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11:00 Watch Crosby and Nash on Countdown, on singing at Zuccotti today (and also saying they always agree with Keith O).  Both inspired, recall past days of protest, past singers like Seeger.  "The park is the spark."  Crosby, always an avid talker, says with no obvious leaders "they can’t be bought or bombed."  Felt like they were just doing their job.

10:15  100-year-old Occupyer in Billings, Mont.   100 going on 99%.

9:30  Fear dead in O-HI-O.  Voters there vote down anti-union move, led by Gov. Kasich, by whopping margin. Also, Maine voters back return to election day registration.  And "personhood" losing in Mississippi at this point.

8:50  Don’t miss great little video on action this morning: Occupy in Worcester attends bank auction for foreclosed house, interviews owner and neighbor, as bank forced to buy it back themselves for fraction of worth (and what owner was willing to pay).  Breaking up families, friends, neighborhoods.

 7:55  Rosanne Cash tweets re: her daughter:  "From what I hear, is joining tomorrow at .

7:30  We’ve noted previously Ben & Jerry’s being distributed free to Occupyers at times.  Now here is picture of Ben himself scooping.

6:30  Full 53-minute video of The People vs. Goldman Sachs, the OWS trial featuring Cornel West and Chris Hedges.

6:00 On Occupy Oakland’s bold  plans to take over foreclosed buildings.

5:25  Clip of highlights from Crosby and Nash at Zuccotti Arena today.  Note:  They will appear with Olbermann tonight on Countdown and, he claims, sing.   Tips for young ‘uns:  Check out The Byrds first few albums (ending around 1969).

5:20  Piece on secret not-so-secret OWS "media lair" in NYC.

5:15  L.A. homeowner credits OWS after B of A retreats on foreclosure.

4:00 An actual tweet from certified Roseanne Barr feed at Twitter just now: "the left is coopting to be about the destruction of the State of Israel. (by Iran– to cook up the stock markets)."

3:55 Josh Harkinson of Mother Jones, who did some great reporting from NY before returning to SF, heading back to NY tomorrow for a long spell

3:00  Crosby and Nash livestream below, they’ve done a few songs with big turnout, some jockeying for space..


2:50  Did not see this coming: Zuccotti parkers get their generators back from the cops after lawyers press legal claims.

2:30  Well, this is something different: an OccupyTheHighway march leaving tomorrow from Zuccotti (with a ferry ride to Jersey), with folks walking all the way to D.C. for the Nov. 23 deadline of super-committee (they oppose tax breaks for rich and spending cuts for others).   They will stay with sympathizers along the route.

2:15 I’ll have livestream here about 3 pm (they say) of Crosby and Nash in Zuccotti gig.  A primer for the many young ‘uns out there: Crosby started with Byrds in ’60s, went on to CSNY (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young), then solo and duo with Nash.    The latter was in the Hollies during the ’60s, then CSNY, then solo and with Crosby.  He has long been very active in antinuclear and environmental issues.  Of course, there are periodic CSNY re-unions.  Myself, I’ve always been a Young man.  At least in musical tastes.

2:10  Protesters occupy boiler room in Harlem, get tenants heat and hot water.

2:00 Nine more arrests in  Fresno as police raid for third night… Video from NYC from a couple of days ago, as two grannies arrested, one put on sidewalk, someone shouts, "Don’t touch my grandmother!" 

1:40  Okay, we will claim that it was OWS that cost Bill Daley ("Wall Street’s Man at the White House") his post. … Jesse Jackson coming to OccupyLA today, they say. .. In Alabama, OccupyMobile given order by mayor to de-camp tonight.

1:35 For a change of pace: Romance blossoms over a Wall Street barricade.  In this case, dog meets police horse, cute.

12:20  Bloomberg urges end to Bush/Obama tax cuts for rich… Andy Borowitz:  Women Harassed by Herman Cain: "We Are the 99%."   But just now looks like Joe Paterno quitting before Cain. 

12:05   Was a bomb scare at Zuccotti a few minute ago, now over….Crosby & Nash still set for 3 pm.  

11:45  Barbara Bedway doing daily econ-related items for us.  Today: Nicholas Taleb of The Black Swan fame writes in NYT op-ed that #OWS demonstrators are right that the bonus system for bankers contributes to widening inequality—but the greater problem is that it provides an incentive to take risks. His solution:  “any person who works for a company that, regardless of its current financial health, would require a taxpayer-financed bailout if it failed, should not get a bonus, ever.” …. Meanwhile:   “Why should students who are trying to finance an education be treated more harshly than someone who negligently ran over a child or someone who racked up tens of thousands of dollars gambling?” That’s how Elizabeth Warren framed the student loan problem back in 2007, (creditors can access anything, including Social Security, in their attempts to be repaid).   New Deal 2.0 offers a 2-step solution here.

11:30  Global Post: Is campaign finance reform the issue that will truly unite OWS?

10:30  First major Spokes Council meeting in NYC last night.  Steven Syrek, longtime with OWS at People’s Library, attended and sent me this valuable description of the structure, which should interest other Occupyers elsewhere:

1. The Spokes Council was proposed by the Structure working group at the GA as a mechanism to streamline Operations at OWS. SC is a tool for organization. The SC that met last night is *a* spokes council but not THE spokes council. That is, it does not govern or speak for OWS, but it does provide a place for logistical organization among the different constituent groups occupying Liberty Plaza.  2.. The different groups are: Operations Groups, Movement Groups, and Caucuses.  3. At the first meeting last night, there were no spokes except the Occupiers, who automatically got a spoke as part of the proposal passed by the GA. Side note, nobody showed up to represent the Occupiers, so someone there had to volunteer to do it.  

4. Every group that desires to participate in SC had to submit a form identifying themselves as either an OG, MG, or Caucus.  OGs are for groups that perform essential logistical services for everyone at OWS. MGs are like affinity groups, mainly for groups working on issues relevant to OWS but not necessarily logistical in nature. Caucuses represent traditionally marginalized groups and are not necessarily open membership, whereas OGs have to be open membership and hold regular meetings.  Note:   Operations Groups and Caucuses get spokes at the Spokes Council, which means decision making power and the ability to propose budgets. Movement Groups do not get spokes but may make proposals to the SC via one of the relevant OGs. Anyone may still make a proposal to the GA.

5. First order of business is identifying all the groups present. Then going through all the forms submitted and asking the de facto spokes present, that is group representatives (with other group members seated behind them) if they feel each group in turn is obviously an OG or further discussion is needed to categorize it….This took a long time, but we ended up with a list of now officially recognized spokes and a much longer list of groups for which people have concerns. The meeting concluded at this point and will pick up again on Wednesday.   

10:20  OccupyBrazil liberating abandoned buildings for homeless.

10:00 Today’s song for Occupyers everywhere, a daily feature since 10/1, here’s Arcade Fire doing their classic "Wake Up"– with classic guest, David Bowie.

9:50  For what it’s worth: Jay Z dons Occupy Wall St t-shirt.  Of course, he could finance whole movement  for a year if he wished.

9:20  Dean Baker:  The 1% turn class war into generational war. ..  Of course, I will have livestream here of Crosby and Nash at Zuccotti Arena, NY, 3 pm today, 65 degree day.

9:15 More from "Casino Jack" Abramoff on how to buy congress.

9:00 Interesting piece on what architects can do for occupations — and in the larger challenge of constructing a more equitable society — from Places, the online journal of architecture, landscape and urbanism.

8:20 WSJ:   Those big big bonuses set to fall a bit this year.

8:00 Andrew Ross Sorkin column for NYT on those Wall St bankers’ fees. … Bill McKibben talks to Olbermann about Keystone XL.

12:05 On Countdown tonight the guy who shot that video (we posted it Monday morning) showing Oakland cop shooting him talked about the episode.  Had stepped back and asked permission to tape.  No warning or "provocation."  He has not heard from city or police.

From late Monday

11:20  With today’s 68 the global total now 3431

8:40  First photo of first OWS Spokes Council meeting in NYC  school tonight.  In the round, as they wished.

8:20  Not such a long time comin’:  Crosby and Nash, minus Stills and Young, to play acoustic set at Zuccotti Park tomorrow, though half the crowd may have to ask who these geezers are.   Of course, they’ve been political for years.  Apparently they visited site last week and, inspired, returning to play. For those who have never seen them:

7:20  More from new NBC/WSJ poll just out:  Occupy gets 32% positive number, 35% negative,  Tea Party 27% positive, 44% negative….  Occupy also "wins" in another question, with 25% saying it is a "good thing" for the country with 16% saying no, while Tea Party gets 31% good thing and 27% bad…. Finally 28% call themselves supporters of Occupy, with 25% backing Tea Party.  Also:  70% blame Bush and bankers for economic woes, only 21% name Obama…. 71% back total Iraq pullout…. and despite focus on jobs job jobs, concerns about health still nudge it as prime concern for most,  by 33% to 32%.

7:00  Wash Post:  New NBC/WSJ poll–84% pf working-class whites say rich unfairly get breaks,  and also need more control of corporations… 71% say Obama did not go far enough in regulating banks…. Bill McKibben on "Countdown" tonight talking about Keystone XL on the ropes dues to new probe and protest.  Plus: kid who shot that video showing cop shooting him in Oakland (see it down below).

6:30 New analysis:  tiny little financial transaction tax would raise a tidy $350 billion. 

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