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11:30  Epic GA in LA right now on response to city demand to shut down on Monday–and the city’s offers on other sites. They seem to be rejecting any move right now.  Some stirring speeches.   Biggest camp remaining.

10:55 Right-wing hack Brent Bozell:  UC-Davis students "wanted desperately  to be pepper-sprayed. … It was a remarkable jump-start for every left-wing journalist looking to regain his mojo for championing the protesters against ‘The Man’– in this case, a spineless liberal female administrator and Democrat donor named Linda Katehi." 

10:45  SF Bay Guardian on the group PERF that is advising big city mayors on OWS crackdowns…. OWS Library in NY holding press conf tomorrow to discuss criminal seizure of books — calculates only 1 in 5 books from original library safe and sound.

10:00  L.A. Times says city wants camp there ended by Monday..  Debate at camp GA tonight on counter-offers to city’s offers on new site …. This week’s edition of stunning black and white portraits from OccupyLA by Annie Appel.

9:45 Via Twitter, it seems president of the New School wants occupation to end at the 90 Fifth Avenue, a GA there now deciding how to respond. ..  At GOP debate tonight no mic checks yet, and no questions about more settlements in Wall Street occupied territory…. OccupyMobile going mobile again.  No Memphis blues yet.

7:45  Visual response at left to Fox’s Megyn Kelly saying pepper spray "essentially" a vegetable.  Keep those cooking-with-spray recipes coming for Thanksgiving!

7:30 Russell Simmons has hired civll rights leader Ben Chavis to manage his many OWS-related activities.

7:25  I’ll be on MSNBC tomorrow at 9:30 am with Luke Russert (filling in for Chuck Todd) talking OWS and my Occupy book, now updated.

7:05 Pike’s peak: Pepper-spraying cop once got award for not using the stuff. 

5:45 Wild, darkly amusing but revealing  video of undercover cop — in hoodie and with book bag– being pursued by citizen journo after he hits him.  Guy slips away as cops refuse requests to stop him so charges might be pressed.   Cat and louse game.

 5:30  More reviews of that pepper spray device being sold on Amazon.  Hysterical.

3:40  Matt Taibbi with new piece at Rolling Stone on the larger implications of the UC-Davis pepper spray tragedy.   "What happened at UC Davis was the inevitable result of our failure to make sure our government stayed in the business of defending our principles. When we stopped insisting on that relationship with our government, they became something separate from us….The UC Davis instant crystallized all of this in one horrifying image. Anyone who commits violence against a defenseless person is lost. And the powers that be in this country are lost. They’ve been going down this road for years now, and they no longer stand for anything."

3:30  Perhaps that missing WikiLeaks truck — seized by NYPD af OWS action and now "lost" — was sent to Quantico to be tortured into spilling beans on Assange.

3:25 Video of reading of OWS support letter at Zuccotti, from prominent group I have long been involved with, featuring my frequent co-author Robert Jay Lifton (that’s him at left).  It’s read by noted actor Harris Yulin.

2:45 Amazing:  AP now reports that President Obama, on way out of hall after disruption today (see below) was handed a note from the OWS protesters, and they have close-up picture of it at left, with message on 4000 arrests and getting sold out, and more.  AP photo.   And Rep. Ron Paul mic-checked today, as well.

2:05 @timcraigpost of Wash Post covering arrival of NY to DC marchers there….and as always @lizflock…they are still on the march with much honking support….

12:55 Video of Obama getting mic checked in speech just now (and see item below).  Pro-Obama crowd then drowned them out after making their point (hard to tell exactly what it was but opened with reference to over 4000 arrests of protesters).  Obama cooly said he was glad to hear their views now they should listen to his, and all was quiet.

 12:45  Obama speech  just interrupted by high school students who may have started a mic check, or not.  Then he did or did not make an OWS reference.  Well, let’s await the video and details. UPDATE:  Ken Thomas of AP tweets: "Obama cites OWS movement, says there is a "profound sense of frustration" over feeling that American dream is slipping away."

12:40 The NY to DC long marchers have made it. @Lizflock of Wash Post: "will hold a press conference at 2:30pm at Occupy DC, McPherson Square, then set up a temporary occupation on the national mall."

12:15 Tom Morello tweets and I endorse, although it is Sayles (and I carried Cliff’s song here a few days ago): "Saw 2 all time great themed movies last night: John Sales’ MATEWAN and Jimmy Cliff’s THE HARDER THEY COME. Highly recommended."

12:00 Today’s song pick for Occupyers everywhere:  The Rolling Stones, "Salt of the Earth," with OWS images.

 11:50  Today’s econ-related items from @Bbedway:  “No real farmer wants a handout,” writes an actual farmer at The Daily Yonder, yet the ag farm bill is rife with subsidies for big ag producers. Richard Oswald president of the Missouri Farmers Union, explains why, if Congress were serious about saving money, it would limit benefits any one farmer can collect, including crop insurance subsidies….Remember Warren Buffett’s complaint that his secretary paid  income tax at a higher rate than his measly 17 percent? Turns out the real figure for tax the ultra- rich pay is often even smaller. ..File this under Trends We’d Like To See: CNNMoney reports on five colleges actually lowering tuition—most by over 10 percent, or even 60 percent in one case.

 11:20  40 Acres and a Mule? As I noted yesterday, city of LA trying to "bribe" campers with offers of office space, even farm land.  More here and  here.

10:50  Don’t miss comments below today’s NYT story on those poor young Wall Streeters who now face layoffs and the ends of their get rich quick dreams…. Video surfaces of CUNY trustees meeting getting mic-checked yesterday might kids arrested and beaten in lobby below.   Watch: 

10:40  On the guy who verfiies journos arrested at OWS actiions.  Of course, there are many others pushed around and denied access… Thank you Mayor Bloomberg and Lt. John Pike:  media coverage of OWS soared last week according to Pew.

10:30  Update on update:  My new e-book on Occupy — the first book on the movement — has just come outand it was just updated yesterday for events up to Sunday.   It’s  for use on Kindle or  apps for most phones, iPads, Macs and PCs.    It’s 40 Days That Shook the World: From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Everywhere. The price is just $2.99 — and 50 cents of that goes directly to OWS with the aim of feeding or sheltering Occupyers.  So it’s also a way to donate.

10:05  NiemanLab with a long piece on (beyond the humor) the significance of the Pepper Spray Cop internet meme.  And one of the latest images at left, attack on Crispus Attucks.

9:50  Powerful new appeal to President Obama to "protect students" in USA.  "As the father of future college students, a former college student yourself, and leader of ‘the free world,’ I request that you speak out about the issue of unnecessary police violence and make clear the demands of living in a democratic nation."

9:40  Josh Harkinson visits OWS’s not-so-secret offices in NY.  I was there a few days ago and had much the same experience–not exactly welcomed as member of the media (although brought there by member of media committee) and also facing shortage of numbered tags (they limit due to fire code).  Glad to see he found a male receptionist.  When I was there I found two young women and felt like I was back in a ’60s movement offices.

8:55 Don’t miss: reviews of pepper-spray product for sale at Amazon since UC-Davis incident.  Hilarious.  Sample:  "First, this baby has everything you would expect from Defense Technology brand pepper spray. It burns like hell. Whether you’re spraying directly into eyes or mouths – this will cause excruciating pain. Second, and I know it’s not explicitly listed as one the uses on the can, but it’s also an amazing human arm de-linker. … I bought four canisters along with this head-smasher thingy."

8:30 Great new video inside the creation of the now famous "bat signal" OWS messages on the side of the Verizon building:

8:20  Interesting piece at Threat Level on Boston OWS getting legal protection to protest– and some in camp not happy with that.  Also a cool photo.

8:10 Rare note from @OccupyArrests:  no arrest last night.  Toronto not raided despite ignoring curfew. Ditto in Columbia, S.C.

8:00  Let’s hope, with latest events,  Occupyers quit comparing themselves to Egyptians now.

12:05 Great NY to DC march set to arrive at goal early today.  As we’ve noted quoted several times, Liz Flock of Wash Post has been around most of the time.  Now she has filed a near-final report and look back tonight, along with photo essay and links to previous pieces, all in one place.  See the barefoot walker.

Late Monday

11:45  With arrests today, @Occupyarrests tally tops 4600… OccupyLA debating relocating tonight.  A claim that city has offered perks, such as land to farm.

11:20 National Lawyer’s Guild files FOIA request for evidence of federal hand in local OWS crackdowns…. Fox’s Megyn Kelly: Pepper spray "is a food product, essentially."  Yeah, so is bubbling peanut oil but you want any of it on your face….

10:40  Claim:  Woman, 19,  pepper-sprayed in protest last week in Seattle says she has since miscarried. Says she will provide documentation but she reported being pregnant on night of attack..  That’s photo of her at left by Joshua Trujillo.  She says she had been shouting at cops, "I am pregnant, I am pregnant, let me through!"   That was same night the woman, 84, was sprayed.

10:00 So much for non-violence: Tweet just now from @OccupyMarines (who have over 8000 followers):  "Law Enforcement Community, How Long Do You Think OMC Will Allow You To Continue Acts Of Brutality Against Americans Before We Come For You?"… Claim:  10 biggest banks could lose $185 billion as customers move money.

9:45 Occupy Toronto eviction coming at midnight, likely to resist,  livestream coverage probably here.… .. OccupyToledo peacefully ended camp today when permit expired… the famous WIkiLeaks truck seized by NYPD has now gone missing…

9:20 Elsewhere in NY, Justin Elliot tweets: "People tried to occupy an old school tonight at prince and mott in SoHo, security forced people out. Workers at site not supportive."

9:00 Brief video shows part of police riot at Baruch in NY tonight.

 8:25 From @studentactivism:  "UC Davis students are erecting a 30-foot geodesic dome on the quad. Should have let ’em keep the tents."

8:05 Brian Stelter at NYT with new piece on growing journo complaints in NYC vs police, expanded a good deal today.