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1:30  The Guardian with an animated guide to SuperPacs… Michael Moore gives Maddow a tour (below) of the "two Michigans."

11:40  Something a little different from Chris Hedges:  On love and acts of love.  "To love that which should unite us requires us to believe there is something that connects us all…",

10:30 Occupy vs. ALEC (and we’re not talkiing Baldwin): good full piece with background at Common Dreams.

10:05 Springsteen will tease new OWS-friendly album by streaming one cut a day… Frankly, I’ve never heard of her, but Kate Nash has recorded a pro-Occupy song. 

9:40  RJ Eskow:  On the budget, it’s Obama vs. Obama and two competing visions of the future… A little off-topic but Rev. Franklin Graham’s toxic appearance today on Morning Joe already viral.

9:05  My piece now up at Huff Post–on how Beethoven calls the tune at global protests.

8:50  Paul Krugman: Party Like It’s…1934? … Speaking of which, the favorite of all my books, set in that year, and featuring Upton SInclair leading one of the greatest mass movements in U.S. history, is now in paper and e-books.

8:40  "The Vagina Monologues" meets Occupy Wall St., on Feb. 28 in NYC…. Occupy Education day of action on March 1, here’s a report from Houston.

8:30  Occupy San Quentin (San Fran area) drew several hundred protesters vs. the death penatly, indefinite detention, and more.

8:05  Conference coming up in March at Goddard College (a ’60s hotbed) on OWS and student activism and future of OWS with the Knefels and others.

From late Monday

Important piece from the Portland Occupier raising tough questions about Occupy’s future and facing frankly loss of "momentum" and plunging number of participants.  How does that idea of never issuing "demands" look now?  "Numbers matter, and Occupy has been shedding numbers for months. A major reason for this is because Occupiers have swerved drastically left, leaving the broader 99% ashore. If this trend isn’t corrected soon, Occupy will resemble the pre-Occupy left: small isolated groups pursuing their own issues, disconnected from the very broader population that must be involved to actually win any significant demands.

"This is the original sin of Occupy: Without first sinking its roots deep enough into the broader population, Occupy marched quickly to the left, unconcerned with who was following. Hopefully Occupy can correct this mistake in time, since not doing so would be fatal fast.

"Hopefully, Occupiers have passed through the movement’s immature adolescence. For example, Occupy must shed its focus on radical-themed direct actions that inevitably attract only a couple hundred Occupiers but no one else. Again, this was the strategy of pre-Occupy that has already proved its lack of worth. Mass direction action is truly effective, but that raises the critical question: how to bring the masses of working people to Occupy, and vice versa?

"Europe has already answered this question, having passed through the adolescence if its own movement…"