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7:00  Why We Marched in Sacramento, from The Nation…. Obama claims "security concerns" had nothing to do with moving the G8 to Camp David.   Paging Pinochio!

3:45 The usual great weekly national roundup over at the Occupied Wall Street Journal, plus other stories and commentary, including anarchist vs. Hedges.

3:00 We noted last week that the so-callled "first Occupyer running for Congress" had gotten booted off the ballot in the Philly area. But in an email he explains he is carrying on as a write-in candidate in April primary and even has another meeting with supporters on Thursday.  Contact him via

10:25  Laff of the day from Politico:  Why conservatives still love Springsteen despite pro-Occupy messages.   Not sure if it mentions David Brooks, but he’s another prime example.

9:55 How Occupy Cleveland disrupted sheriff’s sale of foreclosed property yesterday, from the Plain Dealer.

9:50  Not exactly a shocker, but study finds that in 2010, a year of modest economic recovery, 93% of the gains went to, you guessed it, the upper 1%.

9:30 Full review of new Occupy production by Eve Ensler, author of the legendary "Vagina Monologues."  It’s titled "Vaginas Occupy Wall Street," opens with a mic-check and includes 16 sketches.  A later mic-check revolves around the words "Reclaiming Cunt." It also "focused on the charges against Herman Cain and how we possibly could have had a man running for president with rape charges against him. It expressed outrage at Penn State standing up for Joe Paterno, instead of the victims. It articulated our frustration at the rape groups on Facebook and Facebook’s delay in removing them. It addressed the problem of rape at Occupy and it emphasized that we are fed up with it, we are ‘over it,; and what we must do now is to ‘occupy rape everywhere.’"

9:20 Even Forbes covers Occupy reaction to G8 being moved out of Chicago, noting "Twitter explodes with Occupy Camp David!" 

8:55 As we noted (below), major Occupy Education protest at Calif state capital in Sacamento led to dozens of arrests, possibly 68, by one count.  See story and video here. "Those arrested were part of a daylong protest over state budget cuts to higher education that have led to steep tuition increases and fewer courses at California’s public universities and colleges. The sit-in was staged after thousands of protesters swarmed the Capitol lawn, waving signs and chanting, ‘They say cut back, we say fight back.’"

From late Monday

Riot cops readying to move in to evict large number of protesters at state capiital in Sacrmento, Ca.  Livestream.  UPDATE:  Many arrests.

Amazing: Ann Romney on Fox today says "I don’t even consider myself wealthy" because, gosh, it coiuld be here today, gone  tomorrow.  Just like hubby’s presidential hopes?

13 arested (so far) protesting tuition hikes at governor’s office in Albany, NY.  UPDATE at 5:45:  Now 24 arrests, probably a half dozen to go.

Amazing:  amid plans for massive protests, site for G8 summit in May shifted from Chicago to…Camp David.  NATO summit in Chicago that was to follow the G8 still scheduled.  

I did a full item on this last week, and now here is The Illuminator at Zuccotti Park a weekend pit stop.  Guy who helped create the original OWS "bat signal" has now gone mobile and has even bigger plans, aided by Ben of Ben & Jerry.