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9:25 NYT news alert:  "States Reach $25 Billion Deal With Banks Over Foreclosure Abuses"

8:00 Matt Taibbi rips that NY magazine cover story on Wall Street "emasculated" by Obama and OWS.  Says "stop whining" and reporter Gabe Sherman bought it.  "Listening to Wall Street whine about how it is misunderstood is nothing new. It’s been going on for years (often in that same mag). But if Sherman’s piece heralds a new era of Wall Street complaining about how it is not only misunderstood but undercompensated, you’ll have to excuse me while I spend the next month or so vomiting into my shoes."

7:45  Following up again:  NYT story on couple without heat inspires $100,000 in donations, more…… Susie Cagle points to this brief  audio interview with an original Oakland protester.   What happened to protesting banks?

4:20  For our daily Occupy song pick of the day last week we featured Beatles’ live electric version of "Revolution," rare enough but now here is true rarity: an unplugged acoustic version (audio only).   Timed to the great current debate over militant tactics.

2:30  Susie Cagle responds to Chris Hedges, adding that compared to the rest of USA, OccupyOakland is "still on fire."  Not literally!

1:40  Next big @OccupyColleges actions:  Teach-ins Feb. 21-22, more here.

1:35 Chris Hedges and local Occupy Oakland guy debate tactics on KPFA now, listen online. It was taped so they run it for awhile, make a funding appeal, then return to it.  One question seems to be:  Yes, core activists not getting turned off or bummed out by media coverage –but what about the thousands who now don’t join in?

12:00  Big action set for tomorrow at 10 am at the new Apple store inside Grand Central in NY — as activists deliver there petitions signed by 250,000 protesting working conditions at the China plants. had a lot to do with the campaign.  Here’s their link and tally.  Plus: "More than 55,000 SumOfUs members have signed that organization’s petition already, making it the most viral petition since SumOfUs, a new global grassroots community of consumers fighting for corporate accountability, launched just over two months ago. More than 35,000 of the petition signers say they buy Apple products, including over 20,000 iPhone users."

11:30 Alternet says it is expanding coverage of labor and workers’ rights.

10:35 Allison Kilkenny: As the "left" bickers, Occupy evictions continue. "The discontentment with Occupy on the left appears to be growing. In an interview I did yesterday with The Young Turks yesterday, host Cenk Uygur expressed similar frustration with the movement that stubbornly refuses to engage within the political system. Let me be clear: this aggrevation on the left is not new, but it seems prominent liberal players feel a renewed sense of confidence that they will not be booed mercilessly by their audiences if they take Occupy to task."  Question that needs to be asked: What happened to the tens of thouisands who once joined in marches in Oakland and New York?  And why?

10:30 Gabe Sherman’s cover story at New York mag cites OWS influence: "The Emasculation of Wall Street."  One wonders if that shift is true and long-lasting, though.

10:00 The hypocrisy, it burns:  GOP candidates slam Democrats’ alleged "class war," but Santorum now hits Obama for thinking he’s "smarter" or "better" than you, Gingrich hits the "elite" White House media, Romney claims poor folks need little help.

9:35 $6 billion for a nuke-building shed

8:50 Thought I was hearing and seeing things last night when big money man standing behind Santorum on victory stage was IDed as one Foster Friess.   For those who don’t know (meaning, nearly all of you):  the drive-in eatery Foster’s Freeze in California was the Wilson kids (of Beach Boys fame) home away from home in California and helped inspire their songs. Foster Friess, a stock picked, has put millions into Tucker Carlson’s site Daily Caller.

8:45 Stat of the day from NYT:  Of 14,000 murders in USA last year not a single one was atrributable to "Islamic extremism."

8:15  The Susan Komen brand ruins, by Jon Friedman…. More from the "whistleblowing" military officer on Afghanistan….Jon Alter on MSNBC:  massive funding by Koch brothers and other multi-millionaires for GOP represents threat of true "oligarchy" taking over America.

8:00 Santorum got his sweep. As I predicted last night, wide use of RICK ROLLING or RICK ROLLS as headline today, including at Drudge…. Another brilliant night for Newt, the political pundits–and the 1%. Romney gets glitter bombed.

7:55 For years, I’ve never done much of anything at Facebook, but started a bigger effort there yesterday, if you want to look for me there.

From late Tuesday

Big Santorum wins in Minnesota and Missouri, horrendous Romney showing in both, surprisingly tight race in Colorado.  David Gergen on CNN says "Santorum is ripening."  In his speech, Santorum says he does not "care about the 99%," though adding, "I care about the 100%."

Rep. Tom Tancredo on Hardball admits economy may NOT be so much of issue in Nov. so it may be race against "Obama and Zuccotti Park" people.

Mitt Romney remakes the Clint Eastwood halftime Super Bowl commercial.

Gawker:  Giants Fans Occupy Zuccotti Park — Demands Unknown. "The crowd of peaceful, if slightly-scruffy demonstrators have no unified message, outside of a vague sense of elation over their team’s victory in the world’s most hyper-capitalist sporting event. Many, we assume, are unemployed."

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the Gregory Brothers help ACLU make fun and musical video on folks having the right to take photos and videos in public places (and at protests etc.)  "Transparency is good for all….to monitor the government….Police infringing on First Amendment rights."  Song sounds a blt like 1970s Kinks.


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