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9:35 The Smoking Gun "unmasks" the "snitch" who pushed the Cleveland "bomb plot"–turns out he not only got them the C4 but even gave them money to buy it (through him).  Defense likely to claim he set up, promoted plot, then financed it.  Also see photo and his history as felon.

9:20 Important NYT story up tonight on how very tricky NYPD "spied" on Occupy before May Day protests this week. "The department’s use of this tactic as part of its strategy for policing the Occupy Wall Street movement raises new questions about the surveillance efforts by the Police Department, which faces restrictions in monitoring political groups."  The tactic: Sending warrant squads after targeted people purportedly based on "lowly" past offense–such as an "open container" drinking violation–that would usually he ignored, and then questioning  them not about the warrant but about OWS plans they know about.  Gawker had noticed this first on Monday.

9:00 Early release of Jennie Arnau cut on upcoming OccupyTheAlbum.

5:00 Cool story on folks using balloons (such as at left)  to launch cameras to capture May Day rallies from above.

4:30  Report on cops in San Fran taking back that occupied "Turk" building, arresting 26…

1:50 Allison Kilkenny’s full report on May Day — and lack of major media coverage.

1:30  Turns out the Hipster Cop hates music–well, at least if it’s in the street and too loud.  Maybe he’s still mad Radiohead didn’t show up again…. Cool photo and report on Tom Morello leading Guitar Army down 5th Avenue yesterday.

11:15 From a frequent correspondent: "This is a link to a news story from the "Vermont Digger" about our high-energy May Day march and rally yesterday in Montpelier — which involved somewhere between 500 (this story) and 1000 (WCAX) participants. (I say 700-800.) Also, notable for an emerging teamster-turtle type of alliance between the Vermont Workers Center, we Occupiers, and Bernie Sanders on the one hand and Bill McKibben and his on the other hand."

11:10  Much more on OccupyTheAlbum. 

10:20 Robert Reich: May 1 actually a great day for the One Percent–judging by climbing Dow and S&P. But just the rich getting richer as inequality widens. Not "sustainable" and a "tinder-box" situation.  "Shares are up because corporate profits are up, and profits are up largely because companies have figured out how to do more with less."

9:30 Diocese building re-occupied in San Francisco, dozen hole up there, someone throws brick from roof that hits guy with camera, more black bloc action, church not amused, "We are not the 1%."…  Los Angeles with no major incidents, and immigrant march draws fewer people than expected. .. Full Seattle Times report on major "mayhem" there yesterday–which they attribute to anarchists (photo, left)– as police (who seized 70 objects from protesters under orders from mayor) and the rain hold back possible further incidents.  More at their blog.

9:15 Mediaite has text and video of "explosive" debate this morning on good old Fox & Friends featuring pro-OWS Todd Gitlin and the usual rightwingers…More from Cleveland’s Plain Dealer on the 5 arrested there in bomb plot and connection to local Occupy, which despite no knowledge of their activities already hurt badly by them.

9:00 Let the wrapups and  reactions to May Day begin.  Here’s a Daily Beast writer, on day in NYC, with some still calling for "demands." Police put final tally of arrests there at about 50…  MSNBC hops around USA, noting violence in Oakland and Seattle and Cleveland "plot."….Mother Jones with gallery of photos of long hard day in Oakland…

8:45 Carne Ross on Colbert last night talking up new book and his work with OWS on alternative bank…. Awaiting Chris Hedges on "black bloc" actions and arrests of past two days…

From late Tuesday

NY crowd mainly leave area, others retreat to Zuccotti, where police are now massing again…. Lot going on in Oakland at this hour, report of tank and loaded rifles.  Warnings to disperse and threat to use more tear gas.  Cop reportedly hit in face with paint bag thing.

Thousands in park in New York at 10 pm closing of park, although thousands of others have left–and police have them surrounded.  See Tim Pool livestream below.  Warnings to be issued and then arrests will follow… 2nd livetream from NY below.  UPDATE:  Police attack group agt 10:30, guy hurt and some arrests.

Live Video streaming by Ustream Press report from Nantes, France, where my daughter lives: from 8500 to 15000 protest today, only 2500 last year.  (h/t and translation Barbara Bedway)

 Violence in Seattle top story at LA Times site:  "Downtown Seattle erupted in chaos Tuesday as black-clad May Day demonstrators marauded through the downtown shopping district, smashing plate glass windows at banks and retail outlets, spray-painting cars and slashing tires. Some arrests were reported in May Day protests in Portland, Ore., as well. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn signed an emergency order authorizing police to confiscate sticks, tire irons, hammers and other implements that might be used for continued destruction, though the worst of the mayhem appeared to have died down by midafternoon."  And see photo. 

Seattle Times blog covers here.   Nike, Starburks, Nordstroms, Wells Fargo, HSBC hit.  Even U.S. Court of Appeals building hit.   Nike releases statement vs. violence.

Dramatic local TV video of police attacking biker in Oakland, arrests and conflict follow: