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4:05  From my asst. Elizabeth Whitman:  The right-wing Heartland Institute, funded by the Koch brothers as well as top corporations, will develop curriculum that will teach children in elementary school that man-made climate change is a "major scientific controversy." A senior fellow at the institute told ThinkProgress Green, "We are concerned that schools are teaching climate change issues in a manner that is not consistent with sound science and that is designed to lead students to the erroneous belief that humans are causing a global warming crisis. We hope that our efforts will restore sound science to climate change education and discourage the political propaganda that too often passes as ‘education’."

3:15  Berkeley cop cleared in breaking finger of student protesting tuition hikes….OccupyPortraits funding appeal at KickStarter for Annie Appel, whose work we have linked to often here.

1:50  Occupy protestor allegedly tased at Santorum event….Fun photo promoting this afternoon’s Times Sq "kiss in."

12:50  We linked to his written piece a few days ago, and now it returns via Alex Kotlowitz on PBS Frontline: What happens when we ignore the long-term effects of violence on children, adults and our communities?

11:05 Was certain I was on politics page when I saw this headline  on NYT sports page today: "Trying to Win a Campaign With Money and Nice Hair." On dog show…. Message of new Romney op-ed: Let Detroit go Bankrupt?

10:55 National People’s Action with Valentines you can email to others in the 99%.

10:30  Alternet:  Breitbart’s viral rant at OWSers, now "contextualized." …. Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: Money Throws Democracy Overboard.

10:20  Joe Caramanica in NYT today charges that Bruce’s new "We Take Care of Our Own" song "mistakes jingoism for empathy." Simplistic misreading?

9:40  Eliz Warren continues to lead in Mass contest for Senate…Chris Hedges (and see below) on panel to discuss his "cancer on Occupy" piece.

9:10  Pucker up against the wall: Times Sq. "kiss-in" via flash mob set for 1 to 3 pm tomorrow.  And another Val Day action in Oakland.

8:45 Occupy the SEC drops 325-page comment on the Volcker Rule….  If there is an Israeli or U.S. attack on Iran, should U.S. media get same criticism on pre-war coverage as with Iraq–this time not for sins of commission but of omission?… Critics of Apple: Those third-party inspections of company "sweat shops" won’t do enough.

8:00  Jon Stewart mocks GOP and Catholic fight on contraception, under headline: "The Vagina Ideologues." Classic.


12:10  Colbert segment w/ Bill McKibben ends with big pitch for more signatures vs. Keystone XL revival at .

From late Monday

Latest from Chris Hedges at Truthdig:  "There is a recipe for breaking popular movements. I watched it play out over five years in the war in El Salvador. I now see these familiar patterns in the assault against the Occupy movement.  It goes like this. Physically eradicate the insurgents’ logistical base of operations to disrupt communication and organization. Dry up financial and material support. Create rival organizations… Infiltrate….All we have, as Vaclav Havel writes, is our own powerlessness. And that powerlessness is our strength."

NYC’s own "pepper spray cop,"  Tony Bologna, being sued by his OWS victims from last October…More on occupation of Lamont Library at Harvard. …. See video: Occupyers and Tea Party folks have a beer summit at CPAC.

From press release that just arrived in the old email box:  "Today Apple announced it would take an unprecedented step towards supply chain transparency by asking the Fair Labor Association to investigate their supplier factories, including Foxconn, and to publish which factories were investigated in their reports. The announcement follows a global petition delivery of over 250,000 signatures to Apple stores around the world late last week.

"Mark Shields, a self-identified Apple ‘super-user’  launched the viralcampaign on after listening to a radio program detailing allegations of labor abuses at an Apple supplier factory in China, including child labor, serious physical injuries of workers from repetitive motions during long shifts, and stress-related worker suicides. The petition calls on Apple to investigate their supply factories and commit to a comprehensive worker protection plan. ‘Manufacturing issues in China are obviously complicated, but the good news is that Apple is great at solving complicated problems,’ said Mark Shields, who launched the campaign on that has so far collected over 200,000 signatures. ‘As an Apple consumer, I’m relieved to hear that Tim Cook is taking this seriously and breaking ground in the industry with Fair Labor Association auditing. But Apple still needs to use some of their trademark creativity and problem solving to create a worker protection plan for new products — especially the upcoming iPad3 — so that they’re proactively taking care of their workers.’"

And the Occupy Grammy award for most overtly-OWS goes to Joseph Arthur for "We Stand as One," here performed just outside Zuccotti Park, even with a Dylanesque harmonica break.