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—Go HERE for the Friday edition of this blog, now posted.  Oakland mayor promising OWS eviction now.

11:05 Great photo at Oakland Tribune shows OWS medic first on scene to try to save life of shooting victim in Oakland.  Victim died.  More than one photo if you follow arrow.  Police spokesman now says victim not part of camp…. Meanwhile, report that Oakland mayor asking occupyers to leave area voluntarily, and passing out vouchers for shelters.

10:45 Interesting, if unconfirmed:  NY’s GA voted to send  $30k, as requested, for  election monitors from NY and other sites to Egypt.

10:15  Update on Oakland shooting from Josh Holland, now on the scene: "Eyewitness who saw the whole thing says 5-6 kids were in a running fight up 14th, went through plaza. Kid went down, others kicking him…"  More: "I’m sure there’s never been as many reporters at the scene of a black youth’s murder in the history of Oakland. Swarms."  Now rumors that eviction coming.

9:05 Oakland shooting near OWS (see below) and plaza gets more bizarre.  Man has now died.  And apparently a TV cameraman was injured while covering it (reportedly got a concussion).  Unclear exactly what happened, though some claim protesters did not want filming (not confirmed).   It’s said that medics from camp were first responders.  Many lighting candles at site.  BART shut down nearby.  Gunman on loose.  Shooting not related to the camp.  Oakland Tribune, rightly or wrongly, attributing it to fight between two men or groups "in the encampment."   No proof of that at all.  @californiabeat and @scott_c_johnson tweeting.

8:20  More troubling news:  man shot at or next to Occupy Oakland camp after dispute — which may or may not be related to OWS.  Man taken to hospital, police and media on scene, details to come. Update: OccupyOakland on twitter says young man,"not related" to camp.

8:00 Watch livestream of OWS panel from The Nation right now with Michael Moore, Naomi Klein, Bill Greider,  Richard Kim, others:


7:50  Another update on death of man, probably a veteran,  from self-inflicted gunshot in Burlington, VT camp:  Protesters met with city at 6 pm to go over changes at the park, and when they returned to camp they found it roped off, with police saying off-limits for at least 24 hours — and, after that, no tents.  Occupyers enraged, and one woman detained — although mayor intervened to get her released.  Actrvists fear locals will use this to close camp forever.

7:45  WSJ:  Chef Mario Batali gets cold shoulder from bankers–after he backs OWS.  Irony chef?

7:20 I’ll be doing livestream at 8 of big OWS event from The Nation with Michael Moore, Naomi Klein, Richard Kim, more.

6:05  Further update on man who committed suicide at Burlington Occupy site today: "People who knew the victim in the encampment said they were sure the man, who said he was a veteran, had shot himself.  ‘This person has clearly needed more help than we were capable of giving him here at this park,’ said Emily Reynolds, a University of Vermont student and a leader in the local Occupy movement.  If government provided better mental health services, she said, ‘this probably wouldn’t have happened.’"

5:45  Man shot at Occupy Burlington camp this afternoon (see items below)  has died, police just announced.  Suicide suspected.  They are meeting with campers at 6 pm to discuss how to "modify" camp.  Still no details on motive or name.  New video posted.

4:55 Update on shooting at OccupyBurlington, see below.  Man IDed only as "Josh" for now and age 35.   Still in grave condition.  OWS campers say he had been there a few days and was part of the community.  Evidence points to suicide or accident.  Camp surrounded by yellow police tape and indications it will be shut down but go on elsewhere "for Josh."  Some call for stricter gun laws.  Critics of OWS, of course, having a field day with this.

3:55 Today’s song pick for Occupyers everywhere: After last night it could only be "Student Demonstration Time," the very atypical Beach Boys original.

3:15  Breaking: Shooting at site of OccupyBurlington, in City Hall park.  Man taken away from tent,  "motionless," don’t know how seriously hurt.  "Wednesday night protesters rocked to internationally known gypsy punk musicians from Gogol Bordello. Today protesters are consoling each other."  Photo here.   No further details via Twitter right now. UPDATE from Burlington Free Press:   "Police say a 35-year-old man in in grave condition after an apparent shooting in City Hall Park, the scene of the Occupy Burlington encampment. Police said it will be several hours before they know more, but did say there is no danger to the public. Police said they have recovered the weapon."  No mention of arrest or search for perp so seems likely self-inflicted.

3:10 Fresno Bee columnist says waste of taxpayer money in the many arrests of local Occupyers.  Closes:  "James Madison, primary author of the Constitution and author of the Bill of Rights, predicted the conditions that would give birth to something like the Occupy movement. He wrote: "We are free today substantially but the day will come when our Republic will be an impossibility. It will be an impossibility because wealth will be concentrated in the hands of a few. A republic cannot stand upon bayonets, and when that day comes, when the wealth of the nation will be in the hands of a few, then we must rely upon the wisdom of the best elements in the country to readjust the laws of the nation to the changed conditions."

2:20  New Naomi Klein cover story in The Nation on how to halt both economic and environmental degradation.

2:05 Watch Occupyers disrupt Michelle Bachmann speech just now. Story here.

2:00 We are the…one percent? Growing trend of one percenters backing OWS…. Just skyped with 18 month old grandson in France, where he enjoys virtually free health care and nursery school.

1:25 Deadline for eviction set in Portland.  Hoo-boy.

1:15 Full Crosby an Nash interview on OWS (and some music) from Democracy Now! today.

1:05  MoveOn picks Brad Pitt’s best "Fight Club" quote for the 99%… PolitiFact rules John Boehner’s claim that half of those affected by any "millionaires tax" would be small businesses is completely FALSE.   Maybe he meant small multinationals.

12:25  Gawker: To occupy Harvard Yard you need a valid Harvard ID.   Waiting for the Facebook tent.

11:55 Very rare: a congresswoman visits an Occupy camp— it’s Louise Slaughter in my old neck of the woods, Buffalo.   Asked by media if she was taking a big risk, she replied:  "No, these are my constituents, these are citizens.  I seriously believe they have changed the debate."

11:30 As I noted last night, there was key debate at Oakland GA on accepting, or never accepting, any level of violent actions by OWS.  Anarchists in the middle of it etc.  Divided enough that debate was tabled.  Now in East Bay Express writer suggests can never get anywhere unless violence ruled out.

11:20  Josh Holland:  Why are Oakland Police Hiding Truth About VIolent Crackdown on Protesters?

11:10  Video from Harvard last night…. Cool walking tour of OccupyToronto here.   Last time I occupied Toronto was 1969 for a Blind Faith concert…. OccupyComics goes live.

11:00  Fitz and The Tantrums performing at Zuccotti in about half an hour.  I confess I have no idea who they are…. Hoping for remake, "Occupy Gilligan’s Island," in which the banker gets ordered off the island, maybe with the starlet. 

10:40  Today’s econ-related links from Barbara Bedway (@bbedway)   Can the Euro zone death spiral be interrupted? The Economist’s Ryan Avent weighs in on some desperately needed measures, but asks: “will the ECB even commit to the above bold actions without facing debilitating criticism, and perhaps intervention, from national governments?” …. The home-borrowing bubble may have burst, but the education-borrowing bubble lives on. The Village Voice looks at the poster child for excesses of  21st-century student debt in America: New York University, where the average student debt at graduation is $35,000…..You know a movement has arrived when lawyers drafting SEC filings have to take note of it. Morningstar’s "footnoted* blog says #OWS debuts in 2 filings, including this 10-Q from the CME Group (which runs the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, et. al.): “In connection with the continued economic uncertainty, groups such as Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous, have targeted the financial services industry as part of their protest against the perceived lax regulation of the financial sector and economic inequality.”

 10:30  Massive student protests in Quebec, too… Enjoyed this "flash occupation" of Bank of America in LA, even pitched tents for a bit…

9:50  One reason yesterday’s student protests at Berkeley and UCLA, Harvard and elsewhere (especially in London) deserve much attention is this: I see echoes of the ’60s antiwar protests and potential for massive student uprisings.  The reason: unlike in most other cases of student activism in past decades, they have much at stake in this for themselves, not just for others.  It’s somewhat akin to fears of the draft and going to war (or jail or Canada) in the ’60s helping to drive student protest.  Now they face staggering tuition costs — and debt — and cutbacks in college services AND a bleak future overall due to the economy.  So I expect even more student activism than we have seen in recent weeks.

9:40 Big Nation event tonight on OWS with Michael Moore, Naomi Klein, more, in NYC, can attend or watch live. … Ari Melber responds to the "get a job" argument vs. Occupyers… Alternet: OWS bringing much-needed attention to the homeless.

9:05  I linked to this video last night but here again with piece calling it now "iconic":  Cops Beating Students at Berkeley.   

8:30  Here’s the super-valuable blog at The Daily Californian with updates from middle of night and early morning.  At least 39 arrested at Berkeley.  Students voted to strike next Tuesday.  I watched livestream until after 2 am (see below) and it was both frightening and inspiring–huge crowd sticking together and vowing nonviolence right up to and on the steps of Sproul. Check out more on the Californian‘s site for other accounts.  Police beat students earlier.

8:20  NYT interactive project asks you to register support, or not, on various OWS angles… Crosby and Nash now live at Democracy Now!, they will post it later on their site.

8:05  And…we’re back.  After a wild night and overnight.  Will try to catch up on Berkeley.  Meanwhile, here is a wrap-up on Harvard (new tent city at left). .. In contrast, photo gallery of violence at Penn State backing Paterno.

1:55 Police pull back some, huge crowd takes steps at Sproul Hall, chanting, "Whose steps? Our steps!"  Huge, loud, crowd. See livestream below…. Meanwhile, in NYC, reportedly 4 skirmishes at Zuccotti requiring security action within two hours tonight.

1:45  See great photo just sent me of the brand new "tent city" in Harvard Yard.

1:35 Just sent this tweet:  "I know you are busy but Occupy Richmond VA is going to get real ugly at 3:00am EST."  And to think I started blogging about 18 hours ago with beginning of big protest and police actions in London. 

1:25  Status quo in Berkeley, as they still await more arrests.  Meanwhile, Fresno expects more arrests in a couple of hours.  And Oakland GA voted down proposal to start occupying foreclosed buildings. They also tabled vote on violence option vs. nonviolence. I’m told now that quiet at Harvard, occupyers in the Yard and people going in and out after police check IDs.

12:25 Police attack  at Berkeley, beatings and injuries, wild screaming,  tents removed, students remain, more arrests to come?  See livestream:below (sorry, had some trouble earlier).

 12:10 Harvard Crimson covers tonight’s ongoing standoff there in Harvard Yard, now occupied.

12:05  am  SF Chronicle wrapup of the conflict at Berkeley (so far) today. Also tonight: Occupyers shout down Oakland city council after they call for dismantling camp.  Some council members respond by chanting "Occupy Oakland Must Go!"

From late Wednesday

11:30 Standoffs continue at Berkeley and Harvard  (see below) as idiots rally for Paterno at Penn State.   Harvard Yard now occupied with 16 tents, according to David House.  Berkeley speaker says, "We’re too big to jail."  Man, I spent weeks and weeks at Berkeley campus researching two books, loved it and this brings back (fond) memories.

10:55  More tension: dramatic livestream of Berkeley students getting ready for police attack after long day or conflict and arrests and alleged beating.  And go here to see dramatic video from earlier of police swinging batons at students. Plus still deadlock at Harvard in standoff, as Divinity students from shield around occupyers.

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