I’ve been live-blogging OWS here daily since October 1.  Doing my best this week despite internet outage.  Email: epic1934@aol.com.

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9:45  Bonus song pick for Occupyers today: Talking Heads’  "Road to Nowhere."   Come take that ride.  "Wer’e not little children / And we know what we want /  The future is certain / Give us time to work it out."

 9:35  For fun: Tonight’s nutty Bill O’Reilly hit on Occupy…

9:20  Emergency Oakland city council meeting tonight on Occupy — police lay out bottles, rocks, allegedly thrown or intended to be thrown at them, and so on.

7:45 NYT reviews that upcoming MTV special on Occupy–and that’s no (Red) Bull:  "summer camp with protest signs, a rolling festival of exasperation and naïveté, stone-faced cops and Hacky Sack — Fuming Man….You might want to roll your eyes when Caitlin declares, ‘I’ve never felt more important than right here,’ but you might also be on the wrong side of history."

7:40  Matt Taibbi roasts Mike Bloomberg: “Well, you know what, Mike Bloomberg? FUCK YOU. People are not protesting for their own entertainment, you asshole. They’re protesting because millions of people were robbed, by your best friends incidentally, and they want their money back.”   Amid new rumors of NYC evicting Zuccotti folk.

7:35  Video of Mercedes driver plowing through protesters last night in Oakland…. How editor of Bay Citizen newspaper ended up holding a live tear gas canister last night…. Picture of Occupyers cleaning main plaza in Oakland defaced last night….. There are reports that former TV superhero actress Lucy Lawless was arrested in Oakland last night — true?  

7:15  Bill Moyers at The Nation:  How the rich keep getting richer and  poor democracy gets poorer.

7:10  Michael Moore, like Tom Morello, continues his tour of Occupy sites — now heading to Denver.

7:00 Hallelujah, as my man Leonard Cohen might say, my internet is finally back after five full days…try live-blogging without it some time…

1:55  Folks, due to continuing internet outage, have to sign off again, see you later, sorry.

1:50  In my hometown:  @Bbedway "Great sign of support: bumper sticker seen in Nyack parking lot this am: ‘Proud parent of a Wall Street Occupyer.’"

1:30 Now there’s video of the (approx) 15 arrests at Goldman a few minutes ago, including Chris Hedges (see below). 

1:00 @JohnKnefel who has been covering Goldman Sachs "trial" all morning at Zuccotti just reported that Chris Hedges just  arrested and about a dozen others sitting down.  They had gone to GS building to deliver guilty verdict.  Photo here.  Crowd chanted, "the criminals are inside!"  Reports of  seven, or twelve or more arrested, including "Rev. Billy,"  some carried away by pair of cops. 

12:55  New OWS piece by my colleague Richard Kim getting a props …  Walker on the Wild Side:  OccupyChicago interrupts speech by Wisconsin Gov. Walker.

12:50  Report: 650,000 new credit union members and $4.5 billion moved in October even before Bank Transfer week began.

12:40  Occupy The Hood page at Facebook now has over 10,000 "likes."

12:35  AP: Port of Oakland re-opens.….Video allegedly shows police knew they were arresting reporter in Milwaukee…  85 colleges taking part in national security teach-in today.  Follow@occupycolleges.

12:25  FireDogLake with new campaign to supply Occupyers with (union made) winter clothing.

12:20  New poll: the more people know about OWS the more they like it… OWSers fight for trademark rights …Malia Wollan of NYT tweets she is updating her Oakland story, she has done some good work past couple weeks…. Cornel West speaking at Zuccotti not long ago, I believe. Chris Hedges earlier slammed Obama.   Goldman Sachs put on trial.

12:10  And…I’m back and catching up.  Another march to Goldman Sachs going on now, but unlike last night, no rumors that Dubya there.  Maybe he’s just avoiding citizens’ arrest.

9:30  Okay, folks, you are on you own for awhile, as noted previously, my power was out for days, back now, but internet out, so hopping from cafes to libraries to friends’ houses.  See you soon.

9:25 Today’s song for Occupyers everywhere, a daily feature here since October 1:  rarely-viewed live version by Bob Dylan of his classic media takedown, "Ballad of a Thin Man."  It’s still true, "something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?"

9:00  Goldman Sachs going on "trial" today at Zuccotti today, featuring, we are told, Chris Hedges and Cornel West.  Follow @johnknefel for on the scene reports …. Interesting piece on OWS "self-policing" (needed now more than ever).

8:50 Justin Elliot of Salon: Much of OWS business in NY taking place a few blocks from Zuccotti in atrium of Deutsche Bank — bailed out three years ago. " The fact that Deutsche received bailout money — which was news to several occupiers I interviewed at 60 Wall Street — imbues the space with an ironic symbolism. A movement taking on global finance is now literally being run out of the ground floor of one of the industry’s biggest players."

8:45 Rick Hertzberg in New YorkerOWS needs to move beyond "encampments" or it will soon "turn sour."

8:40  Cool photo as Occupyers in Oakland took turns guarding a vandalized store with sign saying such actions "not authorized by GA."

8:25 Not exactly a shock but:  NY Post editorial calls on Bloomberg to clear Zuccotti.

8:20 Oakland Trib’s live-blog captures all the early morning conflict at occupied building and in plaza….Here’s Allison Kilkenny’s wrap-up (though not on the scene):  splinter group that threw stuff at police and caused other conflict a "group of 100, mostly young men."  NYT calls it merely a "spasm" of violence while some others refer to "chaos."

8:05  Apparently a Tully’s near the plaza in Oakland vandalized, possibly looted.  Many with OWS lamenting scattered violence that will allow media to spin hugely successful day in negative way (but this will be continuing problem)….Good photo gallery at MoJo.

7:50 And here is fresh Mother Jones report on last night/early morning in Oakland.  See their live-blog for reports on conflicts at two areas: the occupied abandoned builiding (see below) where protesters put up barricades around it, then burned some of them; and at the plaza, where windows were broken (including City Hall?), tear gas used, 40 or more busted, as most in crowd tried to discourage those on their side involved in mayhem.

7:40  Watch debate on Occupy w/ Julian Assange last night. … Stephen Colbert notes:  30% of USA poor are uninsured while 800,000 pets are covered.

7:30  Well, looks like SF Chron (below) went to bed early, but Oakland Tribune did not.  Part of crowd occupied vacant building, after main crowd dispersed, riot police moved in just a few hours ago, fired tear gas and flash bang grenades and, allegedly, rubber bullets.   One man injured, ambulance called, protesters claim shot in knee by rubber bullet and gassed.  Conflict seems ended now.  A barricade burned late.   Reported 60 arrests, not confirmed.

7:10 Okay, will get started with SF Chronicle wrap-up on Oakland.  No mention of tear gassing.  Confirms port shut down but on low side with crowd estimate there of 7000.  Says many businesses downtown did close, including chains, while others stayed open but honored strike request to only take cash, not credit cards.  As we noted last night, two protesters struck by car — a Mercedes — and injured.  Crowd surrounded car and nearly ugly scene…. On other hand, @garonsen says will file story on protesters guarding broken window to protect office inside.

7:00 Catching up now after internet outage (all week) prevented me from doing this after 11 last night.  I heard on radio on way to cafe that tear gas used in Oakland.

From late Wednesday

10:50 AP now confirms: operations at Oakland port was indeed "shut down."  Peg crowd at 3000.  "Port spokesman Isaac Kos-Read said maritime operations had effectively been shut down."  And "forced a halt to operations at the nation’s fifth busiest port Wednesday evening, escalating a movement whose tactics had largely been limited to marches, rallies and tent encampments since it began in September."

10:35   Incident at Oakland port just now: truck dangerously tries to speed through crowd, dozens stop and surround it, may make occupants walk away while they keep truck. … 7 pm shift at port reportedly changed to 8, so protesters urged to stick around…

10:10  This report says it has confirmed that Geo W. Bush was still inside Goldman offices when NY protesters rallied outside tonight (see below)  chanting "Arrest Bush."

10:05  Rochester Occupy facing 2nd eviction at 11 pm, they warn… pepper spraying of Seattle folks outside Sheraton seems to be confirmed. 

10:00  Oakland occupyers ought to take nickname "Oakies" in tribute to Woody Guthrie and others who came to Calif during Great Depression.

9:45 Fifteen minutes until key 7 pm shift to start at Port — will it be cancelled?

9:05 Rumor of Bush at Goldman hdqtrs in NYC partly confirmed, so protesters head back.  Then word he left underground.  Maybe.

9:00  Follow livestream from Oakland all night below, now with split screen, sometimes with aerial view, as march arrives at Port.  Many more marchers arriving now–and many others just now leaving downtown.  SEiU transporting elderly and disabled in vans, we hear.   Marchers spreading out to cover all entrances…

8:25 View of Occupyers:  destruction at Whole Foods, bank, caused by a few dozen anarchists.  Many in OWS then took action to stop…. Port asking arbitrator if safe for Oakland workers to enter at 7 pm. If ruling is no, does that mean action and shut down success and declare win, go home after a bit?

8:20 Two Detroit Occupyers arrested at public TV taping interview with a top NY Stock Exchange official. "A male in his 20s, whom protesters identified as Joe Macguire, was arrested by WSUPD officers after interrupting the interview with Duncan Niederauer, who has been CEO of the NYSE since 2007. About ten minutes after Macguire was escorted out, a woman in her 20s, whom protesters identified as Susie Reed, stood up and asked questions in similar fashion, resulting in her arrest."

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