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10:15 Claim tonight: Greyhound bus driver who booted those 13 OWSers off his rig  in Amarillo has been fired.  

10:00 White House rally over.  Reuters: Secret Service spokesman says White House locked down; authorities investigating smoke bomb tossed over fenc.  But very few other incidents and police used restraint.  Activists rewarded with 150 free pizzas, including vegan, from aa single donor. 

7:55 March at White House now, two livestreams below.  Another good livestream here.   Wash Post’s Tim Craig tweets:  "Secret Service moves in on someone who climbed to top of White House fence. Seem they are warning, not arresting ma." Chants of "Obama beware, Occupy is everywhere."  Also "Obama, come out, we’ve got some things to talk about."

7:20  Tim Pool, after livestreaming inside Rayburn building on the Hill, now out with march to White House:

3:45 A  Q &  A here at The Nation with the NYU prof who is launching an Occupy course.

3:30  From Elizabeth Whitman: The AP reports that an Idaho bill to forbid camping on the state’s Capitol Mall and state property may be discussed Wednesday. Dean Gunderson of Occupy Boise, however, worries that the bill would limit Occupy Boise’s right to free speech, as its members have erected tents on state-managed land since November.

3:05  Wrap-up, if sketchy, on day in D.C. so far. See livestreams below….Direct action about to begin, people assembling around 3 flags and then head to different buildings.

3:00 Massive numbers of signatures turned in for Walker recall in Wisconsin, over a million, or 46% of voters.

2:50  Solidarity march with OccupyCongress in LA today at 3 pm local time…..Romney: "I get speaker’s fees from time to time, but not very much." In 2010, Romney made $374,372.62 in speaking fees…..Obama to deliver his party’s acceptance speech nedxt summer in Charlotte …. at Bank of America Stadium.

2:40  Remember Gawker on release by rightwinger of over 3000 alleged emails from and to OWS "leaders" last October?  Breitbart and others naturally claimed conspiracy, Anonymous takeover, violence at core, even ties to al-Qaeda…"The emails show that Occupy Wall Street is a "conspiracy to ‘destabalize’ Global Markets," Breitbart says!"

1:15 How Gingrich played the race card in last night’s debate.

1:00 Numerous Twitter reports had Capt. Ray Lewis being arrested at D.C. action (he’s the former Philly officer also arrested in NYC), drawing big crowd. Then turned out he was merely frisked and released.

12:05 AP covers actions in D.C. so far, one arrested so far for alleged assauilt on cop.  See livestreams below…. 2nd arrest just reported.  Those on scene say maybe 1000 (could be less) at a G.A.

11:55  Cool Occupy photo journal from David Hatfield.

11:30  New report from exposes gender/race gap in retail, barriers to benefits & scheduling nightmares….. Romney admits he pays just 15% tax rate, less than typical middke-class American.  Whoops.

10:15 From D.C., reporter Andrew Katz just tweeted:  "Capitol Police rolled in. A lot of them. Telling everyone to go to West Front Lawn. No one’s listening."  Here’s the OccupyCongress livestream, and see others below.

9:50  Reports say it is raining a bit in D.C. for day of big #J17 actions.  People already being stopped trying to go to Capitol steps and barricades up.  Schedule said to be: "9am-1st wave heads to Capitol. 10am-open mic/teach ins.  12pm-voltron g.a.  2pm-aggressive lobbying action."  Medics and legal observers on hand.  Many activists from across USA in D.C. 

9:45 Follow livestreams  of January 17 actions all day:


9:15 Our man Bob Plain, who has visited dozens of OWS sites, now reports from Atlanta and progress of anti-foreclosure actions there, marking MLK Jr. Day and beyond.

8:55 Wall St. Journal, here cited by The Atlantic, claims OWS in NY getting low on cash (they say $170,000) and cutting back on funding new projects.  Awaiting OWS response.

12:10 Big day coming, wlll be covering #J17 events all day, especially focused on D.C.

12:05  See my Twitter feed @gregmitch for running accont of tonight’s GOP debate in S. Carolina.  Too many lowlights to count but lowest had to be crowd hooting Fox’s Juan Williams for daring to ask candidates about race and poverty and cheering on Newt’s attacks on him almost like a …. mob.  When it was done, Williams as usual played the Fox team game, merely noting that it was exciting to see the crowd so riled up.

From late Monday

10:30  New Colbert PAC ad in S. Carolina — urges vote for Herman Cain (but in Stephen’s image).

 8:25 Tom Tomorrow tweets how Fox marks MLK Jr. Day:  "Monica Crowley on O’Reilly talking abt New Black Panther Party & Dems playing the ‘race card."  How I mark day with:  WIth OWS song pick of the day, perhaps the finest song of past few generations, Sam Cooke’s "A Change Gonna Come." 

6:20 Just got press release via email from longtime NY occupyer Jeff Smith, in D.C. this week, and others re: OccupyCongress.   Opens:  "On January 17 Americans from across the nation and the world will assemble in the shadows of a broken system to participate in real democracy. At 9 am on the opening day of Congress, Occupy Congress will convene for a day of action against a corrupt political institution. Actions include a multi-occupational General Assembly, teach-ins, an OCCUParty, a pink slip for every congressional “representative” and a march on all three branches of a puppet government that sold our rights and our futures to the 1%."

4:35 Despite MLK Jr.’s life and legacy, segregation still widespread in schools and neighborhoods.

3:25  The Amarillo 13 — Occupyers from San Diego  kicked off bus by crazed Greyhouse driver — finally arrive in D.C…. Chris Hedges suing Obama administration…. Livestream of MLK Jr. actions below. 

3:00 We are told by @patrocles34 that the report on the UC-Davis pepper-spray incident has been pushed back to Feb. 21.