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9:10 I highlighted this protest a couple of days ago and today it happened: Wash Post story has "scores" arrested in Brattleboro, Vt. and 1500 in march to protest at corporiate headquarters for the Yankee nuclear plant. Activists placed number arrested at 130.   In coordinated actions, 7 were arrested in New Orleans–and five more in White Plains, N.Y. 

7:30 One "co-opting" article (see below) deserves anoither:  Here’s another one the Democratic party allegedly trying to move in on OWS "spring fever" and May Day.

6:30 "How Occupy Co-opted" the big NYC "Million Hoodie" march.  And the writer is not happy about it. " I immediately became uncomfortable because that’s not what I signed up for. I wanted to speak out against injustice—just causing general destruction wasn’t on my agenda….This is a consistent streak within certain sections of Occupy. Their goal isn’t a specific action within our current system. Often they want to make a point, show that they’re movement is doing things….When Occupy Wall Street first got the national spotlight they were so worried about the co-option of their message, yet they have no problem co-opting others."

5:00  My new book on the Bradley Manning case, with my former Nation intern Kevin Gosztola, just out as e-book tonighty, and then in print in about a week.  Titled "Truth and Consequences: The U.S. vs. Bradley Manning," it covers the saga right up to the court martial proceeding in recent months, right up to last week. 

3:40  If you have somehow missed the Springsteen singalong  "This Land Is Your Land" at SXSW with folks from Arcade Fire, Joe Ely, Alejandro Escovedo, Morello, more.

1:50 New at Counterpunch: Ralph Nader on CEOs and Occupy. "Over their large whiskey sours prior to consuming their lobster lunch, they shared their innermost thoughts in nearly whispered tones and grave visages: Bradford: ‘I’m worried, Reg, that this could be the big one all of us have been dreading. It is always the ruffians and the demagogues who are the vanguard. Remember the sacking of the Bastille?’”

1:05 My old ally on Hiroshima bombing, Gar Alperovitz, in new podcast for The Nation on economic alternatives… Also here, the man who is blocking the nation’s recovery.  You may not have heard of him. … Etch-a-Sketch stock up?

12:30  Interesting NYT piece, via Reuters, on new study on surge for 1% and how the 99% view them or want to be them…. Occupy responds to "Poop" scandal.  Actually it’s big banks that "stink."

12:05 Watch TV report:  Rep. Wilson of Florida calls Trayvon’s death a "murder," NAACP leader calls for firing of police chief, more.

10:05 Today is union-led day of action vs. Verizon… Amy Goodman on the Trayvon case…

10:00 The venerable lefty Danny Schechter on OWS spring tactics:  "Going left" may not mean "going forward."… Ha: Occupy activist Dicey Troop in NY tweets:  "just before reopens, lines up in single file, puts up hi-5 hands, walks past rows of police saying ‘Good game.’"

9:35 Todd Snider, who has come a long way from his bad boy country-rock days (I once saw him walk out of a show in a small club) has been become one of best songwriters around and now his latest album hailed widely as OWS-friendly.  Here’s his earlier cover of "Fortunate Son":

9:20 Jim Hightower: Remember Woody Guthrie...Warning: You’ll be hearing about this the rest of your lives.  Man arrested for allegedly dumping human waste in an OWS protest action….Bill Maher op-ed in NYT you may yell at, or applaud… Unemployment claims fall to lowest level since 2008.

8:50  Penn Badgely (who I met at an OWS event) compares new film "Hunger Games" to Occupy at Huff Post. "It’s the one percent [killing the kids]," he said. "I think you’d have to be blind to not see that. I was shocked to see all that in there."

8:45 NY Magazine on last night’s big Trayvon march in NYC. And lengthy Mother Jones report with images.   Meanwhile, rightwing says it’s all about liberals trying to take guns away again.

From late Wednesday

Quite a scene at Union Sq after big rally and march, but will cops move in again tonight?  Rumors that they may act soon.  Tent in evidence.  I always wondered why OWS did not take advantage of that site long ago.  See Tim Pool’s livestream below plus here is Luke’s.

Massive crowd for Trayvon starts march just now in NY (see livestream below).  Kind of crowd OWS will need this spring to succeed.  Trayvon’s mother tells crowd,  "Our son did not commit any crime. Our son is your son."  Marchers chant, "We are…Trayvon Martin."  Well, not true for most, and racial profiling is focus of march. Breaking: Sanford, Fla. City Council just now passed no confidence vote vs. police chief, by 3-2. 

Big turnout for Trayvon rally in NY’s Union Sq, plenty of OWSers there, march to begin soon (see item below), Skittles being tossed to crowd, chants of "I am Trayvon."  Tim Pool livestream below and another camera here:

Streaming by Ustream

NY Daily News:  Video shows infamous top NYPD guy Esposito rapping protester with stick on Saturday. "The eight-second clip — part of a longer video feed taken on St. Patrick’s Day and obtained by the Daily News — does not appear to show the protesters, one of whom may have suffered a blow to his jaw, fighting back."  NYPD denies problem, says video "speaks for itself."  Indeed.

Cool article with graphics about guy who collects ’60s protest materials with links to Occupy, maybe.  Of course, been there, done that, though I do not go as far back as Port Huron Statement.

Here’s a review of those DHS docs on OWS highlighted below.  And a good one from Kevin Gosztola.

Wild. If I understand this correctly, there is a "Million Hoodie" action planned for this evening arising from the Trayvon Martin case and against racial profiling.  Via social media, folks are urged to upload photos of themselves in hoodies (will a certain Patriots football coach take part?)–remember that Trayvon’s killer suggested that the kid was dangerous partly because had the hood up.  Meanwhile, Trayvon’s parents, in NY for the Today show today, will attend rally in Union Square, with OWS sure to be there also.