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10:30  Just got this note from the wonderful Amanda Henk on the Tucson "book bombing" action: "I’m writing as one of the People’s Librarians of Occupy Wall Street to request your assistance in an action we are planning. As you may have heard the Tucson Unified School District has disbanded their Mexican-American Studies program. You can read more about the issue here. As part of that disbanding, the district has removed a number of books from the classrooms and forbidden teachers to place the books in the classroom. The district claims that there are sufficient copies available in the school libraries, however the evidence suggests otherwise.

"This is where we come in: acting in solidarity with Occupy Tucson and other groups in the area we are planning to raise as much money as we can to supply as many of the banned books as possible to the students, teachers, and administrators of the Tucson School Unified School District. We are calling it a book bombing. Our role is to raise as much money and gather as many copies of the banned texts as possible. These will be sent to Tucson where activists on the ground will distribute them. Here is the list of texts removed and that we intend to supply: "Occupied America: A History of Chicanos,"- Rodolfo Acuña.  "Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years."  Bill Bigelow.  "Critical Race Theory,"  Richard Delgado. "Pedagogy of the Oppressed," Paulo Freire.  "Message to AZTLAN,"  Rodolfo Gonzales. "500 Years of Chicano History in Pictures,"  Elizabeth Martinez (ed.).  "Chicano! The History of the Mexican Civil Rights Movement," Arturo Rosales. 

10:00 My book on one of the most influential  "99 Percenters" of all time, Beethoven, just published tonight in e-book edition, with print to come in a week or so.  It’s titled Journeys With Beethoven, and it’s billed as "Beethoven for our time."   Among other things:  Visits Chile and China to show how Beethoven was used in Tiananman Square and against Pinochet, and then how Bill Bragg uses it today.  Co-authored by Kerry Candaele, director of much-anticipated upcoming film, Following the Ninth. 

7:55 Bill Gates calls for higher taxes on rich, "that’s just justice." 

7:40 Adbusters apparently calling for 50,000 to Occupy Chicago for G8 in early May.

5:25 From colleague George Zornick:  D.C. park police to finally start giving citations to Occupyers there.

3:55  Gallup: 49% of Americans say U.S. economic system is unfair– 45% say it’s fair.   62% say U.S. system is fair to them personally.

2:15 Follow progress of the #OWSBus via that hashtag.

2:00 John McCain in conference call to boost Romney instead mainly goes off on Citizens United decision and predicts "major scandal" involving money "washing around."… Romney tells folks that banks are "feeling the same things you’re feeling."  Well, maybe the failed banks….Dems having fun with Mitt reference to his "just an ordinary" Swiss bank account… New polls suggest Newt peaked in Florida, now Romney ties it or leads….

12:35  My Nation colleague Elizabeth Whitman writes this for us: A quarterly poll conducted January 23-23 of 1,209 Bloomberg subscribers who are investors, analysts and traders reveals results that some might find surprising. More than 70 percent believe "the system" is in trouble and less than a quarter of those surveyed said that free enterprise is working as it should. Thirty-two percent said that the system needs a "radical reworking of the rules and regulations."  Half of respondents said that income inequality stifles economic growth. Still, 14 percent did not agree that banks need regulation to prevent them from growing "too big to fail," and American respondents were far less convinced than their Asian and European counterparts that regulation can prevent such a phenomenon.

11:30 Today’s Occupy song pick of the day:  Woody’s "This Land Is Your Land" starring son Arlo, Bono, Springsteen, Emmylou, Taj Mahal, Little Richard (woo!), Mellencamp.

11:25 After arrests of journos related to OWS protests, U.S. tumbles down this freedom index…. Another pro-Occupy music video "People of the World Unite" by Mister Biscuit.

10:50  Todd Gitlin with major piece at the Occupied Wall Street Journal, closes with: "The Occupy movement has been, so far, a seedbed of creativity. Now it needs to amp up its declaration of values."

10:30  From Bloomberg News report on billionaires "occupying" Davos: "Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk wants to talk about income inequality. So does Irish billionaire Denis O’Brien and Indian billionaire Vikas Oberoi."

 10:05 On Daily Show, Eliz Warren said 30 biggest U.S. firms paid more on lobbying than they do on taxes…Josh Harkinson asks via Twitter: "If Obama is so angry at bankers and Wall Street guys, why did he hire so many of them?"

9:45 My piece here at The Nation on Oscar nod for film about hero soldier in WikiLeaks video.

9:00 With barricades down, OWS drops its case re: Zuccotti Park but reserves right to try it again.

8:55 Yes, Mitch Daniels, alleged GOP grownup and moderate, called Obama "pro-poverty" last night.  Perhaps that’s why Bill Kristol hailed him.  Last time Bill fell in love it was with Sarah Palin and he ended up helping make her Veep candidate. 

8:40  Fact of the day: Fastest growing sales at McDonald’s is midnight to 5 am — partly because one in five in U.S. now work partly overnight. … They are even polling views on OWS here in my little hometown, where supporters are (ahem) a little older….

8:30 Ralph Nader on Democracy Now! calls Obama a "political coward" for not even mentioning OWS in speech…. Consumer advocates call for break up of Bank of America.

From late Tuesday

11:15 Jon Stewart on Romney’s tax returns.

11:00 NYT top headlines on site show the success of Occupy to date:  Obama Sets Goal of Bridging Wealth Gap: “I will not go back to the days when Wall Street was allowed to play by its own set of rules.” Putting Middle Class Interests at the Top of His Agenda. Obama Urges Tougher Laws on Financial Fraud:  "President Obama’s State of the Union proposals seek to acknowledge the public frustration that few financial executives were prosecuted after the crisis."

10:00 Protestors gathering outside site of Mitch Daniels’ response to Obama, hitting his union-busting.  Meanwhile, D.C. Occupyers mic-checking their own response to speech at McPherson.

6:15  Big week of Occupy music.  Yesterday we brought you news and a video (still posted way down the page) on a tribute album coming out of London, and now official word on a U.S. "Occupy This Album" compilation featuring everyone from Yoko Ono, Jackson Browne and Crosby and Nash to Joseph Arthur, Tom Morello and Willie Nelson.  Here’s list of other artists:  Aeroplane Pageant, Alex Emmanuel, Black Dragon, Chroma, Cosmonaut,  Dangerfield, Devo, DJ Logic, Dylan Chambers, Global Block, Harry Hayward, Immortal Technique,  Jay Samel, Jennie Arnau, Joel Rafael,  Julie B. Bonnie, Junkyard Empire, Ladytron, Lloyd Cole, Los Cintron, Loudon Wainwright III, Lucinda Williams, Matt Pless, Mike+Ruthy, Mike Rimbaud, Mogwai, My Pet Dragon, Mystic Bowie, Our Lady Peace, Richard Barone, Ronny Elliot, Stephan Said, Taj Weekes, Tao Rodriquez Seeger, the Guthrie Family, the Middle Eight, Third Eye Blind, Thievery Corporation,  Toots and the Maytals, Warren Haynes, and Yo La Tengo.

6:10 Hhmmmm….interesting tweet from fabled livestreamer Tim Pool: "Simply because you have not been privy to discussion from working groups does not mean people are not talking about dissolving GA."

6:00 Today’s Occupy song of the day, it’s Pearl Jam joining Neil Young to rock in the free world.