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11:20  The Atlantic covers arrest of Global Rev media team.

9:20 Protester in NY arrested on New Year’s Eve charged with felony for cutting hand of cop.

7:55 I’m also live-blogging the Iowa caucus tonight.

7:40  OWS folks in NY meeting for GA in "public" space at 100 Williams St with much cop presence and possible showdown coming.

5:05 Flash mob and mic check just started at Grand Central, Tim Pool now on the scene (top one below), at least one arrest: 

4:25 Bad news:  As noted before, the super-valuable Global Rev livestreaming HQ in Brooklyn got eviction notice yesterday, due to no sprinkler or some such.  Now a raid this afternoon, 5 or more arrested including the chief, Vlad.  Reputedly some equipment broken but 800-pound server with archives moved out before that.

3:50  Zuccotti Park re-opened–but most Occupyers uptown in NDAA protests, flash mob at 5 pm at Grand Central.

2:40 Top two media obsessions at this hour:  Rick Santorum’s sweater, the fake Wendi Deng (Murdoch’s wife) Twitter account.

2:30 Susie Cagle’s illustrated history of Occupy Oakland to appear at Truthout starting next week….. MoveOn offering: "I am Obamacare."  ….  Laff of day goes to David Brooks for his column hailing Santorum as most "sensible" and champion of the "working class,"  along with dream of a Santorum/Sherrod Brown ticket.

1:00 OWS press conference hitting NDAA as actions continue in NY today (see below)… For once, mic-checking didn’t get too far, at closing Romney rally last night.

12:40 Yes,  on a separate page, I will be live-blogging the Iowa Caucus tonight.

11:40  Today’s song pick for OWS for Iowa caucus day:  Woody Guthrie’s tribute to "Dust Bowl refugees," many from Iowa:

 10:40  From Journal of Business Ethics: "corporate psychopaths" in key positions have largely caused the banking crisis.  (h/t @bbedway)

10:30  Sen. Bernie Sanders on Colbert tonight taking on Citizens United.

9:55 Front-page NYT story on defense cuts: We are essentially in an "arms race" with ourselves, billions and billions spent on unused or useless or flawed weapons.   But Panetta says we have to cut "carefully."

9:30 OWS in NY with actions today vs. NDAA, visiting offices of Sen. Schumer and Gillibrand and a flash mob at Grand Central at 5 pm.

8:40   Here is the brief video clip of Rick Santorum making his now infamous remark yesterday about not giving "black people" money from Medicaid so they will get out and make their own money.  His defense?  He has done some work in the "inner city" and is "not a racist." Note: rightwingers are claiming that Santorum did not say "black people" but merely stumbled or hiccupped or garbled or something and that he actually said "bly people" or "blah people" or some such.  A clear video (which does not settle it) here.

8:30 NYT:  Police keep breaking rules on handling journos during OWS demos, as evidenced by encounter with one of its staffers on Jan. 1. 

8:20 Laura Flanders: Occupy the Dream, baby.

8:00 Update on eviction below: city says due to lack of sprinkler system…. Dean Baker in The Guardian:  Our real bequest to younger generations–climate change.

12:05 am  Troubling tweet from ace livestreamer Tim Pool:  " evicted from Brooklyn studio. Story developing. More soon."

From late Monday

Bob Plain, who has visited a bunch of Occupy enclaves  around the USA in recent weeks pauses in Salinas, CA, to look ahead to 2012.

For my Occupy song pick of the day (could be every day) a special treat if you have never seen this:  annual craze in Japan at this time of year where choirs up to 10,000 strong gather to sing Beethoven’s "Ode to Joy" and finale of his Ninth Symphony.  Here is one of this year’s events.  "All people become brothers."

Two nights later, Ellen Barkin still on the case: "I have never been afraid of a NY policeman until last nite.What I saw was random & senseless arrests and unnecessarily threatening behavior."  No sea of love, that’s for sure.

 If you missed all of our coverage and items, here is CBS wrap on the Occupy Rose Parade action.

I often link to Yves Smith’s excellent "Naked Capitalism" blog so pleased to see that it’s pick today as "must-read" is my recent piece (drawn from my book) on Upton Sinclair’s incredible race for governor of California in 1934 leading one of our greatest mass movements — and how the "vested interests" went out and invented the modern political campaign to destroy him.

Biggest driver of income inequality?  Capital gains, Wash Post reports.