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9:00 Olbermann with a probe of Breitbart’s list of 17 alleged rape incidents at Occupy sites.  Most bogus, of course.

4:00 Pictures from yesterday’s Occupy Oakland "OccupyLove" march.

3:25 Reuters latest to do piece on What’s Next for Occupy with camps "largely" gone.  BTW, fifty camps do remain, even if most quite small.

2:40  New Poll:  Iran’s nuclear program: US should take military action 17% / Use econ, diplomatic efforts 60% / No action now 22% (CNN.

12:50  Nate Silver in this coming Sunday’s NYT Magazine, now online:  "Why Obama Will Embrace the 99 Percent."  Excerpt: "In recent weeks, Obama has taken a more populist approach (just read the transcript of his State of the Union address). The strategy has induced more howls than usual from Republicans about ‘class warfare,’ but the White House has clearly studied the numbers."  Versus Santorum, however, he might more run on social issues.

12:45 Chomsky on America’s "apocalyptic" imperial strategy. …New crisis in low-income rentals… .Polls: Even Republicans want birth control coverage–as if this is a shocker.

12:40  My new piece here at The Nation on Beethoven "calling the tune" for global protest.  Yes, his music is the soundtrack to demonstrations almost everywhere. Occupyer Number One?

12:05  That Occupy call for May Day "general strike."   Discuss.

10:55  That panel featuring Chris Hedges and critics that I mentioned yesterday set for 6 pm tonignt ET, can watch here.

10:45 I had this yesterday, but here’s another take — via Felix Salmon — on the very strong, and in part entertaining, 325-blast from OccupyTheSEC.

10:25  HA.  Gov. Walker cancels meeting with Obama in Wisconsin–claims he has the flu.  Twenty-four hour variety, no doubt….   If price-at-pump soars (as now seems likely) due to Obama’s Iran policy then his re-election chances take big hit.

9:50  New from Matt Taibbi on, yes, Lloyd Blankfein… We had this yesterday but if you missed here’s MoJo take, with video, on the OWS-Tea Party "beer summit" at CPAC.

9:00  Occupy protestors help vet in LA keep home.    More plus video here.

8:30  Anniversary of Wisconsin revolt today…. Obama to meet Gov.Walker in Wisconsin….  Consumers may face alltime high gas prices by Memortial Day… More on Occupation Records in London and challenge to music industry.

8:00  Enjoy that hit on Fox’s Liz Trotta on "The Daily Show" last night? A few years ago she had seemed to advocate assassination of Obama on the air, then claimed it was just a "joke." Naturally, Fox kept  her.

From late Tuesday

Olbermann on Breitbart’s rant vs. Occupyers.

Berkeley cop cleared in breaking finger of student protesting tuition hikes….OccupyPortraits funding appeal at KickStarter for Annie Appel, whose work we have linked to often here.

From my asst. Elizabeth Whitman:  The right-wing Heartland Institute, funded by the Koch brothers as well as top corporations, will develop curriculum that will teach children in elementary school that man-made climate change is a "major scientific controversy." A senior fellow at the institute told ThinkProgress Green, "We are concerned that schools are teaching climate change issues in a manner that is not consistent with sound science and that is designed to lead students to the erroneous belief that humans are causing a global warming crisis. We hope that our efforts will restore sound science to climate change education and discourage the political propaganda that too often passes as ‘education’."

Occupy protestor allegedly tased at Santorum event….Fun photo promoting this afternoon’s Times Sq "kiss in."

Was certain I was on politics page when I saw this headline  on NYT sports page today: "Trying to Win a Campaign With Money and Nice Hair." On dog show…. Message of new Romney op-ed: Let Detroit go Bankrupt?…. Alternet:  Breitbart’s viral rant at OWSers, now "contextualized." …. Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: Money Throws Democracy Overboard.

Joe Caramanica in NYT today charges that Bruce’s new "We Take Care of Our Own" song "mistakes jingoism for empathy." Simplistic misreading?