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12:25 Michelle Shocked, cool singer/songwriter, talks about her arrest in LA raid last week in video, and vow to take it to Supreme Court, starts about 4:30 in.

12:15 Just back from NYC, need to catch up.  I my talk I mentioned I had just seen on the street nearby someone had put "99%" in their apt window — over a Chase — with Xmas lights.  Someone at party, Julia Frakes, later took photo and sent to me.

4:55  Leaving in a few minutes for NYC–speaking to a youngish "downtown" crowd on OWS panel at the Bowery Hotel, and no tickets, as they have 700 RSVPs for 500 capacity, they tell me.  Below is livestream from Global Rev, which will probably be hoping around USA and Occupy Homes actions.  See you later tonight.


4:10 Thom Yorke, Massive Attack doing show for OWS now from secret location in London, here is livestream but sound has been bad.

4:05  Horror story of the day (so far) : Woman denied food stamps for months in standoff at San Antonio welfare office for 7 hours, ends up shooting herself and twos kids (they are still alive).

3:40 Mother Jones take on Obama speech: he has "met" OWS.  Total shift in his emphasis and words in past three months.  And ready for 2012 at last…. Boston camp gets court order to live another day, or more…

3:35  PunkBoyinSF livestreaming San Fran actions now.  Appears to be an occupation of city hall now.

3:10 Just got this email from OWS "press" team on one part of NY actions (see below):  "The tour ended at an empty home foreclosed on by Bank of America that is being liberated for the homeless family after being abandoned for three years. The father, Alfredo Carrasquillo, and a clean-up crew have begun occupying it. They are presently making renovations that will allow the mother and her two children to move in. Neighbors and community members are delivering housewarming gifts and holding a spirited block party with food and live music to welcome the new family."

2:55 Livestream below from NYC still going and great…. Missed Obama speech but apparently very strong OWS influence, even inspiration.  One quote: "This isn’t about class warfare, this is about the nation’s welfare."  Text of speech here.

1:55  Major Obama speech right now, may target 1%…. Big teach-in tomorrow at Harvard…My OWS book chat at Crooks & Liars starting in 5 minutes (see link down the page).

1:35 Livestreamer Tim Pool covers Occupy Homes direct action in East New York:

1:00 Thing just getting going on various OccupyHomes actions around USA.  See links below. About 300 at NY’s Duarte site now. .. Photo of marchers carrying "housewarming gift" for people moving in. Follow @RDevro, but many others tweeting big East New York action.

11:45 Amazing story:  I have reported rumors that one reason LAPD did raid on camp at that point was because filming was supposed to start near there on Sean Penn gangster movie.  Indeed, the movie was set to film there.  Now, what happened Monday night:   Occupyers had been given permission to hold GAs at City Hall steps and were asked to move for awhile because of filming.  This caused dispute, naturally, and word got back to Sean Penn about it.  He called woman he knew there among the OWSers, said he supported Occupy, and offered to pay for digital editing that would remove folks from the footage.  And for more, read here.

11:35  Best song from a few years back to foretell OWS issues?   Iris DeMent’s  "Living in the Wasteland of the Free."

11:20  Hearing in Denver reveals local cop set up fake Twitter account to bother OWS "idiots" … Poll: 58% of Americans back extending payroll tax cut. … 5 arrested in the Bronx at site of razed community garden. … L.A. Times:  City of LA weighs moves to make banks more accountable…. Protesters occupy another foreclosure auction

11:00  For OccupyHomes day, my song pick for OWS:  One of greatest American songs sung by Ameica’s greatest current singer.  Thomas Hampson doing Stephen Foster’s  "Hard Times."  

 10:15  I’ll be doing online chat today at 2 pm ET at popular site Crooks & Liars about my new Occupy book.  Also on OWS panel tonight at Bowery Hotel in NYC about 9 pm.

9:50  Michael Lind in new Salon piece: the Roosevelt that Obama must embrace is Franklin, not Teddy. … All yoiu need to know about Politico leaders: They are honoring Rep. Paul Ryan tonight as Health Policymaker of the Year.  No, that’s health, not stealth.

9:45 Mother JonesHow the "moneybags" occupied (occupy) D.C. …Morgan Stanley exec calls for higher taxes on rich because "we can’t cut our way" back to greatness.

9:35  Barbara Bedway sends this along:  Legendary value investor Jeremy Grantham takes note of #OWS in his latest quarterly newsletter, saying he’s “increasingly worried about the 1% and the 99% and the appearance we give of having become a plutocracy, and a rather mean-spirited one at that." He plans to “post a letter addressed to the ‘Occupy … Everywhere’ folks shortly.”

9:30  Judge just ruled that park police must give OccupyDC notice before evicting…MoveOn has its own list of OccupyHomes events today (and see below).

8:55  Just got very professional email press release from "Occupy Wall Street PR Team" on today’s Occoupy Our Homes actions, with rundown and contact information for homeowners resisting in 9 cities, from Rochester, NY to San Francisco. Describing a Brooklyn protest, it adds, "This action is part of a national kick-off for a new frontier for the occupy movement: the liberation of vacant bank-owned homes for those in need, and the defense of families under threat of foreclosure and eviction. Actions will take place in more than 20 cities across the country today."  Mother Jones with preview here and map of actions.   Here’s one of the homeowners featured in release, Bobby Hull (no, not the former hockey great).

 8:25 An OWS vs Tea Party comparison — via Google analysis….

8:00 Long-awaited New Orleans camp eviction now underway.

12:25  Full-age ad on OWS "demands" to appear in today’s SF Chronicle after crowdsourcing raised $8500  in funds, from 99 people.  They say: "The ad appears to be the first ad of its kind – under the 99% umbrella, offering solutions, developed by a grassroots group of citizens, and placed in a major US newspaper."  Big type (in ad sent to me) announces that the super committee failed but  WE HAVE A SOLUTION.  

12:15  Update to "stripping" of young woman below:  Here’s a popular video from earlier featuring the "tent monsters," including the woman, vefy funny and creative.

From late Monday

11:40 One of most disturbing arrest videos yet, as four cops in Australia strip a young woman in public — she was wearing a "tent" dress as protest and they chose to violently seize it, leaving her nearly naked on the ground and screaming (and apparently now charging sexual assault).

 11:05  MSNBC previews tomorrow’s anti-foreclosure actions and occupations…. Long Beach camp expects evictiion tonight.

9:40  First wave of OccupyWashington activists and unionists arrive in D.C.  Not a full OWS action but related.  Tents to come, they say…. OccupySF folks sent me this video of their test flight of their own "helicopter" device after I posted livestream of Tim Pool testing his "drone" for aerial footage.

8:25  Annie Appel continues her great series of black and white portraits from OccupyLA, now updated with shots from around the period of last week’s raid.  She tells me they will all be published soon in a magazine.

7:30 Dave Weigel at Slate with lengthy piece on yesterday’s house drama at OccupyDC:  shift to performance art?  or mainly symbol of how cops will stop upcoming home occupations?

7:15  Jackson Browne at OccupyDC, following up his Zuccotti Park gig.

7:00 Oh no, they did not go there…Christmas gift idea:  Shirt with image of Pepper Spray Cop doing his thing re: the Baby Jesus.

 6:05  Good piece by Bob Plain, who has visited seveal OWS sites, on current state of Zuccotti and environs, and the Bunker Hill effect…. Ron Paul, at least, defended OWS from Gingrich mockery.  Well, it’s something.

6:00 Amazing:  My new Occupy e-book now updated to cover events up to this past Monday   The wonders of modern e-publishing!  Can purchase "40 Days That Shook the World"  for just $2.99, with 50 cents of each going to OWS.  For KIndle but also for all phones, iPads, PCs and Macs, via apps.

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