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11:30  Livestream from LA–fight just broke out among campers.  Raid near.  Below that: another livestream, this one from the LA Times building directly across street from camp.  This breaks police control of MSM images.

 11:20 Authors of two major pieces on OWS this week, in The New Yorker and NY Mag, on Charlie Rose PBS show now.  For one thing, they agree movement has no interest in backing Obama. Also: Occupy does indeed have specific "leaders."

10:40  L.A. mayor now says ordered eviction due to children camping there amid threats of violence.

10:20  Here’s first live interview with Iraq vet Scott Olsen, injured in Oakland street clash, on Ed Show tonight.

10:00 Full report on LAPD media plans for raid, restricting numbers, freezing out (probably) livestreamers and others without official press credentials, also scary warning that press reps have to be properly outfitted (because of use of tear gas or what?).  ACLU fighting. "Gregory said on air yesterday that pool elite will be outfitted in special protective clothing before the raid. They’ll be notified an hour before police dive in, and won’t be allowed to phone home with their juice until the eviction is over. More bizarre still: Reporters in the pool will have to submit their entire "pool reports" to the wire (City News Service) before any news outlet can post an exclusive. This is supposed to make the LAPD’s restrictive approach fair for all non-pool outlets — but ironically just gives the brave embedded bloggers and rubberneckers on the sidewalk the clear advantage."

9:55 Wild: Student ambushes NY Police Chief Ray Kelly, who was speaking to a college class at Columbia, with a slide show of police brutality. Student was not registered for that class but came from NYU.

9:40  OccupyLA tweets:  NBC Source says LAPD Booking Station being set up at Dodger Stadium. City Buses being assembled. Arrests planned. Please Keep it Peaceful."  Cut Neil Young’s song, "Tonight’s the Night" …Concerns continue among media in LA over rules for covering expected raid, and more.  More to come… Portland folks weill re-occupy on Saturday but as I noted yesterday, site still a secret.  Good luck with that.  In the old days, Bill Walton would be with them.

9:00 Mark Bittman: making local food concept real…San Diego Occupyer arrested for…registering voters?

5:05 A correspondent sends me this re: the big OWS protests in Olympia, WA:  "Teacher Jesse Hagopian was arrested yesterday. He had this to say upon his release. I was arrested today at the capitol for protesting against the budget cuts. Still no bankers in jail, but they have arrested teachers trying to get money for the schools. And as we pointed out, it is the Washington State Legislature that is breaking the law by failing their constitutional duty to fully fund education. Anyway, I’m out now and back to school tomorrow! They can’t jail an idea whose time has come!   Here he is leading a mic-check before a legislative committee:


4:40  News outlet @CaliforniaBeat:  "NOW: The City of Oakland has turned on the sprinklers at Frank Ogawa Plaza to prevent protesters from setting up camp."

4:35 From The Onion:  "Even Annoying Twentysomething Shits, Like Me, Deserve To Have A Future."

4:30  Bill Moyers just tweeted: "Stat of the Day: Bureau of Labor & Stats says 455,000 state & local gov’t jobs have been cut since beginning of 2010."  ….Repubiicans in Congress may actually be moving to support that payroll tax cut.

4:00  My new Occupy e-book now updated to cover events up to this past week.    Can purchase "40 Days That Shook the World"  for just $2.99, with 50 cents of each going to OWS.  For KIndle and via KIndle apps for all phones, iPads, PCs and Macs, etc,

3:20  Scott Olsen to do first live interview tonight on Ed Show on MSNBC….That payroll tax cut for the many would be funded by a tiny tax increase for the very few, Greg Sargent calculates…. Dreading the first Herman Cain as Pepper Spray Cop image.

1:30  Massive NY Magazine piece on future of OWS by political insider John Heilemann with some good interviews with Occupyer semi-leaders but also focusing on Occupy hurting Obama in 2012 much the way antiwar movement and lefties hurt the Dems in ’68.  Much to argue with (I worked for McCarthy in ’68 and also took to the streets), but at another time.

1:15  David Cay Johnston at Reuters with another scoop:  "Taxpayers can expect ever more picking of their pockets by businesses with political clout thanks to the Nov. 21 decision by Judge Theodore Jones and four colleagues on the New York Court of Appeals.At issue is $1.4 billion in state gifts whose primary beneficiary is a microchip maker, GlobalFoundries, a company controlled by Abu Dhabi’s hereditary ruler."

1:00 Interesting OccupyBroadway action coming up on Friday, with artists and entertainers (inc Rev Billy)….

12:50  Democracy Now! interviews two student leaders of protests across USA vs. tuition hikes and more.. Xeni Jardin, who has been doing some great OWS stuff at Boing Boing, does radio interview here on the "webcasting" revolution promoted by Occupy.

12:20  Ray Bradbury finally allowing "Fahrenheit 451" to come out as e-book–to thwart book burners in Bloomberg’s office? ….Scott Olsen at The Guardianrecovery process from OWS protest injury has been "frustrating." 

11:25  Today’s econ-related items from Barbara Bedway:   The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act is supposed to protect against this:  10 leading lenders may have unlawfully foreclosed on nearly 5,000 active duty soldiers in recent years. Will there be prosecutions?…Bubble in rural real estate? A surge in rural land prices, bittersweet to aging farmers, sweeps across the Midwest as investors see farmland as latest hot commodity….“And law professors say that Paulson himself broke no law by disclosing what amounted to inside information.” Surely one of the quotes of the year from that Bloomberg story that Hank Paulson tipped off hedge fund investors about imminent rescue of Freddie and Fannie in 2008. As the people’s poet Leonard Cohen wrote, “Everybody knows the fight was fixed/ the poor stay poor, the rich get rich.”

And so let’s go with that Leonard song as our daily pick for OWS.

11:05  Seems to be a bit of confusion, but I think I am doing live book chat at Crooks & Liars at 2 pm ET today re: my Occupy book.  UPDATE:  Now it seems to be postponed…. Those pepper-spray mock reviews at Amazon: an update.

10:40  MoveOn is sending around this very valuable and cool 3-minute video in found on Why Occupy, with stats, good music and more.

 10:00  Jon Stewart on pepper spray as America’s new "car horn."…. Allison Kilkenny on the big CUNY protests yesterday–but still tuition hiked.  The one student on board only one to oppose.

9:35 Dean Baker: Time to take control from the 1% in both political parties.

9:30  Cool photo from state of Washington on the state of Washington — message sent aloft by balloons.

8:45 Another Bloomberg scoop: Hank Paulson tipped off hedge funds on Fannie & Freddie….

8:30  Livestreamer Tim Pool says his gang will be testing their "copters" to provide him aerial views of camps and protests today.

8:00 From Harry Shearer a new hit: "The Ballad of the Pepper Spray Cop."

7:30  Pepper spray inventor speaks out against use vs. students on Democracy Now! in a few minurtes.

7:25  All calm at OccupyLA overnightl…. New proposal from OccupyTampa to the city….

12:25 Daniella Zalcman, freelance photog for WSJ, and reportedly displaying press credentials today, tweets:  "Would LOVE explanation from [NYPD] why Officer Torres #11394 found it necessary to run me over TWICE on his motorbike." This was at CUNY protests.  She plans to file formal report.

12:20  Here’s report on the tasering at Capitol in state of Washington that I mentioned below.

12:15  Oklahoma City camp facing eviction now.  Livestream below may be covering it…. Portland OWS reportedly to occupy another site on Saturday but being kept secret until then….

From late Monday

11:55 Photos from the long day of protests at state Capitol in Olympia, Wash.  More below.

10:40  Old buddy Jim Romenseko, who left Poynter amid some controversy, debuts his new How I Got That Story / Photo feature at his new blog with UC-Davis student’s account of getting pepper-spray shot.

9:55  Capitol in Olympia, WA  occupied!  It’s dark and sometimes cuts out or switches to different locale, but here is Livestream.  UPDATE:  When livestreamer lost power (or maybe he was arrested?) the cops had moved in and made busts, carried one guy out right on camera.  People chanting around the Christmas tree in middle of rotunda.  Livestreamer said there was tasering incident but otherwise non-violent. 

Last I checked, livestream below now from Oklahoma City, facing own eviction now.

 8:35  And now: The Occupied Los Angeles Times!   It joins "sister" publications in other cities that have followed on the heels of the Occupied Wall Street Journal.  See the PDF here but presumably it is now being passed out by hand.   It’s four pages in black and white and with full staff box and large photos… Seems like good legal tactic from OccupyLA–pointing out that city council approved their camp, citing First Amendment, so illegal for city to move now. (h/t Jon Wiener)

7:10  Harvard students and profs protesting Goldman Sachs event.  Background here.  Chris Hedges there or nearby.

3:15 Miley Cyrus re-cycles song with mashup of Occupy images — nice support or exploitation?  She professes support in any case.  Lot of images of police brutality.


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