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10:30  Occupy the Food Supply,  includes video.

7:30 Democracy Now! on another shooting, this time by police, of a black man, this time in his home after his medical alert signal went off–not far from my home, in White Plains, NY. … Yes, as the meme has it, "Jesus wore a hoodie"– but at least he was executed with many witnesses on hand.

6:30 Key vote coming as GA in Philly debates whether to endorse the national OWS convention in July — which many in OWS oppose…

5:50  Statement on Occupying WBAI, the Pacific station in NYC. …House passes Paul Ryan budget…. Union sues Stop & Shop–over social media policies…. Fighting Target’s alleged anti-union stance….

5:05  Now Calif lawmakers have donned hoodies…How progressives can make energy a pocketbook issue

11:50  First excerpt from new Chris Hayes book titled Twilight of the Elites, on the "One Percent Pathologies."  "We largely ignore the effect of extreme inequality  that is, in the long run, the most destructive: the way it makes those at the top of the social pyramid worse."  Then quotes Desmond Tutu on "the moral and spiritual damage that extreme inequality wrought on even those who presided over and dominated the apartheid system." 

11:20  Today is big day for "Hedges vs. Obama," and also featuring Michael Moore, Naomi Wolf, more.  Hedges: “I have had dinner more times than I can count with people whom this country brands as terrorists. But that does not make me one.  if there is no rolling back of the NDAA law we cease to be a constitutional democracy. Totalitarian systems always begin by rewriting the law. They make legal what was once illegal.” He continued, “Crimes become patriotic acts. The defense of freedom and truth becomes a crime. Foreign and domestic subjugation merges into the same brutal mechanism. Citizens are colonized. And it is always done in the name of national security. We obey the new laws as we obeyed the old laws, as if there was no difference. And we spend our energy and our lives appealing to a dead system.”

10:50  Major Tom Hayden piece here at The Nation:  Participatory democracy, from the SDS "Port Huron Statement" to Occupy Wall St. "This is the fiftieth anniversary year of the Port Huron Statement, the founding declaration of Students for a Democratic Society, issued as a ‘living document’ in 1962. The SDS call for a participatory democracy echoes today in student-led democracy movements around the world, even appearing as the first principle of the Occupy Wall Street September 17 declaration."

10:20    Occupy Vermont to protest Obama visit. … NYT rave review for Maddow’s new book on military.   The book broadened a good deal from when I first talked to her about it years ago when it was to focus more on soldiers, I believe… More on the politics of the late poet Adrienne Rich.   Also I will point out: the late banjo master Earl Scruggs broke stereotypes when he played at giant antiwar march in D.C., which I attended, in 1969.

9:15  What a shock: NY tabloids, Fox, and rightwing sites highlighted yesterday that man arrested in subway murder was an "Occupy thug," as one typical headline put it.  Of course, we learn today from police that he was just another homeless guy and they say not OWS-affiliated.  See if that catches up with the early headlines.

9:05 Anti-Flag out with "The General Strike,"  of which Wired today says: "Few bands could compose a convincing soundtrack for our apocalyptic election year and the slow-blooming Occupy spring. But Anti-Flag’s The General Strike suits these chaotic times, delivering a bracing sonic snapshot of a superpower off its rocker."  Video:

8:30  Occupy Idaho Falls votes to back that national conference of Occupyers in July and other OWS "reform" moves…. Claim: Obama following Occupy economic policies.  Following…at a distance?… Another update on yesterday’s free-the-subways chaining in NYC yesterday (and see below)… TV interview with Francis Fox Piven on Occupy and the future of social movements.

7:55 My new book on the Bradley Manning case, with my former Nation intern Kevin Gosztola, just out today in print as well as e-book.  Titled "Truth and Consequences: The U.S. vs. Bradley Manning," it covers the saga right up to the court martial proceeding in recent months, right up to last week.

From late Wednesday

A further update on the "free the subways" action in NYC this morning:  Police now say 8 stations "freed" while perpetrators claim 20 (see below).   No arrests so far.  Police also probing if transit workers, as claimed, involved, along with some OWSers.  See photo for posters put up advertising May 1 general strike and more.

 Poet Adrienne Rich RIP.  What she said to President Clinton:  "The radical disparities of wealth and power in America are widening at a devastating rate."  She even refused a medal over it.(h/t Barbara Bedway)

Gates at six subway stations in NYC were chained open this morning allowing passengers to enter free–and reportedly  signs were posted claiming credit for OWS.  This is unconfirmed.  Police searching for other such actions. UPDATE:  Here’s communique from people claiming responsibility, including OWSers plus transit union people.   They claim they hit 20 stations, not 6.  "Teams have chained open service gates and taped up turnstiles in a coordinated response to escalating service cuts, fare hikes, racist policing, assaults on transit workers’ working conditions and livelihoods — and the profiteering of the super-rich by way of a system they’ve rigged in their favor."

Op-ed at Christian Science Monitor argues that OWS hurts itself and consumers when it shifts focus from Wall St. to actions against Wal Mart and so forth.

NPR: Key Occupy working group " re-imaagines" the bank. "To the extent that actually we’re talking about setting up an alternative system, that’s pretty radical stuff," Carne Ross says. "And the fact that you have Wall Street bankers, former regulators, hedge fund traders, as part of that project, I find pretty striking."