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10:45 Lawrence Lessig coming up on The Daily Show. …..Yes, my Occupy e-book, "40 Days That Shook the World," still on sale for $2.99.

7:25 Olbermann tweets promo for show: "First Occupy/Political conference: Congressional Progressive Caucus to meet with on legislation."  Problem is, according to The Atlantic, that group of 10 from NY drew criticism from other Occupyers who said they did not (could not) represent them, not picked by consensus, and so on.   So meeting cancelled.  "Somebody’s taking the reins in terms of representing the group to Congress. But the rest of Occupy’s not ready for that yet."

7:15   Thanks to Chuck Todd  tweeting mentions of my very OWS relevant  "The Campaign of the Century" book finally out in an e-book edition this week.  Will be taping MSNBC segment with Todd on Wednesday.  The book explores the incredible year when Upton Sinclair, the famed author, led one of the greatest mass movements in U.S. history to End Poverty during the Depression — and swept the Democratic primary for governor.  Then the "vested interests" and Hollywood rose up to defeat him, inventing the modern political campaign as we know it today.

7:00 Classic: LAPD moves in on library cleanup crew–thought they were OWS troublemakers.  At least no pepper spraying or tear gas or car chase.

6:10  Arcade Fire "intervenes" with Eisenstein’s "Potemkin."  Working for the judge while your family dies.

 6:00 Occupied Media’s big catch, 52-minute interview on video with eonomist Jared Bernstein, which they are billing as a "vritual teach-in."

5:45 Another piece critical of yesterday’s "failed" ports shutdown action, this time from The Guardian with quotes from unions.

5:10 At Boing Boing, great photo of John Knefel arrest yesterday and another take on cops busting journos, citizen of otherwise.

4:50  Rep. Darrell Issa wants Obama himself to explain why he hasn’t cracked down on poor little OccupyDC using federal park.

4:40  I’ve linked to all sides on this, here’s latest, Mike Elk on OWS bypassing unions in move to shut down ports…  MoveOn: These 30 Corporations Want to Buy Our Government. (Ya mean they haven’t already?)

3:40  OccupyTheHood reclaim Ramparts station in L.A. famous for Rodney King beating.

1:50   NYT tells NYPD it is upset about police handling of its photog at OWS protest yesteday…. All of the lectures at OccupyHarvard now up here.

1:35 Today’s song pick for OWS, a daily feature since Oct. 1.  Today, a change of pace, in tribute to the OccupyHomes movement, "The Consecration of the House," some rocking and rolling by my hero, Mr. 99 Percenter, L.V. Beethoven.

12:30  Ben Ehrenreich at LA Review of Books on eviction of camp.  They also have e-pub now collecting all of their fine coverage.  (h/t Jon Wiener)  And at Boston Review:  Doug McAdam on social movements and Occupy…. New Occupied cover of Mother Jones.

11:35 Matt Taibbi on yesterday’s "squidding" protests in NY vs his nemesis Goldman Sachs.  He almost wept for joy over the "calamari" chants but is mad he was not invited.  Promises to put in "serious man hours" designing squid costume for next protest.   They took name from his slang for Goldman–"vampire squid."

11:30  MoveOn:  How is a millionaire "job creator" like a unicorn?  Most beautiful when found on tapestries?

10:55 Bob Plain, who has been traveling to numerous OWS hot beds, now with remarkable piece on taking over abandoned home in Detroit and fixing it up for family.  I love the detail to using bottles to create rather colorful windows.  Video: 

10:20  Local TV in Seattle covered conflict yesterday with use of tear gas, pepper spray, grenades and more vs. protesters.  Don’t miss video…. Salon writer hits port shutdown actions.

9:55  As I’ve noted previously, my award-winning Random House book "The Campaign of the Century" has just been published in its first e-book edition, and it is, I must say, tremendously relevant for OWS fans today.   Here’s one of the videos I made about it:

9:50 Maureen Tkacik at Naked Capitalism (one of our faves) on the "CIA connection" in anti-Occupy drive — and Frank Serpico.

9:45 Cool piece by Mark Read on creation of the now famous OWS "bat signal" in NY, which has now spread to other cities.

9:25  We reported on this couple times yesterday and now here is Molly Knefel writing about arrest yesterday of her brother, John Knefel, while filming NY action vs. Goldman…. Mother Jones: Wall Street types who are helping OWS. …..Occupy folks in nearby port action chatted with Seattle Seahawk fans last night…

8:40  Another eviction: OccupyBaltimore cleared out of the square overnight. .. City in Belgium hit with grenade attacks.  Yes, you read that right. 

8:35 Oaklanders claim they shut down 3 am shift at port, also, and then go home, finally….Michael Copps quitting at FCC….and in other news, Gary Busey endorses Gingrich.  John Cusack one ups Gingrich by pledging High Fidelity.

12:30  A CBS/AP wrapup on the port closings.

Late Monday

11:35  There’s a new, and quickly popular site for historians, OccupyHistory, in the manner of OccupyWriters…. Getting a lot of play today, BBC story on police testing new blinding laser to be used against rioters.

11:25  Thanks to Chuck Todd  tweeting mentions of my very OWS relevant  "The Campaign of the Century" book finally out in an e-book edition.  Will be taping segment with Todd on Wednesday.

11:10 Actress Jennifer Ehle just tweeted: "Told my 86 yr old Papa I’ll donate a tent to OWS on his behalf & he said he thoughtold my 86 yr old Papa I’ll donate a tent to OWS on his behalf & he said he thought that’d be a good present. I love him. that’d be a good present. I love him."

8:10  Reports of pepper-spraying in Seattle just now…. I mentioned earlier but now NYT photog talks about NYPD keeping him from doing his job today.

7:55   Injured vet Scott Olsen returns to front lines of Oakland protest, even in neck brace, photo at left.  Photo via @tyska…. Local ABC with aerial views of march there.

7:45 Best roundup of today’s action from 10 sites around USA, from official OWS site. For example, police using violene in San Diego has caused OWS there to vow to protest again tomorrow.  Then there’s this: "In solidarity with the port blockades, landlocked Occupy Denver shut down a Wal-Mart distribution center in Loveland, CO. Occupiers sat in the road and erected tents to prevent shipments from entering or leaving the facility, one of the largest distribution centers in the country. Police used SWAT teams to pull apart the protesters, who were locking arms in nonviolent resistance. 13 arrests were made, with at least one person thrown violently to the ground and sat on by police."

7:40   Chris Hedges talks capitalism with Michael Moore…..For the holidays, it’s the Hallelujah chorus but with "corporations" substituted for that word.

6:10 We reported earlier that Houston police had covered up a half dozen peaceful protests, prone and awaiting arrest, with a giant tent to hide them from view. Here is video, with tent arriving about 1:30 in.

5:30 MoveOn:  Does the future of democracy in US ride on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ move to roll back Citizens United decision?

4:55 Jimmy Breslin’s son Kevin has done an Occupy doc, here is trailer below.  Also, my fellow Nyacker, Joanthan Demme, showing OWS films tonight at film center I belong to in Westchester, the Jacob Burns Center.