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–Note: Today we may be setting a some kind of new record for live-blogging as this breaks my mark from last year, for daily WikiLeaks coverage, of 185 days….

10:00 Well, this is certainly a one-of-a-kind Occupy memoir by an early OWS guy, Daniel Levine.  Book Even features Triumph the Insult Dog, who I haven’t seen since the 2004 GOP convention.

2:20 A new panel from D.C. panel with Chris Hedges again hitting "black bloc" and violence looking ahead to spring actions.

 1:35  Here’s OccupyBoston’s preview of tomorrow’s big "public transport" action tomorrow (and see video below), or "People’s Assembly at State House."  Plus:  "Events are planned on April 4th in more than twenty-five cities, including Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Portland, Denver, Los Angeles and Seattle. The Amalgamated Transit Union, the largest labor organization representing transit workers in the US and Canada, has pledged its support for the April 4th National Day of Action for Public Transportation."

12:30  Posted Woody’s "Jolly Banker" and now informed Wilco has a version, so why not: 

10:55 Woody Guthrie on "The Jolly Banker" (h/t Barbara Bedway).  Not to be confused with Jolly Rancher.

10:25  Our own Allison Kilkenny on the SF builiding occupation and bind OWS finds itself in with such actions.  Want to draw attention but actions quickly smashed by police, driving folks "underground" and causing debate over tactics.  And more.  Video: 

10:10  May I humbly suggest that my award-winning book on Upton Sinclair’s amazing 1934 race for governor of Calif–leading great end poverty movement–is tremendously relevant for Occupy today, not to mention U.S. media and politics and the 2012 campaign.

10:05  The Gothamist on Union Sq in NYC: Now "The Model of a Major Modern Police State."  Notes: "Last night at least 100 officers were deployed at the park to close it down for the symbolic cleaning. As far back as we can remember, the NYC Parks Department curfew was never been enforced at Union Square, until Occupy Wall Street began gravitating there last month."

9:30  Obama to offer economic rebuttal to Ryan (and Romney) at 12:30 today.

9:20 A call for students to wear hoodies on April 5… OWS pushing this hashtag today: #Tweetboat…@pourmecoffee tweets: "GOP plan to replace Obamacare: May the odds be ever in your favor." Perhaps Dylan will re-release "Forever Young" as "Forever Healthy." 

8:55 By this count, 75 arrested in building takeover in San Francisco (see below) and then more took to streets to protest. And San Fran Chronicle counts 80. "After police broke through the main door, protesters fled deeper into the building, barricading doors and stairways along the way, Andraychak said. One man jumped from a second-floor window to avoid police, but was caught soon after, he said."

8:40  Huff Post:  Housing market still awful, seven points to consider….Katie, bar the door: Sarah Palin hosting Today show today: Obama still driving us to socialism…

7:55 Cool video for Occupy action in Boston on Wednesday re: public transportation.

From late Monday

Arrests underway in police raid on the OWS building takeover (as "SF Commune").  Two buses there to take folks away.  Police with assault rifle on roof.  @JoshuaHolland tweeting it all.

Another piece (and see below), this time at the Tablet,  on launch of and man behind it….What’s dat?   Occupy New Orleans claims to be "alive." 


OWS official feed tweets on building takeover in SF:  "Police at , new sf community center, not letting food in! and still holding strong."  Livestream: 

I linked earlier today to, the site and a new video (see below), and now Josh Harkinson at Mother Jones with full piece, under headline suggesting it may be the Huffington Post of the movement. "Call him Occupy’s Arianna Huffington.New York filmmaker David Sauvage is cofounder of, a nonprofit multimedia and news-aggregation site that launches today with financial backing from Hollywood, lots of complicated internal politics, and a plan to become a must-read for a new generation of activists."

My new book on the Bradley Manning case, with my former Nation intern Kevin Gosztola, just out today in print as well as e-book.  Titled "Truth and Consequences: The U.S. vs. Bradley Manning," it covers the saga right up to the court martial proceeding in recent months, right up to two weeks ago.

Just got email from PBS Frontline along with this video, and opens:  The nation’s largest banks are "a perversion of capitalism" and "a clear and present danger to the U.S. economy." The Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation passed in the wake of the crisis "may actually perpetuate an already dangerous trend of increasing banking industry concentration."

These arguments come not from an Occupy Wall Street activist, not from a Tea Party member, but from a scathing report released last week by one of the nation’s top banking regulators, the Federal Reserve Board of Dallas. In a column for ProPublica and The New York Times, reporter Jesse Eisenger described the report as "a radical indictment of the nation’s financial system." FRONTLINE sat down on Saturday with the Dallas Fed CEO and president, former banker Richard W. Fisher, to talk about the report and its core argument about "too big to fail" institutions. According to their calculation, five banks hold 52 percent of all U.S. deposits, which means the "too big to fail" problem is with us now more than ever. FRONTLINE producer Michael Kirk ("Inside the Meltdown," "The Warning") interviewed Fisher for our upcoming series "Money, Power and Wall Street," airing April 24 and May 1 on PBS.

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