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11:05 Third Eye Blind one of first to come out with OWS-backing single, "If There Ever Was a Time," complete with refernces to "Meet me down at Zuccotti park" and pepper-spraying and tear gas. They write:  Stephan Jenkins, "whose been active for years in progressive politics, sees this as a galvanizing moment. ‘I hope it achieves its goals of starting new politics that are counter to the trend towards oligarchy that’s been increasingly foisted on us these last few years’." They are offering free download while urging people to donate to Occupy.

10:20 Another wild and creative image today: Remember when the Berkeley camp got raided overnight and they were ordered not to pitch tents at Sproul Plaza?  No problem.  Today they got around it by floating them OFF the ground, on balloons.  Our "space" indeed.

9:40  Great photo from L.A. today of huge and colorful crowd, from LA Times. … Occupy Philly getting evicted in a few minutes, making decision on where to move.

 9:30 I linked to this earlier but here is full two-minute video from Time on my man, Tim Pool, the now famous NY livestreamer who deserves a Pulizer or Peabody nomination or something (maybe a group reward with a few other livestreamers).

9:10  Here it is, folks, as I promised earlier, one of videos of the year: The OWS messages projected on side of hated Verizon building tonight.  And photos of other messages. And remember, among biggest OWS backers are unhappy Verizon workers, many joined marches today.

7:50 Amazing: That Fox aerial feed below (at 7:10) just showed change in spotlit "sign" on Verizon Bldg–from "99%" to flashing names of Occupy sites around USA, then OccupyEarth and WE ARE WINNING.  Opened with "Mic Check!"  (Photo of that here.)  Sure to be viral video by later tonight.

7:15 Showdown in Portland with riot cops now.

7:10  Here again link to great aerial feed looking at area of  Brooklyn Bridge. …After all the dire warnings, peaceful and even traffic flowed.  Massive hype by NYC including charge that plan to "shut down" the subways.7:05  Arrests imminent at B of A in LA–repeat of yesterday in SF?  Livestreams below around from NY to LA to Austin.

7:00  Notice: All proceeds from sale of my new Occupy e-book for next 2 days will go to the Zuccotti library–seized and wrecked twice this week (see below)….Today librarians say library has "gone mobile" on streets around park–and is even now on Brooklyn, and with chant, "Banks got bailed out–books got thrown out!".

6:55 This guy did a guess slot on CNBC today at NYSE and left this official OWS  poster behind (at left), so you might say it was indeed occupied

6:50  Verizon building near Bklyn Bridge gets new sign on side via spotlight:  We Are the 99%.  Photo. … Huge march across the bridge now, on pedestrian path, peaceful, far as I can tell.

6:10  Reportedly up to 100 ready to be arrested at Brooklyn Bridge–even more crowd gets there. Two are city council members….And this amazing item for NY Daily News:  "Barbara Ross and Jennifer Cunningham report that about 15 to 20 Verizon workers walked all the way from Albany a week, and were joined in the Bronx by 100 to 150 union supporters who walked to Verizon’s building on West Street, near the World Trade Center. Now they’ve joined Occupy Wall Street marchers in Foley Square. Many are wearing red jackets or hats and they carry signs that read, ‘Stop sending our jobs overseas.’"

 5:30 Elsewhere in the American League,  bridge sit-in in Milwaukee…. arrests just now on Chicago bridge … SEIU reports big turnout in Boston.

5:05 Photo of Anne Hathaway at Foley Sq a few minutes ago with sign, "Blackboards Not Bullets." @Elena_Morgan via NYDN… Photo of bridge sit-in, in Philly, big SEIU and UFT turn out there, too.

4:50  While chaos in NY continues (see below), this almost tops it: old pal @WikiLeaksTruck, busted this morning for no good reason, now sending out picture and video–from jail cell.  Here’s photo.

4:10 OccupyChicago now mobilizing at Thompson… SEIU says bridge shut down in Detroit.

4:04 Thousands marching in NY from Union Sq to Foley Sq, to be joined by labor there in massive rally (see livestreams below)  Wild scene– thousands marching on streets, police cannot control.

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

3:55 Big crowd in Philly, with SEIU, for march to Market St. bridge.  … Favorite sign I’ve seen in NY student rally: "Fuck Internships!" … Love this new symbol for OWS: The Angry Tent!

3:40 Meanwhile, the long march — NY to DC — continues, documented by Wash Post‘s @LizFlock who is back after one day off due to injury.

3:30 Cool Time video of one of main livestreamer’s (see below) Tim Pool.…. Follow UCLA rally and march here.

3:10 Huge crowd gathering in NY’s Union Sq., led by students, historic site of lefty protests.   Livestream below has it but also switching to more arrests in Portland. There a dozen or more occupied a Wells Fargo branch and arrested with huge crowd now outside.

2:43  Photo of young guy arrested at Zuccotti in barricade incident, end up on ground and allegedly beaten, arrested, may have sparked police shutdown of park. More at  Daily News.

2:30  Oral history of arrest of Vanity Fair photog at Zuccotti…. Rolling flash points today, NY to Portland to LA to NY, what’s next?

2:10  Why new raid at Zuccotti? Reports of a cop being hit by bottle or another one stabbed in hand.  Unconfirmed.  Update: Not two cops but one–he was not stabbed in hand but cut by bottle.  But new reports of 4 cops doused with liquid, perhaps vinegar, and treated.  NY Daily News blog very active.

1:45 Seemingly peaceful lull in NY protests ends as police raid, close off Zuccotti, report of beatings and arrests, see livestreams below.

1:15 CNN with sustiained coverage of OWS past hour or so, highly unusual (and not much from MSNBC).  Good coverage overall and keep showing video of girl getting "manhandled" today as they say (video here).  But their main guest is big critic– keeps citing costs to cities.  Host says he talked to cop who complained about working too many hours and missing son’s game.

1:10 I’m on Warren Olney’s national radio show again at 2:05.

1:00  About 20 arrests in LA, as planned after big march.  They plan to re-group in an hour or two.  In NYC, amid rain now, plan to show up at 16 subway stops at 3, legal massive rally at Foley Sq at 5 and then some sort of march to Bklyn Bridge and more.  Mentioned Portland arrests below.  Now need to check on elsewhere.

12:10  Just moved the 3 livestreams from below up to top for your convenience.  Just showed bunch of arrests on highway in Portland and much more from NY.  Now LA, massive march, and now arrests: 

11:50 Livestream from Portland TV right now showing arrests on street.

10:50 Today’s econ-related items from @Bbedway:  As US-based multinational corporations deploy millions lobbying for a repatriation “tax holiday,” the Congressional Budget Office yesterday reported that the tax holiday ranks dead last among job creation proposals it studied. And what ranks first? Increasing unemployment benefits….Econ blogger Barry Ritholtz helpfully publishes the top 10 stock holdings of Congress, (58 members “like” Bank of America!) and asks: How on earth can we ever get fair outcomes of issues involving finance, healthcare, or energy when the members so personally have a monetary stake in an outcome that may or may not be in the public interest?” ….Plenty of discussion about the moral dimension of income inequality, but Business Week points out studies showing its negative impact on the economy: “With $650 billion in income shifted to the top 5,934 households, the result could be shorter recoveries and gun-shy investors.”

10:30 Most NY protesters fall back to Zuccotti, others still getting pushed around, arrested.  Rare photo of LRAD sound device used vs. protesters today.

10:00 Via Michael Moore, photo at left of woman arrested at Wall St. today. He says cops couldn’t figure out how to load her in van so just gave her arrest citation.

9:50 As noted earlier, camp at Berkeley raided during night, at least 2 arrests.  Daily Cal reports.  “Just like New York, just like Oakland, just like Occupy locations everywhere, we are coming back, we are winning,” said junior James Chang. “Whose university? Our university.”

9:45 Opening bell at NYSE rang as scheduled at 9:30 am….Crowd seems to be falling back….media claim total of 50 arrests, including that Philly police honcho.

9:30 I covered occupation and arrests at that Bank of America in SF yesterday for hours and agree an amazing episode.

9:00  Folks, my e-book on Occupy — the first book on the movement — has just now gone live at Amazon.  It’s titled, 40 Days That Shook the World: From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Everywhere, and covers events up to this past weekend. The price is just $2.99 — and 50 cents of that goes directly to OWS with the aim of feeding or sheltering Occupyers.  So it’s also a way to donate.   And it can work with Kindle, phones, iPad, Macs and PCs and more.  Also available at Amazon UK.9:00 Many arrests in NYC now, see 3 livestreams below.  Blocking streets but also many workers getting through.  Russell Simmons there.  Hopster Cop there.  Not a LOT of reports of police violence so far.

8:55 Will catch up on other news around USA affer NY calms down.  But 15 arrested in Dallas raid overnight.  Here’s blog with a lot pertaining to that. 

7:00 Trying to confirm raid on Berkeley camp now but livestream not showing much, but cops in riot gear…also, raid on Dallas overnight? 

6:55   Photo of scene at Wall St. now…. @JohnKnefel: "Walked around NYSE – far fewer barricades than I expected for now. Back in park, NLG giving legal teach-in." … Lot of mounted cops…New edition of Occupied Wall St. Journal here….@RDevro: "As expected, there’s a huge police presence in the financial district. NYPD vehicles, barriers and officers. Four helicopters circling."

6:35  Okay, ready for Nvv. 17?  @AndrewKatz from NY:  "NYPD already telling us to move away from NYSE. Officer says it’s a ‘frozen zone’ and he’s unsure where press can go."

12:05  Great photo of librarians at Zuccotti with donations after their SECOND seizure tonight.

12:00 Wild day coming up.  Rest assured, if not in this case for me, I will be up in time for the 7 am action at NYSE.  And tha’ts no "bull."

From late Wednesday

10:50  And now:  an Occupy Wiki site!  "Welcome to the the Occupy.net Wiki. a home for occupation related information and knowledge. This wiki is a service of Occupy.net, an initiative bottom lined by the NYCGA‘s Technology Operations Group to bring the #Occupy and Free/Libre/Opensource movements together through the development, deployment and documentation of the tools and techniques people need to create the world they want. Our intention is to collaborate with any and everyone interested in the proliferation of solutions that help occupiers improve themselves and their communities.Please check out the Orientation Manual and get involved."  Plus: a new "Maps" site will chart, and show, latest actions around USA.

  10:40 Quietly amazing story at NYT site on OWS activists in Albany, NY– some get arrested every night because local DA won’t prosecute because they have not really done anything wrong.  So they line up every night after curfew to get their citations as a regular "rebuke" to Gov. Cuomo…. OccupyPhilly, facing eviction, to vote on moving to Thomas Paine Plaza.

9:45 New video call to action from OWS in NY for tomorrow’s big protests — a GA speech last night mashed up with U2 (thankfully not "Sunday Bloody Sunday)."   …  And now video of the Zuccotti raid set to "New York New York."   Thse little town blues….or blue coats?

9:05 Those arrests inside B of A in SF– amazing live coverage which I carried half of day.  Final  count: about 100?…. Picture of tent pitched inside B of A and folks inside waiting to get busted, cops outside. Another photo of same  …

8:05 Police removing books just now from Zuccotti, some new ones, some retrieved from trash building today…. Zuccotti folks lost sleeping pad?  Not necessarily, as NY churches offer space… New piece by the fearless Josh Harkinson on tomorrow’s big actions — is OWS ready?

2:10 Video of  OWS disrupting Karl Rove speech in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins last night (see other videos of same along side).   Rove accused them (about 15 protesters) of moral cowardice and not being willing to sit quietly until Q & A.   Here is Reuters report.   Activists accused Rove for his role in OccupyIraq and OccupyAfghanistan.

4:35 Fun, if largely meaningless:  "The 99%" continue to lead TIme magazine’s annual Person of the Year poll.  There’s a hot new challenger, however: Lionel Messi.  I was hoping Makana would make a big move. And "The 1%" continue to bring up the rear, barely edging Casey Anthony.   So you might say, Bloomberg still in last plce. 

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