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4:15 Students and alumni suing UC-Davis over pepper spray incident.

4:10  Close to home:  in my home "well off"  county, thousands face foreclosure.

2:15  Tucker Carlson calls for total "annihilation" of Iran (which has 74 million people). Only qualm: possible hike in energy prices.  Amid drumbeat for war, see my book on the media and Iraq, aptly titled "So Wrong for So Long."

1:35 Today’s song pick of the day for Occupy:  "Land of Hope and Dreams" is on upcoming Springsteen album but he’s done it live for awhile, and here’s a good quality video from Barcelona:

1:05 Here at The Nation:  Why does the media hit violence at OWS protests — but not by banks?  

12:25  I predicted Santorum’s rise and now I will forecast his coming decline–even in today’s GOP there are another pragmatists to judge that he is a true radical and dangerous–to their party, that is.  So I would guess his primary showings over the next couple weeks will be below current expectations, overall.

12:05 New video claims to ID cop who fire weapon that led to Scott Olsen’s injuries in Oakland.

11:50  Truthout reprints OccupiedChicagoTrib piece on Chicago teachers and "reform."….

11:00 From my colleague Elizabeth Whitman:  "The AP reports that the governor of Idaho has signed legislation that requires Occupy Boise protesters, camped out on state land near the Capitol, to pack up and leave by Monday at 5 pm. The legislation, while not explicitly aimed at Occupy, bans camping on state-managed land and was introduced during mid-January, while Occupy Boise has been camping out for more than three months."

10:20  From Tikkun, Oakland cops trained by Israelis and Bahrain before OWS protests….

10:10  Colbert says he’s now using Super PAC to welcome Obama to the "green side"…. that’s green as in money, not the environment…. Yeah, Obama sang against at White House blues fest last night but I am still waiting for him to do "Roadrunner" with Bill Clinton on sax.

9:15 Email to me from Occupy activists in L.A.:  "Members of the Occupy L.A. movement throw their support behind the Acosta family of Rowland Heights, who face possible eviction today due to a wrongful foreclosure.  In a last-minute attempt to save his family home, Eduardo Acosta contacted Occupy Long Beach Monday asking for help, after the Sheriff had posted an eviction notice effective Tuesday. This morning, an Occupy L.A. group called Occupy Fights Foreclosures (OFF), has issued a call asking supporters to assemble at the Acosta house.
"In a judgment earlier this year, the Acosta family won their case due to fraudulent foreclosure paperwork. The judge ruled in that case that Green Century Investment Group / IndyMac did not have legal standing to evict the family or foreclose on the house. The banks simply waited a month and five days and sent another eviction notice.  ‘It’s been stressful since we got the letter,’said Eduardo Acosta. ‘We couldn’t sleep. We were up late hours thinking, what are we going to do with our family?’
"Occupy activists rally in support of Acosta family less than a week after the San Francisco County Recorder released an audit report of foreclosures that shows systematic legal violations and questionable activities on 99% of the files they reviewed."

8:55 Charges dropped against freelance journo in NYC Occupy protest case.

8:15  Something a little different from Chris Hedges:  On love and acts of love.  "To love that which should unite us requires us to believe there is something that connects us all…"…. Springsteen will tease new OWS-friendly album by streaming one cut a day… Frankly, I’ve never heard of her, but Kate Nash has recorded a pro-Occupy song.

From late Tuesday

The Guardian with an animated guide to SuperPacs… Michael Moore gives Maddow a tour (below) of the "two Michigans."

My piece, posted here a few days ago, now up at Huff Post–on how Beethoven calls the tune at global protests.

Occupy vs. ALEC (and we’re not talkiing Baldwin): good full piece with background at Common Dreams.

RJ Eskow:  On the budget, it’s Obama vs. Obama and two competing visions of the future… A little off-topic but Rev. Franklin Graham’s toxic appearance today on Morning Joe already viral.