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11:15 Jon Stewart on Romney’s tax returns.

11:00 NYT top headlines on site show the success of Occupy to date:  Obama Sets Goal of Bridging Wealth Gap: “I will not go back to the days when Wall Street was allowed to play by its own set of rules.” Putting Middle Class Interests at the Top of His Agenda. Obama Urges Tougher Laws on Financial Fraud:  "President Obama’s State of the Union proposals seek to acknowledge the public frustration that few financial executives were prosecuted after the crisis."

10:00 Protestors gathering outside site of Mitch Daniels’ response to Obama, hitting his union-busting.  Meanwhile, D.C. Occupyers mic-checking their own response to speech at McPherson.

6:15  Big week of Occupy music.  Yesterday we brought you news and a video (still posted way down the page) on a tribute album coming out of London, and now official word on a U.S. "Occupy This Album" compilation featuring everyone from Yoko Ono, Jackson Browne and Crosby and Nash to Joseph Arthur, Tom Morello and Willie Nelson.  Here’s list of other artists:  Aeroplane Pageant, Alex Emmanuel, Black Dragon, Chroma, Cosmonaut,  Dangerfield, Devo, DJ Logic, Dylan Chambers, Global Block, Harry Hayward, Immortal Technique,  Jay Samel, Jennie Arnau, Joel Rafael,  Julie B. Bonnie, Junkyard Empire, Ladytron, Lloyd Cole, Los Cintron, Loudon Wainwright III, Lucinda Williams, Matt Pless, Mike+Ruthy, Mike Rimbaud, Mogwai, My Pet Dragon, Mystic Bowie, Our Lady Peace, Richard Barone, Ronny Elliot, Stephan Said, Taj Weekes, Tao Rodriquez Seeger, the Guthrie Family, the Middle Eight, Third Eye Blind, Thievery Corporation,  Toots and the Maytals, Warren Haynes, and Yo La Tengo.

6:10 Hhmmmm….interesting tweet from fabled livestreamer Tim Pool: "Simply because you have not been privy to discussion from working groups does not mean people are not talking about dissolving GA."

5:10 Marcy Wheeler tweets on Romney:  "Willard’s tax return reads like world a tour of tax havens: Switzerland, Ireland, Cayman Islands, Luxumborg. Just like a 3rd world dictator."

5:00 Today’s Occupy song of the day, it’s Pearl Jam joining Neil Young to rock in the free world.

 4:20  Jack Abramoff in a discussion at The Nation office just now (via Peter Riothberg): "Newt is a lobbyist."  Also says, "I never liked Newt." …. More on "Occupy candidate" running for Congress (see below).

2:20  Jeff Smith, longtime OWS press attache, tweets,  Town Squares: a new initiative from will premiere this Sunday, , 11a-5p, Washington Sq. Park. NYC."

1:20  Politico, rightly or wrong, labels this as "first Occupy candidate" for Congress.  "Nathan Kleinman, a 29-year-old member of the Occupy Philadelphia movement, intends to run for congress in Pennsylvania’s 13th district against Democratic incumbent Allyson Schwartz. ‘The petition gathering period starts today and lasts for three weeks, so I plan to file by then,’ Kleinman told me over the phone today. ‘I’ll be running in the Democratic primary.’

"Kleinman, who refers to himself as a human rights activist and organizer, served as an aide to Joe Sestak’s unsuccessful 2010 Senate campaign before becoming a legislative assistant to Pennsylvania State Representative Josh Shapiro."  It’s not known if other OWSers have filed for Congress or plan to, but others are running for other offices, in any case.

12:55 Just a reminder that my very OWS-relevant and award-winning book "The Campaign of the Century" has just been re-issued in both print and e-book editions.  It explores how Upton Sinclair inspired one of the greatest mass movements in U.S. history in California in 1934 — that nearly got him elected governor on an End Poverty platform.  The threat was so great the GOP and the one percenters and Hollywood had to invent the modern political campaign–including the first attack ads for the screen —  as we know it.  Video:

12:50  Lynn Parramore: Will Newt/Mitt battle energize Occupy movement?

12:45 Sticking it to the union:  Union membership at 70-year low.  Yet GOP won’t be happy until all are abolished.

11:40  Occupyers in D.C. will offer their official response to tonight’s SOTU speech at McPherson site.  They have emailed what shouted text will be — but say it is "embargoed" until after speech….

11:30 Possible labor settlement may put off Portland Occupy’s plan for port blockade in Longview but they have not decided on that, pending confirmation.

10:45  NYT on protesters in Switzerland building igloos instead of erecting Occupy tents for World Economic Forum.  Video below. (h/t Elizabeth Whitman)

10:30  Bill Moyers and Michael Winship on the revolving Wall St. / Washington door.

10:15 Tim Craig of Wash Post tweets on latest re: DC camp:  "Unless there is an emergency, protests must be allowed to continue, head of Park Service states."

10:00 Panel discussess how to overturn Citizens United ruling…. Springsteen announces tour with new OWS-friendly album, will play NOLA’s Jazzfest, no sax player yet named.

9:55 Good timing re: Romney and tax return:  Tonight  Obama will offer more details on the Buffett Rule & Buffett’s secretary, Debbie Bosanek, will be in FLOTUS Box.

8:30 New take on the "food movement" by Slow Food chief.  My old pal Michael Pollan calls it "provocative."

7:30  Romney’s tax return out.  As expected made most of money on dividends, took 15% tax rate so with charitable deductions paid 13.9 % overall.  He makes the top 1% fifty times over. Here’s a good Bloomberg summary.  Love this:  "Reaching the top 1 percent of taxpayers required $380,354 in adjusted gross income, about Romney’s earnings in a week." "In 2008, according to IRS statistics, fewer than 15 percent of taxpayers earning more than $200,000 had effective tax rates of less than 15 percent." 

Good chant for OWS at Romney rallies: "You are… the 13.9 percent!  You are…the 13.9 percent!"  Anthony Nitti, a tax partner at WithumSmith & Brown in Aspen said Romney’s return is a “pretty extreme example” of someone receiving income at preferential tax rates on investments.  Yes, there are investments in the Caymans–and the classic "Swiss bank account" (since closed for some reason).  Romney’s returns coming from this coming year look much the same, and he says that’s all he’s releasing.

From late Monday

My tweet coveage of GOP debate @gregmitch.

 We promised this was coming some time ago but now it’s here:  Occupy London has launched music label.  Guy wyo did Sex Pistols cover doing art. "Occupation Records is the music label creation of Occupy London. Its first album, Folk the Banks, is scheduled for launch on 15 February. The Guardian was given a sneak-preview of some of its 17 tracks, including those by Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly’s Sam Duckworth. The album, the first of a projected four, will be made available for download on a pay-what-you-can basis."  (h/t Elizabeth Whitman)  Video:


Occupy needs around the USA with map, via the Awl.

Good new roundup from the Occupied Wall Street Journal.

Sarah van Gelder: "Corporate Rules Is Not Inevitable"  (see link to Hedges piece below)… Never thoiught I’d see this, but, okay, from @KatrinaNation: "Jack Abramoff Nation Tues. 4 a wideranging conversation about corruption, lobbying & reforms to bust open system.U folks got questions?"

My man, Leonard Cohen — our poet laureate — has new album out in a few days, and The Guardian has stream of it here.  So in tribute, here’s one of his great "political" oldies as our Occupy song pick of the day:


 Eliz Warren and Scott Brown reach agreement to keep Super Pac money out of Mass. race.  Swell but…isn’t it out of their control by defintiion?…..Obama on brink of settlement with big banks–and progressives are said to be "furious."

 Chris Hedges at Truthdig: "Thank you for standing up."  Advises ignoring many more months of electioneering because voting will not change much, since corporations and Wall Street run the show.