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3:55 From my assistant Elizabeth Whitman:  Yesterday’s Super Tuesday primaries might be one of the more hyped-up pre-election events in American politics, but beneath the national radar, a far more significant vote was taking place, in more than fifty communities across the state of Vermont. Included on voters’ ballots was a question about an amendment that would overturn Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision two years ago that said corporations can contribute unlimited amounts of money to influence political campaigns. At least two dozen towns passed a resolution calling for the amendment, according to unofficial results.

Although not all Vermonters agree on whether such a resolution is the best way to address the Citizens United ruling, the vote itself speaks to the power of local action and discussion, and is the first attempt of its kind in the battle against Citizens United.

3:10  Don’t miss "Foreclose the Banks" video (hat tip to colleagues Peter Rothberg and Eliz Whitman).

Foreclose the Banks from FtheBanks on Vimeo.

2:05  Remember those 68 folks arrested in tuition protest in Sacremento the other night?  Turns out 66 were released fairly quickly--at a 24 hour Wal Mart!

11:00 And now the "Keep Me Occupied" game loosely tied to OWS that you can play at home, cooperatively, of course.

9:45 Adbusters: How the "Showdown" in Chicago became the "Backdown."

8:55  No, it’s not a national convention in Philly or any place else, but it is a regional conference in St. Louis, with Occupyers from 30 cities, coming up next week.

8:50   Judge in Califiornia delays official report on UC-Davis pepper-spray incident after police protest–about their privacy rights.... L.A. Times editorial critical of Occupy direction, if you care….

8:40  The usual great weekly national roundup over at the Occupied Wall Street Journal, plus other stories and commentary, including anarchist vs. Hedges.

8:05  We would be remiss if we did not note that….Joe the Plumber won his GOP primary for a House race in Ohio last night by 51% to 49%.  He now faces Rep. Marcy Kaptur, who easily topped Rep. Dennis Kucinich in a race forced by GOP re-districting. Good times!

From late Tuesday

Why We Marched in Sacramento, from The Nation…. Obama claims "security concerns" had nothing to do with moving the G8 to Camp David.   Paging Pinochio!

We noted last week that the so-callled "first Occupyer running for Congress" had gotten booted off the ballot in the Philly area. But in an email he explains he is carrying on as a write-in candidate in April primary and even has another meeting with supporters on Thursday.  Contact him via

Laff of the day from Politico:  Why conservatives still love Springsteen despite pro-Occupy messages.   Not sure if it mentions David Brooks, but he’s another prime example.


Full review of new Occupy production by Eve Ensler, author of the legendary "Vagina Monologues."  It’s titled "Vaginas Occupy Wall Street," opens with a mic-check and includes 16 sketches.  A later mic-check revolves around the words "Reclaiming Cunt." It also "focused on the charges against Herman Cain and how we possibly could have had a man running for president with rape charges against him. It expressed outrage at Penn State standing up for Joe Paterno, instead of the victims. It articulated our frustration at the rape groups on Facebook and Facebook’s delay in removing them. It addressed the problem of rape at Occupy and it emphasized that we are fed up with it, we are ‘over it,; and what we must do now is to ‘occupy rape everywhere.’"