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8:30  Bob Plain, the "Travelin’ Man" now in San Diego, tells me tonight "the local police are using an obscure (and probably ultimately unconstitutional) ordinance against encroaching on city property to keep activists on their toes."

7:25 Here’s livestream of action described below, attempt to halt a foreclosure in LA.

5:30  Just received a press release forwarded by swell singer/songwriter Michelle Shocked, who sang at the Jan. 2 rally following the Rose Parade (and was earlier busted in L.A. camp raid).  It opens, "Members of Occupy LA will be occupying the foreclosed South Central home of Mrs. Faith Parker, a 79-year-old retired school teacher, who fights eviction as a result of Bank of America’s irresponsibility. Mrs. Parker has owned her home since 1964….Members of Occupy LA and Occupy the Hood LA call for more responsible banking and will be joined at 4pm by community and faith leaders to defend the Parkers from eviction on 60th Street."
Actions start at 4 pm local time.  Contact:  Carlos Marroquin (323) 592-4663.

4:20  OccupyDC looks for a new site — via the great Tom Toles at Wash Post (h/t Barbara Bedway)

3:50  Occupyer named a GOP part y secretary, ha.

3:00 Update: Obama also making 3 recess appointments to NLRB.

1:15  Des Moines Register wraps up week of OWS caucus events, tallies 61 arrests, protester say mission accomplished.

12:25  Video of arrests at Global Rev HQ yesterday:

 12:20 Matt Taibbi on Sam Seder’s show today:  "Politics is now more about 99% vs 1% + the Republican sideshow feels like an intramural contest of the 1%."  (h/t Jeff Smiith)…. Dave Zirin:  high school band plays "Union Maid" — at Rose Bowl parade.

11:45  Chris Hayes tweets: "I’m starting to think we’re going to see an actual economic recovery in 2012."

11:40 Bachmann quits but Perry stays in–apparently he could not think of a 3rd reason to get out.

10:45 Obama finally stands up, according to reports, will make recess appointment of Cordray, GOPers sure to produce shit storm.  BTW, Obama recess appointments lag far, far behind Bush and others.

10:15  @Bbedway tweets:  "How 1% lives: Don’t miss J Lanchester’s wicked short story in The NYer: banker panics at life w/o Xmas bonus."

9:45  Occupy Detroit fights back for homeowner vs. BOA (video).

9:35  Half of the world’s richest one percent are Americans….. Romney’s romance with Wall Street analyzed.

9:20  Andy Borowitz tweets:  "BREAKING: Romney Jubilant After Finishing in Dead Heat with Walking Joke in Sweater Vest." 

8:55 Carne Ross tweets:  "Another great meeting of Occupy’s alternative banking gp (NYC) last nite; now renamed The Occupy Bank working group."

From late Tuesday

11:20  The Atlantic covers arrest of Global Rev media team.

9:20 Protester in NY arrested on New Year’s Eve charged with felony for cutting hand of cop.

7:55 I’m also live-blogging the Iowa caucus tonight.

7:40  OWS folks in NY meeting for GA in "public" space at 100 Williams St with much cop presence and possible showdown coming.