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10:30  Livestream: big protest in SF after eviction,ambulance just arrived:


 9:05  At least 11 arrested so far tonight outside U.S. Sup Court in protest vs. Citizens United ruling…. Cool photo earlier of "lie-in" — that is Wash Post reporter Tim Craig counting the bodies.

8:35  OWSers crash Gingrich fundraiser at posh D.C. hotel, gets pretty wild:

7:45 Earlier today we reported Time magazine picked rise of Occupy as #1 U.S. news story of the year.  Now comes word that NPR word guy names Occupy "word of the year."  Story and audio here. "So why not make ‘the 99 percent’ itself the word of the year? Well, for one thing, occupy is that rare linguistic phenomenon, a word that bubbles up out of nowhere and actually helps to create the very thing it names. And anyway, the 99 percent ‘ wouldn’t be part of our political discussions if occupy hadn’t gotten there first."

5:55 Roger Ebert finally weighs in on Occupy.  Give it a thumb up, and the other thumb down Says he backs it, like most populist movement, but has severe qualms about tactics, such as the camps, noting that Saul Alinsky would "tear his hair out" over that.  "Successful as it has been, the Occupy Movement should be much larger and encompass more different kinds of people. By its radical tactics, it has seemed exclusionary. Everyone should feel invited to join."  Is "radical" really the right word, Rog?

5:50  Rep. Joe "Deadbeat Dad" Walsh just tweeted:  "My office was invaded by the Occupy Protesters today & all I saw were $1000 laptops & vomit on the carpet. Thank God for Febreze."  Joe: "take it easy."

5:35  Police arrest 12 in D.C. "take back" protests…. "Ten bombshells’ from the judge’s ruling against OccupyBoston… Michele Bachmann calls OWS Obama’s "re-election team"… Home occupied in Riverside, Ca.

5:25 Robert Reich calls Obama’s OWS-influenced speech yesterday most important on the economy since he went to White House….We hear that the venerable (to be kind) Chicago Tribune to become the latest occupied newspaper….

5:20 Back from NY and birthday lunch with friend and co-author Riobert Jay Lifton and my wife.  Catching up.  Justin Elliot of Salon just tweeted:  "B of A statement on leaked internal email detailing response to Occupy Our Homes: ‘This is standard operating procedure.’"  His story.

1:25 I am  pleased to announce that the favorite of all the books I’ve written has just appeared this morning for FIRST TIME in e-book edition, and it is extremely relevant for OWS today — as I noted in my piece recently at OccupyWriters.  It even won a major award back in 1993.  "The Campaign of the Century" explores author and socialist Upton Sinclair’s face for governor of California in 1934 — leading one of the greatest mass movements in U.S. history, known as EPIC — End Poverty in California.  After SInclair swept the Democratic primary, the moneyed forces had to go out and invent the modern political campaign as we know it, including the first use of the screen for "attack ads."  Here’s link for more, and video trailer below.

12:20  Amazing: Time magazine today picked OWS protests as the NUMBER ONE U.S. news story of 2011, and even carries photo of the pepper-spraying cop to illustrate it. This was the editors’ pick, not reader poll.  Note, however, the rather weak write-up — and suggestion it will only matter if it plays a role in race for White House.

11:55 Important new Joseph Stiglitz piece in Vanity Fair on lessons of the Great Depression — and how we can avoid similar plunge in dire years ahead. … Story and video here at The Nation on occupying office of Sen. Scott Brown.

11:45 Writer for "The Family Guy" pens account of his arrest last week in LA raid–and horrible aftermath. " I stood as instructed, and then I had my arms wrenched behind my back, and an officer hyperextended my wrists into my inner arms. It was super violent, it hurt really really bad, and he was doing it on purpose. When I involuntarily recoiled from the pain, the LAPD officer threw me face-first to the pavement. He had my hands behind my back, so I landed right on my face. The officer dropped with his knee on my back and ground my face into the pavement. It really, really hurt and my face started bleeding."  And more.

11:40  Great new video from inside house in NY seized, opened,  by OWS yesterday…. Follow @JoshHarkinson of Mother Jones for reports on D.C. actions today, blocking a building right now.

11:30 Today’s song pick for OWS and fans: With Thom Yorke playing an OWS event in London and promisiing album (see below), how about some Radiohead?

 11:20  San Fran mayor just released statement on overnight raid….L.A. Times counts 70 arrests in its piece.  Amazing since so few in park at time…. USAToday with pretty good wrap on yesterday Occupy Homes actions.

11:15  39 years ago today I met future left-politico Bruce Springsteen — at Sing Sing prison.  Then helped write first major piece about him.  My shocking video here!

10:35 Michelle Shocked, cool singer/songwriter, talks about her arrest in LA raid last week in video, and vow to take it to Supreme Court, starts about 4:30 in.

10:00  Micheal Moore: The Winter of Our Occupation. … My hometown guy, Jonathan Demme, hosting night of Occupy film shorts at great film center that I belong to in Pleasantville, NY, next Monday, the Jacob Burns Center.

9:30 The Guardian covers in a video the event we mentioned yesteday — Thom Yorke and Massive Attack playing OWS "Christmas Party."  And their story here has all the background, including news of a pay-what-you-want album coming out of it– on the "Occupation Records" label!  Yorke, you may remember, had to cancel a Radiohead gig at Zuccotti Park early on when crowds grew too big.  Organizer on the CD: "Money would be distributed to the UK Occupy movement and to encampments around the world."

9:10 A few mainstream reports on big overnight raid and eviction of SF camp (livestream below may be ended now), with dozens of arrests:  a chronology here,  AP here.   SF Chronicle apparently asleep at wheel. More than 50 arrests no major violence.   Activists set noon rally at site and vow to re-occupy. 

8:55  NYT on event I spoke at last night at Bowery Hotel in NYC, 500 there, "bold-faced names."  TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone (fresh from another Colbert appearance)  performed at party, and now says he is doing OWS album.

8:40 Will you still need me, will you still feed me?

8:30  Bill Moyers in Slate on big factor in income inequality…. "Robin Hood Tax" on financial transactions gaining traction.… Joe Lieberman meets with protesters after office occupied…

8:15  Surprise police raid at San Fran camp, mission accomplished, possessions trashed after brief warning  reporters and others reportedly arrested, livestream:

 8:10  Good wrap-up in SF Chronicle on yesterday’s Occupy Our Homes actions in California.

8:05 Amazing:  My new Occupy e-book now updated to cover events up to this past Monday   The wonders of modern e-publishing!  Can purchase "40 Days That Shook the World"  for just $2.99, with 50 cents of each going to OWS.  For KIndle but also for all phones, iPads, PCs and Macs, via apps.

8:00  Occupy makea brief appearances on "The Good Wife" this week….Occupy Toledo to protest every week against city’s ban on signs during council meetings.

12:15 Just back from NYC, need to catch up.  I my talk I mentioned I had just seen on the street nearby someone had put "99%" in their apt window — over a Chase — with Xmas lights.  Someone at party, Julia Frakes, later took photo and sent to me.

From Thursday

4:55  Leaving in a few minutes for NYC–speaking to a youngish "downtown" crowd on OWS panel at the Bowery Hotel, and no tickets, as they have 700 RSVPs for 500 capacity, they tell me. 

4:10 Thom Yorke, Massive Attack doing show for OWS now from secret location in London, here is livestream but sound has been bad.

3:40 Mother Jones take on Obama speech: he has "met" OWS.  Total shift in his emphasis and words in past three months.  And ready for 2012 at last…. Boston camp gets court order to live another day, or more…

3:10 Just got this email from OWS "press" team on one part of NY actions (see below):  "The tour ended at an empty home foreclosed on by Bank of America that is being liberated for the homeless family after being abandoned for three years. The father, Alfredo Carrasquillo, and a clean-up crew have begun occupying it. They are presently making renovations that will allow the mother and her two children to move in. Neighbors and community members are delivering housewarming gifts and holding a spirited block party with food and live music to welcome the new family."

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