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9:55 Protesters arrested at Romney HQ in Iowa.

7:15 Occupy in London says the great Tim Pigott-Smith to take part in reading of Dickens’ "A Christmas Carol" at St. Paul’s  on Friday.  I saw him on stage in London couple years ago and he was also in one of my favorite movies, "Bloody Sunday."  Also "V for Vendetta" and many, many years ago — "The Jewel in the Crown" on PBS.  A good guy / bad guy.

7:10 Frank Rich calls GOP the "Molotov Party."  How far right can they go?  How far ya got?… KickStarter campaign for People’s Library formerly at Zuccotti.

6:05  Here is my video, inspired by my book, on the first use of a screen "attack ad" to destroy a candidate–author Upton Sinclair, who was leading a mass movement against poverty in 1934 and captured the Dem nomination for gov of California.  And my lengthy piece about it all here at The Nation.

3:55 Livestream of Bellingham eviction, w/ riot gear no less in that ultra-peaceful part of the world.  They had little warning, they say.


1:00 Much ado about Mitt Romney’s ties to Wells Fargo.– and apparently some people getting arrested today at Romney and Wells Fargo HQ in Iowa . .. Occupy Bellingham (WA) forced to remove tents.  Occupy Louisville next.

12:10  Councilman in Charlotte, NC (future host for Dem National Convention) compares local Occupy to the KKK.

11:20  I’ve mentioned plans to Occupy the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena on Jan. 2 — singer Michelle Shocked involved, among others — but now comes word of beefed up security! 

10:25 Not that anyone should care, but my Top 13  movie list for the weak year (with only a few late films to see) would include:  Incendies, Of Gods and Men, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Margin Call, Take Shelter, Moneyball,  Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene,  The Artist,  Jane Eyre, There’s Something Wrong With Aunt DianeThe Whistleblower and Contagion.   Missing a documentary or two, to be sure.   Here’s good film for OWS, Margin Call: 

10:20  Here at The NationOccupy Our Food!…..Young Turks say "good riddance" to retiring blue dog Sen. Ben Nelson. … New Occupy camp in WEST Oakland….

8:50  NYT today with wonderful story on Woody Guthrie, who wrote "I Ain’t Got No Home," finally finding a home in his native Oklahoma.  Seems the red-state natives have always been, at best, ambivalent about him but now the Guthrie family has sold his very rich archives to a local wealthy fellow who is creating a full Gutrhie center, plus concerts, and more.  Didn’t know his sister is still alive — and that one of his sons is named Joady.  Story mentions Tom Morello and others doing Guthrie songs at OWS.  Here’s Springsteen with "I Ain’t Got No Home."

8:15   Fox News’ Peter Johnson Jr. compares OWSers to "hoboes, tramps, bums."

8:00 I’ve been giving away free downloads of some of my e-books in the past week or so.  Today it is one of my favorites, "Atomic Cover-up," on the suppression of truths about Hiroshima and Nagasaki and "The Greatest Movie Never Made." 

From Tuesday

My segment on MSNBC with Chuck Todd today now posted (and see item below), to  read more on book or order go here.  My lengthy piece for The Nation here.


Unusual piece by the travelin’ man, Bob Plain, on Occupy in small town Ashland, Oregon.   Have had that OWS instinct before there was an OWS…..Reportedly, Occupy folks in NYC will voting tonight on whether to set aside $100,000 from their funds for future bail outs–that is, bailing out people arrested. 

Another Christmas Eve has passed and does anyone know the fate of John Doe, Occupy hero and potential suicide victim?  Always worth a revisit:

 If you want to help with the foreclosure crisis.  ….Latest on Occupying the Iowa caucuses…..  OccupyLove hums that familiar tune, "We’ve Only Just Begun."…. Justin Elliott of Salon on The Occupiers in Winter — keeping in touch and keeping it going via regular web contacts and conference calling. "It’s immensely valuable to have a place once a week where people come together from across the country and share ideas and their hopes for what the movement can accomplish.”

 If you missed a few days ago, a local — very local — bank up near my old stomping grounds in upstate — way upstate — New York really tries to help people, not profits……Must-read from Newsweek:  How Wall St has destroyed "the wonder that was America." And:  "As 2011 slithers to its end, none of the major problems that led to the crisis point three years ago have really been solved."…   Some Occupy wins, on smaller scale, you may not have heard about….