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9:40  Daily Occupier launching in a few hours, check it out at this site.

6:40  How Occupy spent $700,000 since October, as itemized by Atlantic Wire.  From Metrocards to t-shirts.  Salon has its own take here, and points to some independent efforts.

4:55 A Wall Street favorite may lose a primary in Alabama tonight — and it’s not Mitt Romney.

1:50  We covered the tribute to OWS patron saint Woody Guthrie below, and now here is the topper: The Flaming Lips playing his great song "Vigilante Man" on…iPads.

1:00  From my assistant Elizabeth Whitman:  Five people have been charged with the misdemeanor of resisting arrest at UC Berkeley Occupy protests last November. Among them are four students and one professor. The professor said that the charges were odd given that authorities used excessive force at the demonstration.

12:05  Robert Reich on syndrome reported last week–only the rich benefiting much from recovery–because gains mainly in rising stock prices for the wealthy.

11:50  New Allison Kilkenny wrapup on that NYPD "spying on Occupy" scandal.

11:30  Truthout:   Worker "occupations" in 3 states make gains but backlash begins…. From our Afghan money pit:  2 of Karzai’s brothers fired on by Taliban–at funeral for 16 massacred by U.S. soldier.

9:45 If you’ve missed the major flap over use of homeless people at SXSW in Austin to provide "hot spots" for wireless.

9:10  Just received an email from an OWS press person: "Occupy Atlanta shut down 5 (?) Chase banks today,
and got a swift and harsh response from local authorities. Currently 8 of their  members are being held in DeKalb County jail on a total of $5.2K bond.  Below is the email we received from Timothy Franzen, long time organizer from Atlanta. 

"The 8 jailed in Dekalb County have been rushed before a judge. This is NOT a  good thing. Their bond has been set at $650 cash per person. That’s $5,200 to  get 8 of the 14 out of jail (it would have been around $650 to get ALL 8 of them  out before). This is an OBVIOUS reaction to the prisoners being political. If
you can help in any way, to any amount, please do.  We are short about $4200. and have really tapped our base hard."  Strong video of protest and arrests here.

8:55 Artist creates $2500 folding chairs for the 1% made out of Occupy signs, "thus introducing the ideas of one group into the homes of another and at the same time getting the rich to support the cause of the 99%.”

8:50 From Mashable:  New York’s D.A. going after Twitter data from local arrestees…More on the big Occupy regional meeting in the Midwest this weekend.

8:40 Occupy’s weekly update of events and actions around the USA, very valuable, via the Occupied Wall Street Journal site. Plus many stories and commentary there, as usual.

From late Monday

Occupyers briefly set up "camp" in lobby of a Bank of America branch, make it fun, perhaps win hearts and minds.  Call for national set up living rooms in banks day this Thursday.  And more here.

NYT/CBS poll confirms finding of ABC/Wash Post poll: sudden drop in Obama approval rating, down to 41% from 50% in one month.  Why?  Gas prices?  What?  Afghanistan?  Iran? Recovery mainly for 1%? Ponder this:  only tops pathetic, radical Santorum by 48-44 percent.  

 Occupy Austin super active this week for the big SXSW events, climax with "Million Musicians March" this Saturday, should be wild (if a bit tongue in cheek), see poster.

Video of finale of the Woody Guthrie tribute concert mentioned below, natch with "This Land Is Your Land," Arlo starting on vocals.

Liberal groups offer rewards, including $25,000 in cash, for whistleblowers:   "to fight the influence of corporate money in politics with a range of tactics — including a $25,000 cash reward to the first worker who can document their employer’s secret use of corporate funds to influence an election."

Occupy Our Homes calls for national action this week, different banks targeted each day.  For details.

Full report on and slide show for big centennial concert in Oklahoma over the weekend for native son and OWS patron saint Woody Guthrie, with son Arlo, Rosanne Cash, Jackson Browne, Mellencamp, Del McCourt, Flaming Lips and more.