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7:00  Creator of "V fof Vendetta" says he’s "touched" by OWS.

6:35 New Robert Reich column on The Bain of Capitalism. "The party that has repeatedly saved capitalism from its own excesses and thereby preserved capitalism is the Democratic Party. So the only serious question here is what kind of serious reforms Obama will propose when, assuming Romney becomes the Republican nominee, Obama also criticizes Bain Capitalism."  And there’s pushing from the left, via a mass movement:

5:30 Miracles do happen: Oakland cops demoted, suspended for covering name tags during OWS protests…. Hundreds of OWS trials may be consolidated…

4:05  More on Bill Moyers’  just-in-time return.…   My view: Romney meant to say "I like firing corporations." And did. Well, they ARE people, right?

3:20  Barricades still down at Zuccotti Park, library and people back, but no-sleeping ban still in effect and could be more arrests tonight…. Orlando police release protester–after more than two weeks–and drop charges (he was arrested twice for writing with chalk on sidewalks). 

3:15  That PAC helping Gingrich has posted its full documentary vs. Romney and Bain….Nick Kristof of NYT wants to develop a "humanitarian" Farmville type game for Facebook.

1:55 Latest on OccupyPittsburgh vs. BNY Mellon.

1:10  Just got email from non-European socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, asking for support for taking on Citizens United,  with DailyKos also on board….If you need to catch up with Jacob Lew, who is replacing horrid Bill Daley as Obama’s chief of staff–may not please too many Occupyers.

12:40 Important new piece at Wash Monthly on the "myth" of still-strong American "productivity."  Dems and GOPers alike hail it but figures that back them may be flawed.

12:35 Today’s song pick for OWS, a daily feature since October 1:  "Homeless" by Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazzo.

12:10  WSJ:  Percentage of U.S. businesses paying no federal income tax has soared from 24% to 69%.  Yet GOP only hits individuals who do not pay.

11:40  Pictures of the return to Zuccotti now up at The Atlantic site….OccupyChicago protests native son Obama….

11:35 Could Ron Paul be the next Ralph Nader, run as 3rd party candidate and cost GOP election?  Probably would easily top Nader’s vote total.

10:40 Article and video on director of new OWS film debuting tonight (see below) Kevin Breslin.  And yes he is son of Jimmy.

9:45 Reuter: Bank of America, others, being probed over home insurance.

9:35 Bill Moyers on Colbert last night, hitting Citizens United and corporate influence in politics.  He is about to return to PBS, thank god.

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9:00 Beyond, and in contrast to, the below action: an OccupyFashion "runway shows" on Jan. 28 protesting police violence…. New Statesman publishes list of 22 top U.S. "progressives."  Includes Stephen Colbert…. "While We Watch" OWS movie premiere and panel today at Paley Center, 5 pm…..Like old times: 2 arrests at Zuccotti last night.

8:45 I just received early word on what OWS calls "biggest action of year" so far in NYC, and featuring singers Patti Smith and Steve Earle.   From the press release:  "Religious leaders, artists, and members of the Occupy movement will unite globally on January 15th, 2012 to honor the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.  At 6:30 pm hundreds of Occupy Wall Street activists will assemble on the steps of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and at 7:00  pm begin a massive candlelight march to nearby Riverside Church.  The group will join additional feeder marches and members of the community at Riverside Church for a massive candle light vigil and celebration renewing King’s message of peace, justice and equality for all regardless of race or economic class. 

"The action, expected to be the largest of the new year, will culminate in an assembly featuring performances and speak-outs from artists, celebrities, religious leaders and activists.  Performances by Patti Smith, Steve Earle, Stephan Said and Kozza Olantunji as well as many more will complement the inspirational words of Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Yoko Ono, Russell Simmons, Reverend Stephen H. Phelps, Daisey Kahn, Norman Siegel, Sumumba Sobukwe and Malik Rhasaan.’“Poverty, an issue to which King showed increased focus in the years just before his death, finds its way into the darkest chapters in American History.   Dr. King sought to shine a light into those dark chapters of war, repression and racism, our candles symbolize that light,’ says Abigail Keegan of Occupy Wall Street." For more information about the January 15th action visit

12:05  People at re-occupied Zuccotti Park debating where to spend the night (still illegal), maybe do a "lie-in."

From late Tuesday

Jon Stewart latest to call Newt Gingrich acting like "Occupy Wall St." candidate now.  Insulting but, okay, it’s a comedy show.

Party continuing at Zuccotti.  Here’s mainstream report on re-occupation.

Wow, barricades have finally come down at Zuccotti Park and there’s a rumor that it’s due to an ACLU lawsuit…. People’s Library returns there amid celebrations.  How long will it all last? Livestream:

Rosie Gray at BuzzFeed breaks news about Occupy hiring an accountant (at last?).  Donations down but still lots of money on hand… A look at big protests January 20 in Bay Area under OWS umbrella.

Today’s song pick for Occupyers, a daily feature since Oct. 1:  a brand new and clever global anthem:

Our "travelin’ man" Bob Plain arrives in Tucson and catches us up on that amazing doings there, five camps and 800 arrests citations later (2nd in the USA to Occupy in NY)…..big auction foreclosure action planned by OccupyLA on Friday morning…