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10:10  Just got this press release from OWS media team in mail on the "secret" re-occupy day: "On Saturday, December 17th Occupy Wall Street — with support from more than 1400 faith leaders, elders of the civil rights movement, prominent artists and community members — will gather at noon in Duarte Square, downtown Manhattan, for an all day performance event [photo at left from previous action there].  This event is part of a call to re-occupy in the wake of the coordinated attacks and subsequent evictions of occupations across the nation and around the world…

"Canal and 6th Ave is the site of a vacant lot owned by Trinity Real Estate, the corporate arm of Trinity on Wall Street.  Over the past month, since the eviction of Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park) on November 14th, members of the Occupy Wall Street movement with interfaith leaders, elders of the civil rights movement and artists have asked Trinity on Wall Street to do the right thing, and offer sanctuary to the movement in this vacant lot. As Occupy Wall Street supporter Bishop George E. Packard cautions, ‘I have this great worry that this venerable parish will be on the wrong side of history…Think of it as offering hospitality to travelers from our future who bring the message of no injustice, no more.’ 

"In the spirit of Advent, we urge Trinity Church to do the right thing and stand with us on December 17 as we mark the three-month anniversary of the Occupy movement and the one-year anniversary of the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi, which sparked the Arab Spring and a global movement for social justice.Speakers, live music and performances will begin at noon and continue into the night.  All activities will be broadcast live on WBAI."

8:50  Bradley Manning finally getting day in court on Friday.  I wrote the first book about him earlier this year, still accurate and valuable for background.

7:20  Gingrich gets mic-checked in Iowa, sets off ruckus.  Story here, video below in full and here.

6:55 NY folks still saying they will "re-occupy" unnamed site on Saturday… A close look at huge numbers arrested on Brooklyn Bridge on Oct. 1– and how they are fighting and not fighting the charges…. OWS with livestream now of  Q & A with director of new doc (we ran trailer the other day) on OWS Media –who happens to be writer’s Jimmy Breslin’s son.

6:10  John Knefel’s account of his 37 hours in lockup, which ended just this morning.

5:50  Billy Bragg sings Dylan’s "When the Ship Comes In," a kind of OWS fever dream and sometimes credited with inspiring the late-60s chant "the whole is watching."  And here’s Bob doing it himself at the fabled 1963 March on Washington, plus the great "Only a Pawn in Their Game."

4:00 Study: CEO pay went up 27% last year, average worker: not so much (in fact, zero).

3:50 Tom Watson on that Personal Democracy meeting the other night in NY — Tea Party and Occupy.

3:30 Robert Reich, in new video (now being pushed by MoveOn), tells Obama what he has to do to earn "our" support in 2012, and lays out an OWS-type platform.  Says he has to stand "with us" if he wants full support.  If he does "we will give you a mandate" to create real change in 2nd term.

 2:20  Ten things you can do to keep Occupy going, from The Nation… Live Q & A with livestreamer Tim Pool right now at Current TV site.

1:55 Video: mic-checking Chicago Board of Ed.

1:25 It’s a Wonderful Image: Gary Bedard’s hope for an Occupied Bedford Falls (left)……… Yes, my Occupy e-book, "40 Days That Shook the World," still on sale for $2.99.

12:40 New poll: Bloomberg mishandled OWS… folks in NY protesting big Romney fundraiser at Waldorf in a few minutes…

12:00 Great piece in Time package on The Protesters:  Chinese-American physician part of OccupyOakland…. Alternet:  The Ten Greediest Cases at this holiday season.

11:40  At HuffPost:CanOccupy overturn Citizens United? Yes there is hope... From good guy @CarneRoss:  "Excellent meeting of our Occupy Alternative Banking group last night. We are a step closer to a new bank; more soon."

11:10 And Fox News names Pepper Spray Cop as its "Person of the Year." Or surely will.

11:00 Today’s song pick for OWS on day "The Protester" gets dubious Time magazine honor: The Stones, "Street Fight Man," with Occupy images. Still few options for "a poor boy."

10:40  Tim Pool, livestreamer, featured in Time‘s Person of Year package.  Tim also doing a Current TV interview today.

10:35  Announced today:  Occupy The New Hampshire Primary.  Less than month away.From release: "We want to highlight our concerns that the candidates and media ignore. Events include marches, debates, street theater, workshops, and entertainment. Occupy groups in NH and throughout the region are encouraged to reserve a 2-hour block for their own event." 

10:30 Bob Plain, who keeps visiting Occupy sites, checks in with report on Chicago, where they have done well without a longterm camp…..Here’s the web-only portion of Lawrence Lessing on The Daily Show last night.

9:55 As mentioned below, here is Time cover story on The Protester(s).

9:50 Tim Shorrock latest to question OWS closing ports plan and relations with unions…. NYT on same subject here.

9:40  Okay, just back from NYC and taping segment with Chuck Todd (see below) re: this.  Down the hall, Richard Stengel of TIME was announcing "The Protester" as Person of the Year.  More notably,  I got to meet the great Carole King in the Green Room.  She was as nice and as cute as she seems.  Told her I reviewed her pre-"Tapestry" album for Crawdaddy back in 1971, which was ignored by most.  She told I looked "great" (for my age).   Word!

6:35  Heading to NYC to tape MSNBC segment with Chuck Todd for my "The Campaign of the Century" book, see below.  Back by 10 am.

6:30  New York crew that finally emerged from jail early this morning (see items below) say that after they were arrested they waited 11 hours for food–and then it was from McDonald’s.

12:30  New NBC polls finds further erosion in OWS support, with 24% saying they back movement, 68% no. That’s down from 29% support one month or so ago.   Tea Party numbers are 27% yes, 65% no.

12:25 @TheOther99 still tweeting Night Court in NYC, as about 15 OWSers finally get arraigned (see below also).  Just now: : protester just released with no bail. Galley crowd silently shows ‘twinkles’ up. Officer: ‘Put your hands down!’"   John Knefel finally out, tweets: "37 hours w . Plead not guilty. 1st response: See you all on D17. Thanks for all the love everybody. Solidarity forever."

12:10    Stephen Colbert had some fun with OWS invading "Law and Order" fake Zuccotti set. And the police "all you can beat buffet."  Then on to protests vs. Gov. Walker.

12:05 Occupy New Orleans getting evicted tonight, it seems.  Or at least the TV cameras think so.

From late Tuesday

11:30 Lawrence Lessig on The Daily Show on new book on our bought Congress.  Says OWS has undersold its slogan, based on funding campaigns should be saying "We are the 99.75%."  Pushes his rootstrikers idea to get at the root of all our troubles–campaign finance.  Jon Stewart says:  You need better term than "rootstriker."   Interview ran over so whole thing on the web.

11:00  John Knefel, jailed writer / radio host busted for filming police in NY, finally getting hearing now after more than day and a half.  @TheOther99 tweeting it with room packed with OWSers.   Sister Molly on Countdown tonight on police targeting.

9:30 Classic: LAPD moves in on library cleanup crew–thought they were OWS troublemakers.  At least no pepper spraying or tear gas or car chase.

7:45 Olbermann tweets promo for show: "First Occupy/Political conference: Congressional Progressive Caucus to meet with on legislation."  Problem is, according to The Atlantic, that group of 10 from NY drew criticism from other Occupyers who said they did not (could not) represent them, not picked by consensus, and so on.   So meeting cancelled.  "Somebody’s taking the reins in terms of representing the group to Congress. But the rest of Occupy’s not ready for that yet."

7:15   Thanks to Chuck Todd  tweeting mentions of my very OWS relevant  "The Campaign of the Century" book finally out in an e-book edition this week.  Will be taping MSNBC segment with Todd on Wednesday.  The book explores the incredible year when Upton Sinclair, the famed author, led one of the greatest mass movements in U.S. history to End Poverty during the Depression — and swept the Democratic primary for governor.  Then the "vested interests" and Hollywood rose up to defeat him, inventing the modern political campaign as we know it today.

6:10  Arcade Fire "intervenes" with Eisenstein’s "Potemkin."  Working for the judge while your family dies.

 6:00 Occupied Media’s big catch, 52-minute interview on video with eonomist Jared Bernstein, which they are billing as a "vritual teach-in."

5:55  Matt Taibbi on yesterday’s "squidding" protests in NY vs his nemesis Goldman Sachs.  He almost wept for joy over the "calamari" chants but is mad he was not invited.  Promises to put in "serious man hours" designing squid costume for next protest.   They took name from his slang for Goldman–"vampire squid."

5:45 Another piece critical of yesterday’s "failed" ports shutdown action, this time from The Guardian with quotes from unions…..At Boing Boing, great photo of John Knefel arrest yesterday and another take on cops busting journos, citizen of otherwise.