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5:20  Task Force finally releases report on UC Davis pepper-spray incident, says it could have and should have been prevented.  Read full report via link here. 

L.A. Times: "The study strongly refutes campus police assertions the band of Occupy demonstrators posed a violent threat and it also says administrators wrongly assumed that many off-campus troublemakers were part of the tent-city protest that officials wanted evicted. It details a chain of miscommunication and poorly timed efforts to remove the protesters, leading to the incident that gripped the nation via an online video showing campus Police Lt. John Pike spraying a line of seated students at close range. ‘On balance, there is little factual basis supporting Lt. Pike’s belief that he was trapped by the protesters or that his officers were prevented from leaving the quad. Further, there is little evidence that any protesters attempted to use violence against the police,’ the report stated."

4:45  My new book and e-book on U.S. vs. Bradley Manning, with Kevin Gosztola, now on sale here.

4:40  Know your rights!  Gizmodo with "7 Tips for Recording the Police."

3:45  That planned merger of the two D.C. camps this weekend?  Now in doubt after reports to contrary.  Freedom all for it but McPherson.  Permit an issue.

2:05  Wash Post:  sources say Zimmerman to be charged in Florida. Press conference this evening.  Wonder if Fox News will post his bail, or Hannity will do it personally.

1:10  Ari Berman here at The Nation explodes new claims that any Obama embrace of "economic populism" will turn off indy voters and may cost him election.

12:35  Don’t miss: MIchael Leviitin at on the Leah Bolger (Naval commander turned activist)  "whistleblower" case–stop the wars, tax the rich–and here is video:

11:45 Just announced: "Occupy The Album" coming May 15th.  Plus:  Roger Waters sounds off.  

11:30  Shocker out of Denver as it’s revealed that credit union — you know, they’re the good guys — CEO got $11 million pay package.  As they say, more Wall Street than Main Street.

10:15 Occupy Returns to Its Roots With "Sleepful" Protests, by Allison Kilkennny: In San Fran and D.C. and then, "Occupy chapters in New York and Philadelphia are also adopting the tactic, arguing that a ruling by a federal judge allows them to sleep on city sidewalks."   We’ve covered earlier but this is first major national look around. "Physical occupations outside the very corrupt institutions Occupy is protesting brings the message home in a profound way."

9:35  Paul Adler at Dissent magazine:  From Vietnam Summers to Occupy Spring. "In thinking about the potential of the 99% Spring, consideration of a past seasonally themed activist mobilization, the “Vietnam Summer” of 1967, provides intriguing parallels, both in terms of the actual mechanics and the larger political dynamics. While historical comparisons can confuse as much as clarify, I believe looking at these efforts side-by-side points to two broad lessons. The first is that, despite lamentations about divisions on the left, such diversity can create constructive tensions that strengthen such efforts. Second, the comparison opens space for less rigid (but no less real) ideas of how to judge a movement’s accomplishments—in ways that can provide some comfort to today’s 99% organizers."

9:00 My book on Occupy last November might have been the first, but now they are arriving almost weekly.  Today Krugman at his blog touted his contribution to The Occupy Handbook.National Review now forced to fire racists daily, here’s latest.  But endless supply on the right.

8:45 And in London: "As Tate Modern receives droves of visitors to its Damien Hirst retrospective, the Occupy movement in London has labeled him a persona non grata in its Occupy Times of London paper, declaring him the artist who most defines the corrupt values of the financial world."  Labeled "the Goldman Sachs of the art world."  Shark.

8:40  American Banker:  Move by cities and towns to move money to local banks easier said than done, some are finding.  "To date, however, there is scant evidence that city governments are shifting their funds to small banks or credit unions."  Under pressure, Austin moved out of Bank of America–but into Chase.  Etc.

8:30  OccupyAtlanta fighs foreclosures in Vine City….Protesters visit Meg Whitman’s home in Calif (and see photos)…. Occupyers in Colorado Springs, long split, now may rejoin, around 99% Spring….Occupyers arrested in Raleigh, NC foreclosure action…

8:15  TV cameraman in Minneapolis filing criminal complaint against cops after incident the other night (police chief already said handled badly).

From late Tuesday

Tom Morello’s PSA for May 1 Strike.

From offiicial OWS feed:  "Last night we successfully slept on Wall Street! Guess who’s coming back tonight?!"

We linked earlier  today to Matt Taibbi’s shredding of Obama’s JOBs act, now here he is on Current’s Eliot Spitzer show (yes, it exists), doing same.

  David Weidner hits Anonymous, its influence on Occupy, wearing of masks, and general negative impact on gaining public supportl…. The Atlantic site claims "economic fairness" issue not helping Obama poll numbers.  "Look at the people who have been the most unfairly treated by the economy — those who are having trouble finding a job or worried about falling out of the middle class — and they are leaning towards Republicans. Obama has trails Romney among voters in the poll who say jobs are hard to find in their area…"