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7:50 Email to me from Occupy: "On April 4th, the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., unions, immigrant justice groups, and community activists joined together at Union Square to announce this year’s May Day rally and march scheduled for Tuesday May 1st, 2012, starting at 4pm at Union Square.  With the overarching theme for May Day 2012 marked as ‘We Are the 99%: Legalize, Unionize, Organize,’ leaders from each group of the coalition stood together, showing solidarity in the face of massive income inequality and attacks on working families, immigrant communities, and the public sector in New York City."

3:50  Van Jones on Democracy Now! re: OWS and "progressive-ism" in general.

3:05  Further updates on Santa Monica pepper spaying (see items and videos below):  Trustees not backing down despite uproar. .. Writer at The Atlantic takes a long look at the issue that gave rise to protest; A blog at a Fox affiliate in L.A. reviews the step-by-step.

1:00  Classic:  D.A. in New York drops charges against city councilman arrested and bloodied in OWS protest–when "they can’t find female cop he supposedly tussled" with.  “The fact is that the District Attorney didn’t believe the police officers testimony would prove their case and that speaks far louder than anything else they said,” attorney Andrew Stoll said... 

12:50  The Economist reviews a new book by and for Occupyers…Interview with editor of Occupy poetry anthology.

11:25 Good roundup (links, photos, testimony more) on Santa Monica pepper spray incident at BoingBoing,and see below.

10:35 Santa Monica students pepper-sprayed yesterday after disrupting board of trustees meeting.  L.A. Times now confirms: Two taken to hospital, no arrests (they also have a TV video).  Reportedly no warning. Board chair offers to pay medical bills of students injured. First video below shows immediate aftermath of the pepper-spraying, below that what led up to it and full chaos.   Update from MSNBC:  "Priscillia Omon, 21, claimed a police officer fired the spray into the mouths and eyes of people standing arm’s length away, NBC Los Angeles reported. She said a family, including a 4 year old, were in the crowd when the officer used the pepper spray."

10:20 From the august Chronicle of Higher Education: the "archiving" challenges posed by OWS. "Even Occupy protesters who become convinced of the value of such archiving have rejected traditional relationships with the archivists, however. NYU’s library is working to collect and store materials from the protests, but groups such as Occupy Wall Street have refused to sign “donor agreements” that are common and grant the library permission to use the materials. That felt too much like a trapping of the traditional hierarchical organizations the group is protesting, says Mr. Besser." (h/t Barbara Bedway)

9:10 Catholic officials in San Fran assess damage to building taken over by OWS this week, call it "great," say money needed for nearby school where many poor students go now must be used for repairs. Truthout article on the takeover.  Banner read "Empty Buildings Are a Crime" but Church says this one was far from abandoned.

8:55 Think Progress on Occupy in 2012 election. "While conservative claims that the Occupy movement is a vanguard wing of the Obama campaign, the Occupiers themselves seem uninterested in helping anyone."

8:40 Another young man killed in Florida is "self-defense" shooting…."Whose World Bank?" by Joseph Stiglitz…Occupy Ithaca returns and uses permit process for the spring…. Actor Edward James Olmos says he’s been part of Occupy since the start. … Occupying Passover at Huff Post. 

8:20 Here’s OccupyBoston’s preview of today’s big "public transport" action tomorrow (and see video below), or "People’s Assembly at State House."  Plus:  "Events are planned on April 4th in more than twenty-five cities, including Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Portland, Denver, Los Angeles and Seattle. The Amalgamated Transit Union, the largest labor organization representing transit workers in the US and Canada, has pledged its support for the April 4th National Day of Action for Public Transportation."

7:55  Well, this is certainly a one-of-a-kind Occupy memoir by an early OWS guy, Daniel Levine.  Book Even features Triumph the Insult Dog, who I haven’t seen since the 2004 GOP convention….

7:50 Keith Olbermann on David Letterman show last night repeatedly his apology to fans for taking the Current job and compared himself to a  "$10,000  chandelier" that Al Gore and company didn’t find a nice house for.  Watch full segment.

From late Tuesday

A new panel from D.C. panel with Chris Hedges again hitting "black bloc" and violence looking ahead to spring actions.

May I humbly suggest that my award-winning book on Upton Sinclair’s amazing 1934 race for governor of Calif–leading great end poverty movement–is tremendously relevant for Occupy today, not to mention U.S. media and politics and the 2012 campaign.

The Gothamist on Union Sq in NYC: Now "The Model of a Major Modern Police State."  Notes: "Last night at least 100 officers were deployed at the park to close it down for the symbolic cleaning. As far back as we can remember, the NYC Parks Department curfew was never been enforced at Union Square, until Occupy Wall Street began gravitating there last month."

Cool video for Occupy action in Boston on Wednesday re: public transportation.


My new book on the Bradley Manning case, with my former Nation intern Kevin Gosztola, just out today in print as well as e-book.  Titled "Truth and Consequences: The U.S. vs. Bradley Manning," it covers the saga right up to the court martial proceeding in recent months, right up to two weeks ago.