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10:45 Sarah Palin in column tonight hails Breitbart.  Too funny for words but here are a few: "Ultimately, Breitbart’s goal was to expose what he called the corrupt Democrat Media Complex. He wanted to break it up because he understood how the left uses its dominance of the mainstream media and pop culture to advance its objectives and marginalize its political foes.

"Standing up and defending those who are being unfairly targeted and maligned was also the mission. Is it any wonder Breitbart titled his autobiography ‘Righteous Indignation’ when you consider his deep-seated sense of justice and fair play? He was on the side of the little guy and ready to run to the aid of those who needed it. He possessed that old fashioned virtue of courage, compassion, and decency that we once called chivalry. He inspired that in others."

And this:  "Soon we’ll see others imitating Breitbart’s gift for disbanding leftwing protests by simply asking the rent-a-mob, ‘Hey, what are you protesting?’” 

7:50  Bruce Springsteen’s "keynote" speech at SXSW.

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 5:10 Shepherd Bliss at Counterpunch on "Occupy’s Growing Pains," notes from an "insider."  Writes: "Occupy claims to represent the 99%. Yet it has been unable to mobilize more than a small percentage of that large constituency. Some have even begun a class struggle within Occupy, pitting the poor and working class against the middle class. Though still young, if Occupy learns from its mistakes, it could broaden its appeal. Otherwise, it will remain a footnote in history, rather than a sea change. Perhaps Occupy is in its ‘terrible twos’ and will soon mature. We need to outgrow mean-spirited attacks and ‘my way or the highway’ attitudes….They oppose authority, any kind of authority, rather than being against social injustice. They oppose structure, mistaking it for hierarchy."

5:00 Tomorrow is OccupyMonsanto day.  Look for folks in Haz Mat suits…. Occupy BOA actions going on now, look for wrapup later.

4:55 As noted below, special Nation issue out tomorrow on Occupy (but online now).  Cover at left.

4:50  Ha:  Fox reporter drops F-bomb on Occupyers after they "ruin"  live shot…

4:45  NYT: Now Wall St. firms face recruiting crisis, after OWS protests on campus and now Goldman exec oped…. Now will that oped change anything–piece and snarky video here, to see the Wall St. response.

10:10 I’m off to NYC–see you this afternoon.

10:05 Pieces from upcoming special Naton print issue on Occupy posted.  Here’s Mchael Moore with links to others at bottom.  Others include Jonathan Schell, Richard Kim, Todd Gitlin, more.  Astra Taylor on Occupy the Media–and the Message.  Michael Moore: "The mystery of what’s ahead is the lure. Millions want in on that adventure because, deep down, they know they have no choice. And they know that there’s more of them than the men on Wall Street who currently occupy America. They have no choice but to win."

9:00 Big news out of Oakland:  judge told that police admit a cop fired a "bean bag" (not a tear gas canister) from 30 feet away that hit Marine vet Scott Olsen, fracturing his skull last fall at OWS protest.  In other words:  deliberate action, since bean bags are meant to hit people and gas canisters not.  There’s a lawsuit against the city.  More here.

8:35 At Fareed Zakaria’s CNN blog: "An Occupier in Iran." One of the profs who recently visited writes a piece. "It took much less than the measly 100 hours we spent in the country to discover that truth. Indeed, we soon fell in love without our gracious hosts, especially the graduate students that accompanied us everywhere, engaged us personally, intellectually and culturally, and sacrificed their time and energy to make sure we were cared for. Against the common misconception of anti-Americanism in Iran, faculty members repeatedly talked about Iranian students’ desires to know America, study in its universities, and experience its unique culture. And despite its reputation for anti-Semitism, some expressed concern that an attack from Israel would endanger their friends in the Jewish minority within Iran."

8:20 Fun video out of Wisconsin hits Gov. Scott Walker on jobs and his quote that if he would go "back to the private sector" he could make "some real money."   Hall & Oates soundtrack:

8:00 The Nation has been covering this well, but here’s Josh Harkinson take on key House race in Illinois with OWS backer / progressive to watch as possible trend…. Patch previews regional OWS Midwest conference this weekend in St. Louis.  Myself, I have not been to a conference in that city since a naitonal Nuclear Freeze confab in, what, 1984?

12:10  NYT with more responses to Goldman exec’s op-ed…. Today’s hot tip: How to buy a member of Congress without anyone noticing.

12:05 Judge dismisses case against Occupy Boise protester…LSU college student: OWS fading, needs a leader, should "stop being hipsters" and wake up….

From late Wednesday

Even Crain’s covers tomorrow’s Occupy anti-BOA actions…….Ha:  "Why I Am Joining Goldman Sachs." 

Occupyers in New Haven now given until March 28 to stay, after legal battle…

Guess what, there are almost no African-Americans running in major parties for U.S. Senator or governor this year.   One view why.

Matt Taibbi on Goldman exec’s NYT oped (see below).   "The resignation will have an effect on Goldman’s business. The firm’s share price opened this morning at 124.52; it’s down to 120.72 as of this writing (it dropped two percent while I was writing this blog), and it will probably dive further. Why? Because you can stack all the exposés on Goldman you want by degenerates like me and the McClatchy group, and you can even have a Senate subcommittee call for your executives to be tried for perjury, but that doesn’t necessarily move the Street."  See update at bottom of Taibbi’s piece for Goldman’s blowback.

Financial Times covers OWS protest outside Romney funder, say 300 there, while Mitt courts fat cats inside at Waldorf.