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8:30  Naked protest in Montreal (photo left).

3:45 Jamie Dimon admitted today that Occupy has "some legitimate complaints" but the JP Morgan Chase chief quickly added "however, that it’s unfair to paint all institutions with one brush: ‘It was everyone guilty. That’s another form of discrimination.’”   He also added: "When things go wrong, finance gets blamed."  Poor guy.  Well, not exactly poor….

3:30 John Knefel at AlterNet:  When mainstream media coverage of Occupy fell off–so did their focus on income inequality and such issues… Truthout:  Homeland Security posts more Occupy-related docs revealing surveillance.

2:35 Editorial at long-runnng AmericaBlog challenges Occupy on violence, on "fetish" of leaderlessness, on need for more teach-ins, and more….

12:05 Lengthy post claiming police plants–not Black Bloc, not Occupy–were behind the destructive "ruckus" in San Fran on May Day Eve….The Gothamist posts 7 videos of "rough" arrests on May Day…Wash Post:  How economists have misunderstood "inequality"…

11:55 Take note:  long-awaited probe of Facebook privacy just up at Consumer Reports (and written by a friend).

10:40  Katha Pollitt calls for women to Occupy the Left.  "It may be too late for the late-middle-aged old new left to take feminism to heart. There’s hope for Occupy, though, with its plethora of young women activists and ideological openness. In New York, Women Occupying Wall Street, the women’s caucus of OWS, is planning a Feminist General Assembly for May 17. I’ll be there, and will report back."

10:00 Arrests for illegal acts in May Day protests in Seattle far from over–as police study ample video record.   Yes, the whole world–including the cops–were watching.  One arrested for assault on officer  "has documented numerous social-activism events since 2010 through his photography, his defense attorney said," claiming his hands never left his camera.

9:55 Major official report blasts Oakland police for "miltiary" type response to protests, issues warnings.

9:45 Allison Kilkenny with new piece hitting media coverage of May Day protests.  I’d have to say on one point though:  You can’t call for General Strike for weeks and put it on posters and in press releases and all around (some) cities–even if toned down in some places lately–and then complain when media points out very few walked out or did not show up for work or in any "struck."   Not to mention, in NYC, claims about "shutting down" some bridges and highways.

9:40  NYT on Obama occupying Wall Street–in big money pitch.

9:35 Returning to idea of police as part of 1% and "occupying" with the movement in their own way. " These are hard working union men and women, doing a job that most of us would never want to do."  Although some are "behaving badly."

9:20 Maybe slight off-topic, but here’s very moving Springsteen performance last nght at N.J. concert as tribute to the late great Levon Helm: "The Weight," with instant and great audience response.  (h/t Barbara Bedway)

8:35 The Smoking Gun "unmasks" the "snitch" who pushed the Cleveland "bomb plot"–turns out he not only got them the C4 but even gave them money to buy it (through him).  Defense likely to claim he set up, promoted plot, then financed it.  Also see photo and his history as felon.

8:00 Early release of Jennie Arnau cut on upcoming OccupyTheAlbum.

From late Wednesday

Important NYT story up tonight on how very tricky NYPD "spied" on Occupy before May Day protests this week. "The department’s use of this tactic as part of its strategy for policing the Occupy Wall Street movement raises new questions about the surveillance efforts by the Police Department, which faces restrictions in monitoring political groups."  The tactic: Sending warrant squads after targeted people purportedly based on "lowly" past offense–such as an "open container" drinking violation–that would usually he ignored, and then questioning  them not about the warrant but about OWS plans they know about.  Gawker had noticed this first on Monday.

Cool story on folks using balloons (such as at left)  to launch cameras to capture May Day rallies from above.

Report on cops in San Fran taking back that occupied "Turk" building, arresting 26…

Allison Kilkenny’s full report on May Day — and lack of major media coverage.

Turns out the Hipster Cop hates music–well, at least if it’s in the street and too loud.  Maybe he’s still mad Radiohead didn’t show up again…. Cool photo and report on Tom Morello leading Guitar Army down 5th Avenue yesterday.