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7:45 Elsewhere in Florida…livestream from Miami, where camp facing eviction now, warning that lethal weapons could be used.


5:10  From our colleague Elizabeth Whitman:  Arturo de los Santos, a California homeowner whose house was foreclosed on in June, appeared on Democracy Now! today.   With the help of Occupy Riverside, he managed to re-occupy his house, but now is facing eviction for a second time. He shares his experience and Jesse Eisinger, who co-authored an investigative story on how Freddie Mac bet against homeowners, relates it to the experience of other homeowners and to the information he discovered in his story.

5:00  Finally updated my personal blog, on request, to include all of my recent books, and older ones, new videos, links.

4:45  CNN’s Erickson on the incident this week in D.C. camp: "Watching a hIppie protester get tased just made my day."

2:00 Tina DuPuy at Alternet: Why OWS needs to denounce violent tactics used by some at OccupyOakland. Growing debate.

1:20  Dean Baker, contra David Brooks today, notes giant income gains have indeed gone to top 1 percent not Dave’s more general top tier…. Sen. Sherrod Brown introduces bill to prevent Congress folks from owning stock in companies they legislate.  Not true already??

1:00  If police pull down Tent of Dreams (left) in D.C. will it be a Tarp Bail Out?

11:45 MoJo chart:  Wall St. donors blow all others away.   Occupied BY Wall Street.

11:00 Our own Katrina’s Wash Post column: "Time to Run for Office, 99 Percenters."   I wiill not run, but will accept a draft.

9:50 Bill Moyers: The (24-Hour) Party People of Wall Street…Philip Glass’s birthday.  He gave strong support to Occupy a couple months back after performance of his "Satyagraha."

9:30 Charlotte police tear  down Occupy camp, 7 arrested.   Total of U.S. arrests now well over 6000…. Meanwhile, city council of Chapel Hill apologizes for police detaining reports at protest back in November.  Took awhile, no?

9:00  D.C. campers stand firm under Tent of Dreams but today’s another day….Greg Sargent: 65% back Buffett rule…Robert Reich: the biggest risk to the economy in 2012…. 

8:40  Our own Dave Zirin with an Occupy the Super Bowl column just up…. And, course, David Brooks hearts Charles Murray and new book today…. Wisconsin recall fight spending could reach $100 million.  Yes, you read that right.

8:30  Pro Publica:  Over 230,000 soliders have traumatic brain injuries but only a few can get help at state-of-the-art centers.  While the money pit known as Afghanistan rolls alongl

8:00  @pourmecoffee: On this day in 1606, Guy Fawkes was hanged with no one to protest it in Guy Fawkes masks….Common Dreams:  OWS takes on Monsanto to help farmers.

12:10  I predicted this earlier and now rumor has it that National Park Service to arrive at D.C.park for possible eviction at 3 am.   But who knows.  Livestreams below:


From late Monday

Lengthy analysis and frank critique of tactics and organization of Occupy Oakland as shown this past weekend, but also for weeks.   Claims OO has faded badly and is essentially "over," because average folks totally turned off, and other reasons.

 Wonder how this will work out? Oakland Mayor Quan says she will call national OWS "leader" to ask them to disown violent tactics of some in her city.

D.C. still calm, "Tent of Dreams" still up…police doing walk throughs but no more….Just annouced: another flash mob at NY’s Grand Central Terminal about 5:30 pm tomorrow…. Events of the week, via the Occuped Wall Street Journal.

Luke Rudkowski video of madness in NYC streets last night, including arrests and anarchist assault on Tim Pool.