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1:15  As noted earlier,  several hundred gathered at Union Sq in NY and police finally pushed them out, closed park and set up barricades.   Police now inside park and Occupyers asking them, "What are your demands?" and other jokes.  Several dozen have vowed to sleep on sidewalk overnight.

10:05 Email from reader: "Want to alert you to a major CD at Brattleboro Entergy HQ on Thursday.  Expect
500 marchers, 100-200 risking arrest.  Info at Sage Alliance and at Safe and  Green Campaign web sites.  Good stuff– people power vs corporate power as the state also battles Entergy.  Check it out."

9:10  Cool May 1 strike poster in NY, we are told by Molly Crabapple.

8:40  OWS "occupation" of historic Union Sq in NYC  continues to build, with several hundred there right now.  Police have been reluctant to move there in past but time will tell.

8:00 Wired on new Occupy Comics, with examples from "Old Punks."

4:50 Update by Ryan Devereaux on young woman arrested, beaten, had seizure and how charged with felony in Saturday police raid in NYC…. Occupyers march to NY police hdqtrs today and demand resignation of police chief Kelly.   See video.

3:30  Occupy MayDay updates as it goes "mainstream"…. City of Chattanooga, Tenn. drops case vs. Occupy there after Public Citizen steps in.

2:10 More from Coates at The Atlantic on Trayvon’s final words (as reported by friend) and "sham" probe.

2:00 OccupyAlbany gets airtime on Fox during interview with Gov. Cuomo–prtesting News Corp. tax breaks and more.   See photo.

1:00 Longtime OWS activist in NYC with piece disagreeing with critics who say the various "days of action" are largely a waste of time and resources and direction.

12:50:   More from Young Turks on where money going in the "recovery"–and how it was different in the Great Depression.

12:30  Certainly not fully applicable, but wonder what folks think of one of Dylan’s greatest songs, "Only a Pawn in Their Game," in light of Trayvon  murder and even manipulation of Tea Party.   Live at Newport:

11:20  Another OWS press conf today in NYC at noon, with victims of police brutality and more.

10:25 New campaign to stop "secret bailout of AIG," backed by Elizabeth Warren.

9:35  Retired police captain Ray Lewis, who became a hero to OWSers for backing protests and ultimately getting arrested will not face charges from his old department in Philly, it has now emerged.  They were upset with him wearing his uniform to Occupy protests. "He’s exercising his First Amendment rights, and we’re fine with that," aa spokesman said.  But police union still wants him busted for "impersonating" an officer.

9:20  OWS setting up camp at Union Sq in NewYork, site of historic protests…. David Weidner at Marketwatch: Bloomberg’s "crony capitalism."  Busts OWS, dines with Goldman (did they have squid?)….NYT report on aftermath of police violence and arrests. 

9:15 Katrina vandenHeuvel tweets: :I’m shocked! GOP adds massive tax cuts 4 wealthiest to budget it unveils today. More of same.  Expose GOP venality + lay out smart alternatives."

9:10 National antiwar march coming up April 28 — against "war on women."…  U.S. soldier accused of slaughtering 16 Afghans and burning bodies, it turns out, also guilty of securities fraud and owes $1.5 on that. Also lied about witnessing buddy’s leg blown off.  Now at Leavenworth and enjoying recreation and other privileges long denied to Bradley Manning.  And if you were him, would you hire Ted Bundy’s lawyer?

9:05  Justice Dept. opening probe of Trayvon Martin slaying in Florida after national outcry.

8:55 Fifty years ago Bob Dylan released his first album, although critical and commercial break (and yours truly) would not arrive until #2.  Bet you didn’t know he did a session singing "Song to Woody" with George Harrison in 1970:

8:15 As I’ve noted before: My award-winning book on Upton Sinclair leading one of the greatest mass movements in our history–and against poverty–in California in 1934, and nearly becoming governor, is newly out in e-book and new print edition.  He was defeated when the 1%, and Hollywood, went out and invented the modern political campaign and all kinds of dirty tricks–including the first use of the screen to destroy a candidate.

From late Monday

A report that some of the OWSers arrested in NY facing higher bail because refused to go along with "iris scan" when booked. "The idea of the state collecting distinctive biometric information from people who haven’t even been charged with a crime yet, much less convicted of one, makes civil libertarians nervous, though, and over the last two years they’ve pushed back. Unlike fingerprints, they argue, no law was ever passed to require iris photographs — it’s just a policy."

CBS covers OWS call for national strike May 1 but seems to think it just got proposed in response to cop brutality in NY…But full AP story covers more ground, includes critique of police and Bloomberg defense: "This police department knows how to control crowds without excessive force," the mayor said. "They do allow you to protest but they don’t let it get out of hand."

 Interview with Florida young man who tweeted about cop-killing.  About as serious as you’d expect.  Claims HE is now getting death threats….. Democracy Now! hosting Facebook discussion on new strategy for OWS, join in here… Apt time to re-visit Matt Taibbi’s "Why Isn’t Wall St in Jail?" 

Another review of what OWS has accomplished in 6 months, via Think Progress…Here’s link to piece here at The Nation calling for probe of NYPD vs. Occupy.