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11:10  @JoshHarkinson close to scene reports police say Wolf releases from another police station.

11:00  From the arrest of a famous writer in NYC to…four youngsters busted in Asheville, NC for a "cleanup operation" at Merrill Lynch.  Love this: "arrested for trespassing this afternoon after picking up litter and wiping windows on the Merrill-Lynch building in downtown."  One put down a sponge and was led away.

10:50  Did not know Naomi was such a big Occupy supporter.  See one of her Facebook pages.  Also, she had been tweeting heavily pro-Occupy @NaomiRWolf.

10:44 Meanwhile,  @AlecBaldwin just tweeted:  "I wanna go to Zuccotti Park…."

10:30  Gothamist covers Naomi Wolf arrest with how it went down here.   She was basically sticking for protesters right to gather there, advising them on megaphones, etc.  …  National Lawyers Guild saying Wolf was arrested for standing on the sidewalk in front of the Cuomo event, which she’d just attended.   

10:25  Oh, the irony.  Naomi Wolf’s longtime husband, now ex-husband, David Shipley, good guy and former op-ed editor at NYT (he published pieces by me), left not long ago to become executive editor at…wait for it….Bloomberg View.

10:20  Update on arrest of Naomi Wolf, @RDevro on the scene a: "Protesters gathered at 1st precinct where they believe Naomi Wolf is being held. They briefly sang, ‘Give it up for the NYPD.”"   @OccupyWallStNYC adds:  "not allowing us near 1st Precinct, so we are surrounded by 50 cops on sidewalk and singing classics." 

10:00 Author Naomi Wolf arrested tonight in NY in Occupy protest with about a dozen others.   Photo at left by Mike Shane and  here.  I was invited to the same Huff Post  "GameChangers" event but declined to go.  Reports suggest she was inside, came out, saw dozens of protesters, maybe said something to police and was cuffed.  Or something like that.  As noted below, protesters went there to target Gov. Cuomo and his "millionaires’ tax."

9:15 Just now GOP candidates got the inevitable Occupy question (imagine thinking that was inevitable three weeks ago).   And the scary, thunderous applause moment from audience at this debate is not executing people or letting sick people die but in  responding to Cain saying, yes,  he meant it when he said people without jobs and bad off have no one to blame but themselves!  In a state with 13% unemployment!  Then he roasted Occupy again, said Wall Street not good target, purely White House.   Ron Paul then gave a much more sympathetic answer — and Romney completely dodged it.  Cain, responding to Paul, actually suggested protesters mainly want to ask Wall Streeters to come down and right then "a thousand dollar check." 

8:30  Hooray!  NYT with profile posted tonight of breakout celeb of OccupyWallStreet in NY — the Hipster Cop,  Rick Lee. "In an interview on Monday, Detective Lee revealed that he favors organic food and eschews coffee and doughnuts. His taste in music runs to Radiohead and the Killers.  He was wearing snug wool slacks, a print tie and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses." He said he finds it "funny"" to be called a hipster, because he is "not a blog guy."

7:50 Large group of Occupyers have met outside where Gov. Cuomo is dining in Soho, reports say, with police at ready. The event that Cuomo is at, undergoing Occupy protest right now, might be HuffPost “Game Changers” (ironically) party that I passed on… Also, cops in Bologna who pepper-sprayed women penalized with ten days off, or rather ten unpaid vacation days, as they put it.

6:15 The storified version of online ASNE chat with me and others on OWS coverage.

6:05 We noted below Tom Morello saying he was going to let his show in Vancouver be Occupied. Now he just tweeted:  "Just Occupied Seattle. It’s EVERYWHERE." Video to come, no doubt.  Or maybe he didn’t play. Morello in LA:


6:00 Allison Kilkenny is tweeting the NY demo at DA’s office. Latest: “Man: ‘I’d love to hold this sign with both my arms… unfortunately when the cops arrested me at union square, they hurt my arm.’”

5:45 Reliable Greg Sargent at Wash Post dissects hideous Doug Schoen poll and “analysis” in WSJ today, and what opponents are trying to do.

5:15 #OWS in NYC marching to DA office to protest police brutality right now. Hopefully no incidents to add to problem.

4:30 Tom Morello has already brought himself to Occupy, with mini-concerts at sites of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy LA in the past two weeks. Now he hopes to bring Occupy to him. He’s doing a concert in Vancouver tomorrow night and says he is working on having protestors involved at the “venue,” in some way. “The discontent is always latent, but now it is represented on street corners in cities around the world.”

3:45 Not a joke, apparently: MTV looks for Occupyers to cast for its Real World show. Occupy Jersey Shore? The Desperate Housewares of Green County? American Idle

3:40 Alec Baldwin, a strong liberal, now getting hit for all of those CapitalOne bank ads on TV. To be fair, he has said that he donates all proceeds to cultural charities. Now, what about Jimmy Fallon?

3:20 TPM with fun piece on young programmers from around USA “meeting” to help Occupy on “design” and other things.

3:15 Somehow I don’t think Apple sweatshops in China will join in company shutdown in honor of Jobs tomorrow. Maybe workers will be given a few hours off, so only have to work eight.

3:10  I’ve submitted a piece—on Upton Sinclair and End Poverty—to occupywriters.com, we’ll see if and when runs.

3:05 New Chris Hedges interview, from Times Sq. on night of protest, as he charges that corporations have “carried out a coup in my country.” Note: Back in early 2003, when I was editor of Editor & Publisher, we ran three stories by Barbara Bedway in which Chris sadly and accurately predicted what would happen when we invaded Iraq and all that would follow.

2:55 Obama (see below) says “not that different“ from Tea Party. Oh, except one wants gov’t to act to help people, the other wants it to go away. No biggie. Oh, and one funded by corporate and GOP interests, and the other totally independent.

2:00 Protesters in California “greet” Rep. Boehner as he plays golf—chanting, drumming etc. Give him petition on jobs with 26,000 signatures. One guys gets to tap him on shoulder. “This isn’t a funny time anymore. This is a real time. It’s time for him to get busy on jobs and not on his golf game.”  (h/t Jon Wiener) 

1:45 Obama just now to Jake Tapper of ABC: “I understand the frustrations being expressed in those protests. In some ways, they’re not that different from some of the protests that we saw coming from the Tea Party. Both on the left and the right, I think people feel separated from their government. They feel that their institutions aren’t looking out for them.”

Tapper: “Obama said the most important thing he can do as president is express solidarity with the protesters and redouble his commitment to achieving what he described as a more egalitarian society.”

Obama: “The most important thing we can do right now is those of us in leadership letting people know that we understand their struggles and we are on their side, and that we want to set up a system in which hard work, responsibility, doing what you’re supposed to do, is rewarded. And that people who are irresponsible, who are reckless, who don’t feel a sense of obligation to their communities and their companies and their workers that those folks aren’t rewarded.”

1:25 NY magazine blog with actually good up-close look at how people are surviving, even thriving, at Zuccotti—it helps that there’s good food, some Wi-Fi and no bed bugs!

1:20 Jesse Jackson returned to Zuccotti Park today.

1:15 pm Our own Katrina’s new Wash Post piece, “The Silence of the Elites”… Latest Van Jones tweet: “The 99 percent stands for the 100 PERCENT. The future we seek has dignity, opportunity & respect for ALL. That’s why we will win”

11:55 As I noted last night, @OccupyArrests is charting all arrests nationwide. Today’s new totals bring it up to 1,711 since September.

11:50 About to do live Twitter chat on OWS coverage at #ASNEchat

11:35 A bit overboard, but interesting Guardian piece on what author calls the turning point in Occupy struggle: When police rode horses into packed Times Square (I was nearby) the other night. Cops screaming cannot hold back history in the making.

11:30 MoveOn just gave big play to this Occupy goal (proposed) for 2012: “In 1776 we separated our government from England. In 2012 we will separate our government from corporations.“

11:10 AdBusters, the group that “started it all,” now proposes massive, worldwide demos on October 29—coinciding with next big economic summit—demanding a one percent “Robin Hood” tax on all currency deals and financial transactions. Money to go to alleviate economic woes and halt environmental threats. Added benefit: Might get away with wearing masks because of Halloween. The ywant this voted on at General Assemblies everywhere.

11:00 I am discussing OWS coverage in a live noon (ET) chat via my old friends at ASNE—the major group for newspaper editors—with others including James Rainey. Follow it at #ASNECHAT hashtag.

10:55 CitBank CEO hacked by Anonymous because of Occupy arrests at NY branch on Saturday.

10:50 Jesse LaGreca says he is done debating with “dishonest” people….Rumor: Noam Chomsky speaing at OccupyBoston tomorrow night.

10:30 Today’s song for Occupyers everywhere, from the man I have long promoted as Bard of the movement, Woody Guthrie— his classic “Vigilante Man” with footage from 1930s protests and violence.

10:25 The venerable Walter Pincus of the Wash Post on why USA needs to reassess massive assistance to Israel.

10:20 The Guardian updates its map on where Occupations are taking place around the world….

10:15 CNN: Former Wall Street insider backs Occupy.

9:55 I mentioned this earlier, but now here is a slam at today’s front-page NYT piece (complete with photo including Truther dude). “See, I’ve got a great 9/11 ‘truther’ wingnut with all kinds of stickers on his guitar case!” (Hmm, pretty well-aged stickers though, right? Pretty sure that guy was already “there” long before the Occupy movement came into being last month.)

9:50 Good piece by Josh Harkinson on OWS and its “demands” conflict—not so much what they may be, but whether to have them at all for now. “Working group” on demands meeting all kinds of skepticism.

9:25 Full account and new photos of Jesse Jackson helping keep police away from Occupy medical tent in NY.

9:20 Believe it or not: Boston Globe going after Occupyers for use of logo for new newspaper.

9:05 I noted this last night (after signing on), and today Wash Post covers the Occupy site for authors, with many famous names. They mention Salman Rushdie and Francine Prose but long list now.

9:00 Michael Lind at Salon: How a real leftist movement would realign America… Dahlia Lithwick on ways The Man can shut down occupation sites legally, First Amendment or not.

8:25 Morning laff: Pollster Doug Schoen on opinion page of Wall Street Journal charges Occupyers are hard-leftists who support violence and don’t represent the country by a long (and probably kick their dogs, if they have them)…. Front-page NYT piece today is fairly sympathetic but opens with quote from guy pictured on front page holding up guitar with a Truther sticker on it.

8:20 From Democracy Now! Three American hikers released by Iran speak at OccupyOakland.

8:15 Stephen Colbert weighs in. And as I warned, The Daily Show here. Also: new cartoon from Tom Tomorrow.

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8:10 Todd Gitlin at The New Republic defends “chaotic” nature of Occupy, citing also its “romantic” and “utopian” qualities.

8:05 Bank of America earns $6.2 billion in latest quarter… But Goldman reports first loss since 2008.

8:00 Actress Ellen Barkin, a new and popular addition to Twitter (F-bombs away!) and backer of Occupy, replies to my query for more on that: “I’m seriously struggling to comprehend what is happening in our city.In our country. I am sickened & appalled at the world we built.”

12:05 Tremendous (great quality) video of busts in San Francisco—interviews at start, then breaking up camp, arrests, and violence.

12:00 @CarlosMiller: “Miami-Dade PD brought ten Little Caesars pizzas to activists camping out at Government Center, which is County Hall.” But claims that Ft. Lauderdale camp given until 2 am to quit. Unconfirmed.

From late Monday

11:50 Just now a big showdown at Zuccotti, which I followed via twitter and livestream. Police arrived seemingly intent on removing the one tent there—a medical tent. Crowd moved to prevent, and chanted “the whole world is watching.” They asked Rev. Jesse Jackson (picture by @newyorkist at left) to join them in linking arms, and he did. Police then dispersed as crowd cheered. See below for Bloomberg quote tonight on ‘tents.”

11:15 New piece just up at NYT: “Bloomberg Tries to Find Balance on Protests.” Hizzoner: “The Constitution doesn’t protect tents. It protects speech and assembly.” (Note: There is only one tent at Zuccotti Park, a medical tent.) He also expressed concern that those exercising a “right to be silent” might be getting drowned out amid the din of the protests. “We can’t have a place where only one point of view is allowed,” he said. Bloomberg was asked about discussing Zuccotti with his gal friend, who is on board of firm that owns it. “I can tell you that pillow talk in our house is not about Brookfield or Occupy Wall Street,” he said.

10:55 Sen. Bernie Sanders on Olbermann talking OWS and jobs bill. And Sgt. Thomas, the Marine who took on NYPD, on same show.

8:35 Terms of Occupation (and endearment?) from J.A. Myerson at TruthOut. “As a birthday present to the movement, I’d like to invite its adherents to acknowledge the appeal of three terms whose utterances, I have noticed, are almost always accompanied by caveats. Let us consider these terms so that we might not be afraid to use them openly, smartly and with candor.” Starting with “class warfare.”

8:30 From Occupy Fort Wayne (that’s Indiana, folks): “We are staying in Headwaters Park indefinitely! The city of Fort Wayne is with us. Peace and respect go a long way. Many thanks!”

8:20 Tonight we learn next big gathering in NYC is next Saturday, in Union Sq (with its long, long political history), at 2 pm with various actions during day.

8:15 Sergeant who yelled at NYPD in defense of protesters says on Olbermann tonight: “They were treating the people worse than we did in Iraq.”

8:10 Wall Street and related interests have already contributed $16 million to candidates this year.

6:00 Greg Sargent at Wash Post poses key question: What if (contrary to what many pundits suggest) the working class really does like Occupy?

5:50 New twitter feed @OccupyArrests is charting that and numbers growing daily, of course. It counts 192 logged today, and 1,592 in past five weeks. And if you’ve missed the new I’m Getting Arrested app.

5:00 Andy Borowitz: How Goldman Sachs plans to make money off Occupy. “The answer is the newly launched Goldman Sachs Global Rage Fund, whose investment objective is to monetize the Occupy Wall Street protests as they spread around the world. At Goldman, we recognize that the capitalist system as we know it is circling the drain but there’s plenty of money to be made on the way down. The Rage Fund will seek out opportunities to invest in products that are poised to benefit from the spreading protests, from police batons and barricades to stun guns and forehead bandages.” What’s funny about this joke is—it could be happening!

4:40 CNN poll 76 percent of Americans, including 56 percent of Republicans, support increasing taxes on those who make more than $1 million a year.

Greg Mitchell’s new e-book vs. the death penalty is Dead Reckoning: Executions in America (and just $2.99). His other current book: Atomic Cover-Up, on the censorship of film footage from Hiroshima and Nagasaki for decades.