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11:15  I’ve touted upcoming Springsteen "WeTake Of Our Own" single and album in couple items below.  Single on sale tomorrow but NOW here it is for you, go here.  "From the shotgun shack to the Superdome…We  take care of our own / whereever this flag has flown."

10:00 Law and Order SUV episode featuring OWS starting now, I believe.

9:05  Maddow with startling roll call of SOPA backers who switched now–calling it perhaps biggest one-day result for a protest ever.  Or maybe Jim DeMint et al are just big Wikipedia users or Wired fans.  BoingBoing?

8:35 Boston Globe on Bill McKibben as the man who halted Keystone XL pipeline.

8:05 Stephen Colbert says he will be campaigning in S. Carolina on Friday with….Herman Cain….Now ABC says interview with Gingrich’s ex-wife may air Thursday night BEFORE primary. 

5:00 Given my Springsteen history I’ve been keeping tabs here on upcoming Springsteen album (most recently down below today), which is said to be "angry" and with social issue themes, in part. Now comes word that the first single will be released for e-purchase tomorrow and the title sounds OWS friendly: "We Take Care of Our Own."   That’s the cover for it at left, but beyond that, no details. Oh, it’s 3:54 in length.

4:30  ABC:  Romney parking some money in the Caymans to save of taxes.

2:55 In picking president this year, poll confirms jobs and economy trump everything…Blackstone Greed, or private equity tax shifting, here at The Nation.

2:10 Fun new chant reported at SOPA protest in Times Square now: "The users, united, will never be deleted."

1:00 Jeff Smith, longtime Occupyer and a media contact for OWS in NY, went to D.C. a few days ago to take strong part in the OccupyCongress prep and the actions yesterday.  Today he writes an important piece at Daily Beast on his reaction.  The turnout was more modest than they hoped, as was official response in D.C., which seems immune to this sort of activism.  He concludes that sticking to focus in NY is proper for it is Wall Street, not Congress, that really calls the tune.

12:55 Univ of Calif Regents meeting to discuss "pending" or ongoing "litigation" growing of the UC-Davis and UC-Berkeley police actions vs. Occupyers.

12:20  Livestream of anti-SOPA protest about to start outside NY offices of Senators Schumer and Gillibrand.

11:15 Another win:  U.S. to announce it will NOT go ahead with Keystone XL.

10:30 Big Chicago protest at Mayor Rahm’s office today…Nancy Pelosi refers to OWS as "The Occupy."

10:20  Jamison Foser: "ONE DAY ONLY: Fox News has more facts than a random Wikipedia page."

9:45 More on upcoming Springsteen album, previously described as "angry" and with lot of OWS-type focus on economic crisis:  Rolling Stone reports Tom Morello will be on it and that it combines Bruce’s "classic" sounds with elements of his Pete Seeger tribute.  According to manager Jon Landau, the record has "social overtones" – although it was largely written before Occupy Wall Street began and doesn’t directly address the movement. The LP also has a "very pronounced spiritual dimension," adds Landau. "It extends and deepens the vision that has animated all of Bruce’s work."

9:30  Michael Hastings, who has new book out about the folly of Afghanistan, out with Rolling Stone interview with Julian Assange. More on his battle with NYT among other topics.

8:45 Live-blog at The Guardian today on big court decision on Occupy London….. Big doings at OccupySyracuse this morning involving mayor.

8:30 In my latest offering of one of my e-books FREE, for one day only, today it’s "Why Obama Won–and Lessons for 2012."  It’s also out in print.

8:15 Krugman in blog post joins those who doubt Romney even paid 15% in taxes, calls for full release of returns, and shows that the low tax rate is not unusual.

8:00 When I hear "black out" today I keep thinking it’s a report on top priority of Republicans in S. Carolina. 

7:30  Longtime OWS-activist out in Bay Area, Susie Cagle, tweets today after action vs. Oakland City Council:: "OccupyCongress didn’t make sense to me at this point in mvmnt. I think its main strength is decentralization and local accessibility….Occupying local gov’ts seems more in line with what has done so far. Will be interesting to see if that takes hold."

12:30  Mentioned this earlier but now confirmed by Amarillo paper: driver of Greyhound bus who booted off 13 Occupyers from San Diego on the way to D.C. has been suspended while a probe continues.   Greyhound officials are reviewing audio tape as part of their investigation into the incident Saturday night.  "The driver complained to police about the protesters, but one protester said the driver behaved rudely toward them because of their clothing and protest signs." 

12:05  Wikipedia shuts down in protest for day, Google blacks out its name in most spots, more.

Late Tuesday

Claim tonight: Greyhound bus driver who booted those 13 OWSers off his rig  in Amarillo has been fired.  

 White House rally over.  Reuters: Secret Service spokesman says White House locked down; authorities investigating smoke bomb tossed over fenc.  But very few other incidents and police used restraint.  Activists rewarded with 150 free pizzas, including vegan, from aa single donor. 

March at White House now,  good livestream below.   Wash Post’s Tim Craig tweets:  "Secret Service moves in on someone who climbed to top of White House fence. Seem they are warning, not arresting ma." Chants of "Obama beware, Occupy is everywhere."  Also "Obama, come out, we’ve got some things to talk about."

A  Q &  A here at The Nation with the NYU prof who is launching an Occupy course.

From Elizabeth Whitman: The AP reports that an Idaho bill to forbid camping on the state’s Capitol Mall and state property may be discussed Wednesday. Dean Gunderson of Occupy Boise, however, worries that the bill would limit Occupy Boise’s right to free speech, as its members have erected tents on state-managed land since November.

Massive numbers of signatures turned in for Walker recall in Wisconsin, over a million, or 46% of voters.