.

10:10  Military has wasted $1 trillion on weapons since 9/11.  See report.

10:05 My old pal and colleague Joe Strupp on the continuing saga of Fox and other rightwing outlets falling for "quotes" by Occupyers in satire pieces…. Tipping point reached:  report on gloomy prospects for young people (note: my son is 24).

9:45  Even the Men’s Wearhouse in Oakland closed for strike.  See their shop window.

Yes @mbattistella @parrishouse1818 here is foto of Men's... on Twitpic

9:40  More on Chomsky speaking to Occupy today. .. JIm Hightower on the Disuniting of America.

9:20 Believe it or not, an OWS-relevant Busby Berkeley film moment from the Depression: "Remember My Forgotten Man."  (h/t Gary Myrick)

9:10  For national college "teach-ins" today follow @OccupyColleges…..Reportedly police have moved on OccupyAnchorage, possible arrests… 4 still jailed in Richmond….

8:25  Some from OccupyLondon at court to support Julian Assange — but he loses appeal on extradition. 

8:15 Good problem to have:  so many donations to OWS it can cause problems.

8:05  Nine arrested in Tulsa last night.  Claims that pepper-spray used.  Video here.

7:55  Full coverage of Oakland General Strike and actions in other cities coming today.  Here’s first look at hot-off-the-press (or whatever they use these days) first edition of the Occupied Oakland Tribune. Of course, lead story is on strike, plus a piece on Scott Olsen, more..  A history of the last strike, in 1946. .

7:45  Inevitably, South Park to Occupy tonight.  Cartman is a one-percenter, of course. Preview:


7:40 Hotline editor tweets: "Jack Abramoff, in new book, says George W. Bush told Ralph Reed his presidency "would make all of us very rich."

7:30  Noam Chomsky just addressed : "Occupy is an amazing opportunity 2 resist neo-liberalism & create positive & sustainable change now."

7:20  Democracy Now livestream at 8 with coverage of Oakland strike.

From late Tuesday

10:20  Cain will probably say about $35,000 payoff: "Just trying to help one of the 99%.’

9:20  List of activities on strike day in Oakland tomorrow. At left is third poster I have posted. And I remember when strikes and Oakland could only mean Catfish Hunter.

8:50  Key question (and probing) from the folks at Nieman Watchdog: What’s more important — local ordinances or the First Amendment? 

8:45 Power cut at OccupyTulsa, eviction expected tonight.

8:10 WSJ Factoid:  15% of U.S. population relied on food stamps in August — 45 million people.

7:55 NYT with preview of Oakland General Strike by reporter who has been the scene for awhile. "During the strike, protesters intend to march from downtown to the Port of Oakland and will try to close it down. Protesters also said they would picket banks, businesses, schools, libraries and any employer who tries to discipline striking workers.Several major labor groups, including local units of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, which represents port workers, have voiced support for the Occupy Oakland protests and the strike, though union officials have not authorized union members to strike." And the docks will be open.  Demos in supporrt all around the USA.

7:45 More on injuries to Scott Olsen sparking vets joining on with OWS, this time from USA Today. … Much talk at Zuccotti Park tonight on spending money to secure OWS domain name…One woman reportedly arrested at Boston camp for selling medication…

7:30 Actor/director Albert Brooks tweets: "B of A to cancel debit card fees. ‘Since we’re going out of business, the hell with it.’"