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5:30  A further update on the "free the subways" action in NYC this morning:  Police now say 8 stations "freed" while perpetrators claim 20 (see below).   No arrests so far.  Police also probing if transit workers, as claimed, involved, along with some OWSers.  See photo for posters put up advertising May 1 general strike and more.

4:45  Poet Adrienne Rich RIP.  What she said to President Clinton:  "The radical disparities of wealth and power in America are widening at a devastating rate."  (h/t Barbara Bedway)

12:45 Gates at six subway stations in NYC were chained open this morning allowing passengers to enter free–and reportedly  signs were posted claiming credit for OWS.  This is unconfirmed.  Police searching for other such actions. UPDATE:  Here’s communique from people claiming responsibility, including OWSers plus transit union people.   They claim they hit 20 stations, not 6.  "Teams have chained open service gates and taped up turnstiles in a coordinated response to escalating service cuts, fare hikes, racist policing, assaults on transit workers’ working conditions and livelihoods — and the profiteering of the super-rich by way of a system they’ve rigged in their favor."

11:45  Op-ed at Christian Science Monitor argues that OWS hurts itself and consumers when it shifts focus from Wall St. to actions against Wal Mart and so forth.

9:45  NPR: Key Occupy working group " re-imaagines" the bank. "To the extent that actually we’re talking about setting up an alternative system, that’s pretty radical stuff," Carne Ross says. "And the fact that you have Wall Street bankers, former regulators, hedge fund traders, as part of that project, I find pretty striking."

9:35 Beyond the jokes Romney made some news on Leno last night: He will do nothing for the uninsured.

9:15 David Cay Johnston scoop:  Top companies seek to end longtime obligation to provide landline phone service to all. Millions of less well off may lose service or pay more. "The new rules AT&T and Verizon drafted would enhance profits by letting them serve only the customers they want. Their focus, and that of smaller phone companies that have the same universal service obligation, is on well-populated areas where people can afford profitable packages that combine telephone, Internet and cable television."

9:10 First look at trailer of Ryan Gosling’s doc on active and apathetic youth today…..There’s a new Sim City–with a touch of OWS.  Mashable previews it.

8:20  Amazing Colbert show last night as Stephen interviews Charlesw Murray and raises questions about his many citations of white supremacists and Nazis in his "Bell Curve book," as Murray squirms.  Stephen then quips (to paraphrase), Now I understand why your new book is strictly about white people.  And: "White people just got the Colbert bump."…


7:55 My new book on the Bradley Manning case, with my former Nation intern Kevin Gosztola, just out as e-book tonighty, and then in print in about a week.  Titled "Truth and Consequences: The U.S. vs. Bradley Manning," it covers the saga right up to the court martial proceeding in recent months, right up to last week.

7:35  Worker ownership for the 21st Century…. NYT updates hate killing of Iraqi woman in California–a largely overlooked case that should get at least half the attention of Trayvon…. Strong segments last night on Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC show with NYT‘s Charles Blow and Lawrence grilling Zimmerman pal (but not much of one, it turns out) Joe Oliver.

From late Tuesday

Second stabbing of Occupyer outside Federal Reserve last night.  We had just reported a Sunday night stabbing (see below).  Again the assailant–who seems to be a 9/11 "truther"– escaped.  Victim expected to survive. 

Jeffrey Toobin: Looks like Affordable Health Care act will be struck down by court ….Breaking:  Lead investigator wanted manslaughter charge the night of Trayvon’s shooting, was overruled.

Just posted:  Occupy Festival in Chicago postponed after much criticism from OWSers. "These are some of the changes that will be made moving forward with more to come: 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Occupy movement; Ticket prices will be significantly reduced; The name will most likely change to something other than Occupy Festival."

The Dowser with another review of past few months of OWS and look ahead and how to get involved.

Unnamed young Occupyer stabbed in San Francisco outside Federal Reserve in protest, man who was not part of group runs off.  Victim, stabbed in chest,  expected to survive.  Dispute involved a camera at first.