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9:00 Party continuing at Zuccotti.  Here’s mainstream report on re-occupation.

6:40  Wow, barricades have finally come down at Zuccotti Park and there’s a rumor that it’s due to an ACLU lawsuit…. People’s Library returns there amid celebrations.  How long will it all last? Livestream:

6:15  Rosie Gray at BuzzFeed breaks news about Occupy hiring an accountant (at last?).  Donations down but still lots of money on hand.

4:55 So much to blog, so little time.   I’ve just launched my live-blog for primary night in New Hampshire.

4:40  A look at big protests January 20 in Bay Area under OWS umbrella.

4:15  Our "travelin’ man" Bob Plain arrives in Tucson and catches us up on that amazing doings there, five camps and 800 arrests citations later (2nd in the USA to Occupy in NY)…..big auction foreclosure action planned by OccupyLA on Friday morning…

2:05 Today’s song pick for Occupyers, a daily feature since Oct. 1:  a brand new and clever global anthem:

 1:25 OccupyDC plans big January rally.

12:35  OccupyPittsburgh and BNY Mellon in court, via Global Rev….New shows from OccupyBoston…. Occupy Washington fights the cold…  Another take on Occupy New Hampshire and what it accomplished during primary (some division on this).

11:40  Good piece at WSJ by "numbers guy" on how Americans badly and routinely get wrong basic facts and figures on spending by government (not helped by Fox, for sure).  For example, they over-estimate federal spending on PBS and NPR by a factor of one hundred, and think states spend more money on prisons than on education…. Newt G complains that OWS protesters are blocking his "freedom of speech."

10:55 Clever  and funny video below backs actions vs. Citizens United decision starring our friends Katrina, Laura, Cenk, Ben & Jerry, Jim Hightower.   They mock viral videos–yes, cats, babies, and "coning"–so let’s make this one viral.

10:30  Prediction:  Romney not releasing tax returns will be enormous issue from here on out.  True or not, suspicion will be: paid little.   Occupy impact everywhere in this election year, even if OWS does not actively join in much.

10:15  Lessons of BPI oil spill lost, and changes "cosmetic" since then, LA Times reports.

10;00  Josh Green tweets:  "On MSNBC Judd Gregg, now of Goldman Sachs, perhaps not the most effective surrogate to defend Romney on Bain stuff."….  Yes, questions about contraception access ARE economic questions.

9:55  Occupy Colleges to Occupy Congress.  And follow ongoing here at Student Nation.

8:30  NYT: Gingrich cancels campaign event — because protesters at the door… NYT editorial slams GOP’s "corporate candidates."   And not just Mitt… Yes I will be live-blogging the primary tonight…. Polls show Huntsman may actually finish 2nd, showing that conservative GOPers in that state not insane, or religous zealots, unlike in much of rest of nation.    Hooray for the Northeast.

8:15 In honor of primary day in NH and new controversies there:  The first "attack ads" on the screen, courtesy of a good guy Hollywood icon, to defeat the leader of one of our greatest anti-poverty mass movements:

7:10 a.m.  Daily Show on GOP field:  "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Wealthy."

From late Monday

Wash Post: Romance blossoms at Occupy camps in D.C.– bunch of couples get serious.  "As with Occupy encampments on Wall Street and across the country, there have been many more casual hook-ups, bruised hearts and unofficial entanglements."  Plenty of condoms passed out, to be sure….WSJ with interesting piece on OccupyAlbany (that would be NY, up the river a couple hours from my place). Remember when they finally got evicted not long ago from camp?  Now they have settled nearby in …a storefront office. 

 Occupy protester engages Romney but hostile crowd and candidate makes it hard.  

Here at The Nation: Naomi Klein and organizer Yotam Marom in a conversation on what’s next for Occupy……OWS to protest Jan. 16 at Federal Reserve offices around USA…. More Occupy impact: Chris Matthews (and others) say Bill Daley exit at White House shows Obama about to run strong "anti-Wall Street" campaign

Joan Baez’s birthday today, so for today’s song pick for OWS, here she is singing "Joe Hill" near Zuccotti two months ago.

Very happy that my popular e-book "Atomic Cover-up" published in print edition this weekend.

 Police in NH probing Gingrich staffer for alleged assault on an young, female OWSer.  "Quinn Bowman, a reporter for PBS Newshour who witnessed the incident, agreed with her version of events. ‘Man w earpiece at Gingrich event in Manchester struggles violently to get sign out of female occupier’s hands,’ Bowman tweeted at the time."…. Rosie Gray at Buzzfeed:  Occupy the NH primary not having enough effect because…too polite.