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7:30  My segment on MSNBC with Chuck Todd today now posted (and see item below), to  read more on book or order go here:


6:30  Unusual piece by the travelin’ man, Bob Plain, on Occupy in small town Ashland, Oregon.   Have had that OWS instinct before there was an OWS.

6:20  Reportedly, Occupy folks in NYC will voting tonight on whether to set aside $100,000 from their funds for future bail outs–that is, bailing out people arrested. 

4:20  Another Christmas Eve has passed and does anyone know the fate of John Doe, Occupy hero and potential suicide victim?  Always worth a revisit:

4:10  If you want to help with the foreclosure crisis.  ….Latest on Occupying the Iowa caucuses…..  OccupyLove hums that familiar tune, "We’ve Only Just Begun."

 2:40  Justin Elliott of Salon on The Occupiers in Winter — keeping in touch and keeping it going via regular web contacts and conference calling. "It’s immensely valuable to have a place once a week where people come together from across the country and share ideas and their hopes for what the movement can accomplish.”

2:15 If you missed a few days ago, a local — very local — bank up near my old stomping grounds in upstate — way upstate — New York really tries to help people, not profits.

 11:30 Must-read from Newsweek:  How Wall St has destroyed "the wonder that was America." And:  "As 2011 slithers to its end, none of the major problems that led to the crisis point three years ago have really been solved."…   Some Occupy wins, on smaller scale, you may not have heard about….

10:00 Good new video on OWS helping family in struggle for home.  Just one example, but needs more of this….Paul Krugman rates economists and how they bungled meltdown and crisis.

9:35 NY Post finally finds something to be outraged over re: Wall Street.  The giant "bull" is still caged even though protesters have moved on!

9:30  My taped segment with Chuck Todd for his MSNBC "Daily Rundown" show on my book just aired, will put up tape later.  For now, here is my video, inspired by my book, on the first use of a screen "attack ad" to destroy a candidate–author Upton Sinclair, who was leading a mass movement against poverty.  And my lengthy piece about it all here at The Nation.

 9:00 Will OWS fizzle if it doesn’t jump into 2012 election campaign?  This writer thinks so and is disappointed so far.

8:15  The 25 richest members of Congress….15 million wasted words to go on what will be meaningless Iowa caucus. I have 4 words for you: Steve Forbes. Mike Huckabee.

8:00 Giving Wall Street the finger — by candle light.  The bird is the word.   Waxing profane.

12:35 Eric Schmidt, the Google chief, says no one talks about Occupy and the 99% in Silicon Valley because they live in a bubble and don’t really have the typical economic problems.  This piece shows how wrong he is.

12:05  Allegedly I’ll be on Chuck Todd’s MSNBC show tomorrow somewhere between 9:15-10 am, talking about my book on how the modern campaign came to be – -inspired by Upton SInclair’s EPIC anti-poverty movement in 1934.

12:00 This D.C. streamer says her Ustream account has been subpoeneaed via a federal judge — she thinks because one video shows an alleged assault on a cop.

From Monday

NYT:  First they saddle college students with hideous debt–now they are kept them from the polls.

NPR with segment tonight on Occupy and the police–mainly on cops using social media and livestreams to monitor actions but also taking a less than hard hitting approach to police violence.

Today’s song pick for OWS, one of the greatest songs ever, and a sad reminder for a day after Christmas: Stephen Foster’s "Hard Times,"  recent live Springsteen version.

Can popular culture keep amplifying OWS without being accused of "co-opting" its message?…. This really bites:  Pepper-Spray Cop:  The gingerbread version

 Vandals destroy Christmas display in Albany, NY, where an OWS camp was just wrecked.  Not an OWS action but with "anti-capitalist" and anti-shopping message.  Doesn’t help.

 Now 23 straight polls have shown people want to raise taxes to pay down debt.

A new interview with Todd Gitlin on where OWS is at now and months ahead.  "All movements are constantly influx. Occupy Wall Street has already learned so much from itself. It’s already polymorphous and various. There are a lot of activities going on that don’t make splashes in media. That will continue to be true through the winter months."

 Occupy the Dream coming January 16, MLK Jr. day, as Faith joins with OWS….Occupy at Christmas: "One of my kids thinks I’m nuts, the other thinks I’m a hero."