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1:05 Cool video of recent protest at Verizon meeting in Alabama, with Steve Earle music (he has lent a hand there in other ways, too).

12:00 FDL wrap-up on what’s gone on in Charlotte so far today, inside and outside the BOA meeting, votes on shareholder resolutions, arrests (we have seen count of four so far, could be off).

11:40  Police now blocking access to OccupyTheFarm site near Berkeley (see items below)…

10:40 Arrests at BOA meeting in Charlotte (see below).  One of them, Johnny Rosa, a BOA foreclosure victim,  tells Huff Post: "I just want to stop what they are doing."  Allison Kilkenny eyeballing here, but remains to be seen if really "thousands."

10:30  Quebec students rejecting that tuition deal we wrote about earlier this week….

9:40  Frequent updates on BOA protest in Charlotte here.   Such as:  "Stephen Lerner, a member of the executive board at the Service Employees International Union, and a frequent target of attacks from hardline conservative media a sends an update: ‘We have moved into streets.. Shutting down key intersections. Cops mellow so far.’"  A sporadic live stream here.

9:20 Greg Sargent at Wash Post: Romney won’t criticize extremists in own party but told Occupyer, "Go back to Russia."

8:55 UC-Berkeley now says it may take legal action to evict squatters tin OccupytheFarm protest…. 9 activists now sitting in at office of president of Johns Hopkins….

8:10 Lengthy SF Weekly cover story on local Occupy and "Unmasking the Anarchists."   There, "it’s clear that anarchism has always thrived at the heart of Occupy, guiding many Occupiers’ goals and tactics and even providing the organizational structure for local chapters."

7:50  Wired’s Kim Zetter:  Twitter hits backs at court, prosecutors over Occupy order.  "In the battle to fight online fishing expeditions by law enforcement officials there is little we can do individually to protect ourselves — which makes it all the more important for internet companies like Twitter and Google to fight back on our behalf."

7:45 It’s another no-holiday bank day  and if you missed,  Allison Kilkenny yesterday had  latest on BOA shareholders protest in Charlotte, with city declaring it "extraordinary event," meaning "the city plans to restrict free speech and expand the ability of police and security forces to target and profile the homeowners, worker, community members, students, and immigrants who plan to demand justice from one of the largest banks in the country."   And Huff Post also previews and suggests it sets tone for Dem convention protest at end of summer.

7:40  In record turnout, North Carolina voters back ban on gay marriage, gay unions and such.   This is a state that went for Obama in 2008.

From late Tuesday

Portrait of Atlanta family evicted at gun point after 18 years, living with 4 generations in house.  "That old evil thing called greed…time to let it go."

Robert Reich on Democracy Now! hails Occupy, says we have to keep making a "ruckus."

Noam Chomsky with new piece at Salon:  "The jobs aren’t coming back."  America doesn’t make things anymore.  Financiers just "manipulate" money and move it around and aground. "The fact that the Occupy movement is unprecedented is quite appropriate. After all, it’s an unprecedented era and has been so since the 1970s, which marked a major turning point in American history…. For many people in the United States, there’s a pervasive sense of hopelessness, sometimes despair. I think it’s quite new in American history. And it has an objective basis."

OccupyTheFarm squatters near Berkeley set terms for exiting land–for one thing, they must retain access.