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11:00 Waiting for Arlo Guthrie to re-make his dad’s song as "Self-Deportees."

8:45 Josh Harkinson:  Occupy Oakland focus more anti-cop than anti-corp? 

7:30 Laughable, but is anyone laughing?  Over 400 arrests in Oakland the other night lead to exactly….12 charges. NBC: "It appears that the mass arrest — the biggest in the Easy Bay since 1982, when 1,200 people were taken into custody during an anti-nuclear demonstration — will do very little to dampen revolutionary spirits: a reading of a list of 90 names of those arrested who will not be charged was punctuated by a call of f*** the police, the Bay Citizen reported."

6:05  Andy Borowitz tweets: "Romney: ‘I’m not concerned about the very poor. They’re all working at my house.’"

5:10  NYT and other news orgs have some questions for police about handling of journos at protests….High School students walk out and marchee to Union Sq today in NYC…. Occupy Detroit saves home of couple facing eviction… Bill Moyers talks to former CitiGroup head.

4:15 He’s baaaack: Interview with Bill Ayers, you know the former "terrorist" that Obama "hobnobbed" with.

4:00 Former top N.C. newspaper editor @JohnRobinson: "Sigh. I asked my college class what happened 52 years ago today. None knew. In fact, only one recognized the term ‘Greensboro sit-ins.’"

3:15  Oakland arrestees claim brutal treatment in jail.

2:55   My new book on Beethoven’s influence today–including politically and re: Occupy–just out this morning in print edition, was available in various e-book editions a few days ago.  Co-authored by Kerry Candaele and linked to his great upcoming Beethoven as universal hero film. Below Beethoven rocks the biggest Occupy-related rally of the year — over half a million in Madrid.

12:55 Josh Fox, who directed the award-winning and popular doc "Gasland" was arrested, and handcuffed, today at a House hearing in fracking.  Story and photo here.  Naturally, he was just trying to film.  "I’m within my First Amendment rights, and I’m being taken out," Fox shouted as he was led away.

12:40  Occupy in a global and social network framework, by writer from the Ukraine.

12:05 Former "sheriff of Wall St.," Eliot Spitzer, chats with OWSers.

11:30  Today’s song pick for Occupy, a daily feature since Oct.1:  Timed to hot debate over OWS "nonviolence," it’s the Beatles "Revolution," where John on "destruction" sang "count me out…in…out."    (h/t Julia) Recently uncovered live version:

10:50  Now Christan Science Monitor with a piece on the Occupy "violence" debate, plus video.

10:25 More on new and now viral Romney quote about not caring about the poor.  Of course, GOP not worried because trying to disenfranchise poor at the polls now… #RobertKeiner: "Biggest story today: Crossroads’ c-4 raised more than its Super PAC. Confirming that media is missing the boat by focusing on Super PACs."

10:05 Our regular correspondent Bob Plain, who has traveled to dozens of OWS sites, on Occupy 2.0: fewer protests, more community outreach.

8:30  Major MSNBC piece on the new conflict over strreamers as "snitches," highlighted by assault on Tim Pool the other night.  Tim says, "I probably will get severely injured in these next coming months….I pretty much expect to wind up in the hospital. The threats I’m hearing, with words like ‘protection’ in them, sound awfully Mafioso."

8:20  Big flap today over Romney on CNN saying "I’m not concerned about the very poor," then indicating that we’ll surely hear from the Dems about them.

8:15 Debate on non-violent OWS continue to rage.  Official OWS feed from NY tweets: "Important Issue facing OWS right now. We are a non-violent movement. Stand Strong with MLK, Gandhi, Steve Biko & others." And links to video showing "Black Bloc" violence in Oakland…. 3 arrests, we heard, in Miami eviction last nignt.

8:10  @MichaelLuo of NYT:  "More than 80% of Romney super-PAC contribs came in 100K or more checks. That’s efficiency." Later: "Eye-popping stats on pro-Romney PAC: 97% of its $ came in 25K or greater contribs; 82% 100K or more; 40% in 500K or more."

12:00 Our own Katrina’s Wash Post column: "Time to Run for Office, 99 Percenters."   I wiill not run, but will accept a draft.

From late Tuesday

Elsewhere in Florida…livestream from Miami, where camp facing eviction now, warning that lethal weapons could be used.


From our colleague Elizabeth Whitman:  Arturo de los Santos, a California homeowner whose house was foreclosed on in June, appeared on Democracy Now! today.   With the help of Occupy Riverside, he managed to re-occupy his house, but now is facing eviction for a second time. He shares his experience and Jesse Eisinger, who co-authored an investigative story on how Freddie Mac bet against homeowners, relates it to the experience of other homeowners and to the information he discovered in his story.

Finally updated my personal blog, on request, to include all of my recent books, and older ones, new videos, links.

CNN’s Erickson on the incident this week in D.C. camp: "Watching a hIppie protester get tased just made my day."

Tina DuPuy at Alternet: Why OWS needs to denounce violent tactics used by some at OccupyOakland. Growing debate…..Dean Baker, contra David Brooks today, notes giant income gains have indeed gone to top 1 percent not Dave’s more general top tier…. Sen. Sherrod Brown introduces bill to prevent Congress folks from owning stock in companies they legislate.  Not true already??

If police pull down Tent of Dreams (left) in D.C. will it be a Tarp Bail Out?…. MoJo chart:  Wall St. donors blow all others away.   Occupied BY Wall Street….