I’ve been live-blogging OWS here since October 1.  Doing my best today despite power outage.  Email: epic1934@aol.com.

GO here first thing Wednesday for latest edition of this blog!

10:45 Occupied Oakland Tribune coming tomorrow morning…

10:20  Cain will probably say about $35,000 payoff: "Just trying to help one of the 99%.’

9:20  List of activities on strike day in Oakland tomorrow. At left is third poster I have posted. And I remember when strikes and Oakland could only mean Catfish Hunter.

8:50  Key question (and probing) from the folks at Nieman Watchdog: What’s more important — local ordinances or the First Amendment? 

8:45 Power cut at OccupyTulsa, eviction expected tonight.

8:10 WSJ Factoid:  15% of U.S. population relied on food stamps in August — 45 million people.

7:55 NYT with preview of Oakland General Strike by reporter who has been the scene for awhile. "During the strike, protesters intend to march from downtown to the Port of Oakland and will try to close it down. Protesters also said they would picket banks, businesses, schools, libraries and any employer who tries to discipline striking workers.Several major labor groups, including local units of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, which represents port workers, have voiced support for the Occupy Oakland protests and the strike, though union officials have not authorized union members to strike." And the docks will be open.  Demos in supporrt all around the USA.

7:45 More on injuries to Scott Olsen sparking vets joining on with OWS, this time from USA Today. … Much talk at Zuccotti Park tonight on spending money to secure OWS domain name…One woman reportedly arrested at Boston camp for selling medication…

7:00 Wholly Toledo!  Two from OWS arrested at city council meeting in Ohio city.  Man had oversized copy of First Amendment.

4:35  Latest on Oakland General Strike from SF Chronicle.

4:30 Actor/director Albert Brooks tweets: "B of A to cancel debit card fees. ‘Since we’re going out of business, the hell with it.’"

3:30  AdBusters, which helped start it all, now takes look at future of OWS.

3:25 Goldman Sachs to be tried by People’s Court in Zuccotti Park. …  4 occupyers arrested in Richmond still in jail due to no bail and could stay there for many days… For the completist out there: someone actually taped and edited and uploaded to YouTube a more than four-hour video of an Occupy KansasCity event last month.

3:20  Politico, fresh off its Herman Cain scoop, now looks at…OWS disrupting Iowa caucuses? 

2:30 MoveOn says it has gotten pledges from 40,000 to close bank accounts — with five days still left in national drive….  Mayor Bloomberg said today that OWS should be protesting Congress not bankers because the poor bankers were forced to give bad mortgages to poor people.

2:20  Check out new video on what OWS is all about, from the Occupy Animators.

2:10 Oakland cops’ letter: We, too, are the 99%.SF Examiner on tomorrow’s General Strike. NOTE:  My book "The Campaign of the Century," about Upton Sinclair’s remarkable race for governor of California in 1934 — leading one of the greatest mass movements in U.S. history — covered the great General Strike that  took place during that campaign.  Last many days, ended in lot of violence.

1:55 A "leader" of OccupyDenver has quit suddenly, after the big bust, with alleged infighting and some with "violent" tendencies the cause.  Becca Chavez, 29,  has walked away. "I support Occupy Wall Street whole-heartedly but I cannot, at present, support, endorse, or be a part of Occupy Denver."

1:50 Michael Moore declares big victory as Bank of America retreats on ATM card charge plan.

10:50  Latest info on Oakland General Strike…. altho General Strike always seemed like name of character in Dickens or in "Dr. Strangelove."….  Breitbart using one OWS rape to call for shutting down all.

10:45  Jon Stewart and fan boy Brian Williams debated "permanent" era of protests on new NBC show.  And if  you missed (and you probably did) Keith Olbermann addressing that foreclosure mill as "scum bags" wearing a Guy Fawkes mask (even giving out addresses).

10:30  Mother Jones keeps updating its interactive site and map on occupations across USA.

10:20  I love this.  David Brooks took another swipe at OWS today in column (see below),   Now Paul Krugman has, in a sneaky way, responded.  The NYT has a rule or policy of now allowing its staff pundits to criticize colleagues.  So Krugman gets around it by using Dean Baker as source for rebuttal of Brooks, even though Krugman does not name him.  Brilliant.

10:15  Bob Kuttner at American Prospect backs OWS in new "Protest and Possibility" piece…. Good local piece on OccupyTulsa… Still waiting for OccupyPawnee.  Ron Swanson an expert camper.

10:10  Tom Morello, who has occupied about half a dozen U.S. sites (and Vancouver) now heading for London today.

10:05 Just hurt radio report that Michael Jackson is the top dead one-percenter, "you can’t  take it with you," etc.  Wouldn’t Steve Jobs top him now?

9:35 Today’s song for Occupyers everywhere, a daily feature for exactly one month, today in honor of tomorrow’s General Strike in Oakland:  the immortal Paul Robeson singing the just as immortal "Joe Hill."

9:15  In latest twist, St. Paul’s Cathedral reverses itself amid controversy, drops legal moves against London OWS.

9:05  Marie A. "Let Them Eat Cake" demo outside Mayor Blomberg’s mansion last night.

8:50 Just got email from a very involved OWS guy at Zuccotti Park who says, after passage of the key "Spokes Council" proposal a few days ago, they are now searching for a nearby indoor site for the three-nights-a-week meetings (Mon-Wed-Fri).   Ideally it would allow people to gather more in a circle than an auditorium type setting.  MIght be dozens or possibly 100s.  Yes, OWS is willing to pay rent.  You could contact steven.syrek@gmail.com. 

8:20 Another laughable David Brooks column hitting OWS today.  Of course, he has a point about "inequality gap" being not just super-rich and the rest but middle-class and the poor, uneducated, and homeless.  But he claims OWS is ignoring that gap, when in fact that is much of what the whole movement is about.  Brooks acts as if the concentration of power at the top is not a major cause of the what’s happening at the bottom. He also suggests in passing that a lot of OWS rage has to do with "liberal arts majors" who scorn or envy those who majored in business and then made a buck.

8:15  Cool L.A. Times "panorama" of OccupyLA site (h/t Jon Wiener).

8:10  Today is one-month anniversary of the OccupyUSA blog.  Still no power in the house, from snow storm, but working out of cafe, friends house, perhaps an inn tonight.

7:40  Shutting down port of Oakland on strike day aimed at 7 pm shift.  Oakland merchants prepare for General Strike …  New poste at left….There’s a report that the GA in Oakland last night passed idea of occupying bank-owned, foreclosed and abandoned properties in the city….

7:35 Checking on this but appears three arrested in Sacramento last night.

7:30 London Occupyers given 48 hours to clear out of St. Paul’s area.  Meanwhile, the bishop has broken ranks with the city on handling.

7:25 Colbert Super-Pac "co-opts" OWS to just lend a helping hand.  He had visited Zuccotti — in disguise..

7:15  Kevin Drum: Yes, income inequality IS growing…NYT/CBS poll:  66% says wealth needs re-distributing. 

From late Monday

8:25  Livestream of NY’s famous Halloween parade now Occupied.  Ghoulish. 

7:50 Trick or treat!  Here comes trouble: Michael Moore just arriving at OccupyPortland… Publisher of paper whose reported busted in Nashville demands apology from governor.

7:30  New mass email from MoveOn just now really pushing the Move Your Money Pledge.. Global Post: Occupy Wall St to trademark name? ….What success would look like for OWS–well, this is how CNN looks at it, anyway.

5:35 Sean Hannity calls Occupyers "un-American" and two Marines set him straight, via MoveOn.

5:30 As Brian Stelter notes:  One year ago today was the Colbert/Stewart "restore sanity" rally.  How did that work out?

12:00 Today’s song pick for Occupyers everywhere (a daily feature since Oct. 1):  The Beatles’ "Revolution" set to Occupy protest video.  At least no one taking talkin’ about Chairman Mao.  But still relevant: "If you’re talking bout destruction / you can count me out."